may we all be heard
words are bells
let them ring!

Thom World Poet Austin, Texas, USA
Global Radical networker and activist for promoting the live Creative Arts,
at every possible opportunity, especially in his home-city, Austin, Texas, USA

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Solar time?Lunar time?Calendar time?Time zones?
Russia had 11(now only 9)-China has only one
Daylight Savings Time was banned in Queensland
We are all in different time zones-Austin in the 1960s and 70s
New York in the Eternal NOW!.Mexico in Manana.
Tomorrow never knows-you can excise whole days from history
Forget moments,minutes,hours,events,experiences
Our society censors times-prohibition/massacres
Some speak of the 1960s without ever mentioning drugs
Elders with Alzheimer's forget whole lives and identities
You can fly and arrive before you left.It makes timed sense.
Calendars are edicts of powers.They may change on revolutionary hours
Year Zero in Cambodia heralded in Kampuchea
All Revolutions wish to begin @Year One
Do you remember millennial fever at the turn of the century
when computers would freeze and the world would end?
Now that the calendars have run out(Mayan,Incan,Toltec,Hopi,Aztec)
may we ask for TIME OUT?(Time,Gentlemen,Please...

Monday, February 20, 2012


is an artform.In deserts(this is a desert/it is different to cities
Primal as water(and its lack-you can die like that
In cities,your enemy is each other.Walls of dry faces/blank as rain.
You will not feed upon their inspiration/just their pain

Walk out of your cage and into distance.Once city lights are gone.
you can see stars/hear silence(interrupted by chemtrails or a passing blinking plane)
Time slows,stops,changes,becomes body time.You actually hear your own heart.Beating.
Inner makes more sense than an outer anonymity.You judge yourself via distance

When you get there.You stop.Wait for time to catch up.You change again
When you return,you can never be the same.


mirror of our ragged future if we do not remember
one bicycle away from walking,one sign away from cell
he does not need to talk.You can tell he has no place

apart from this one corner where we meet.I read him/feed him
he is still thin/with other plastic bags of food
in the basket of his bicycle.

we meet once a week-he does not know
i remember ghosts before him(and after
who may not have reaped enough to appease
the hunger that comes when you do not receive
all you need


if wings are spirits-i remember generic-
sparrow,stumble footed pigeon,black Nazi stormtrooper grackle
eagle is an image on black and white RKO and currencies
hawk as rare as democracy.Turkey vultures feed on stock
markets,and tend to collect together.Drab and uniform,
collective species resist individuality.
Perhaps some darting,dancing sparrow might entertain lunch breaks
but she is simply working for a living panhandling
and her dance is timed for food and ceases with food rations.
I know there were huge birds once-forms of dinosaurs now only bones
They rules skies like drones and B1 bombers
But myth makes a poor breakfast,and i am a civilian
all the birds i know of now are military applications
and they bomb and kill on contact.Is it better not to know their names-


Folk will tell you-"come down to earth!"
They say that real estate is real-
that they are not making any more land
and the best investment is dirt
In fact,some folk make millions moving dirt-
foundations for highrise,tunnels,projects/
moving radioactive dirt @Fukoshima,Chenobyl
Selling off old growth forests for "development"
Moving cemeteries to make way for dead cities
Value changes with ownership/control/possession
I listened to an Aboriginal elder who complained
he was the storyteller for his land/but the government
recognized only paper titles.His stories were oral-
they were the core essence of the history of the very earth itself
He felt responsible for land use.He would not fluoridate water,
nor dam,or sell water rights for plastic bottle pollution.
He felt responsible for the nurturing of the land beneath his feet...
he would spend his whole life learning her stories..

7 billion of us-and each of us is one!

we will most certainly never know us all
Within us-millions of particles/selves/footprints/fingerprints
trace indices of past influences
connecting us deeply with few/tangentially with many

We claim one-but our intimates change
We sleep-and when we wake-we change
We dream-and each night re-arrange
The deep calls all of us to account for our names

Links,chains,memories,projections connect us
All we have in common thin as spiderwebs
Strong and supple as our desire for continuance
means we are always ever only interdependent

I lean,you cry(the weight /of authority
means we are both subject to gravity.
Dying is an artform-as is life
We take the time to make a ritual

It involves all who choose to remember
We cast ashes to wind,wave,water
When we awaken,another boat soul has departed
Where we land is a foreign shore(another..!

Here be magic and mystery ,science and history-
We are part of each other-temporarily,eternally

a light rain/a reign of Light

Spring will not be denied(i tried!
Green shoots in lines along tree bough
sends insurrections down the ranks
of waiting volunteers prepared to rise
against the reign of lawnmowers,fences,houses
Their anarchy is no surprise/the last time they died
was drought time/it lasted long and deep
the price of life was steep(we could not pay
so all our green children were all brown decay

Outside,i hear new birds gossiping/moving in
now they have green worms to live upon
Knowledge must be passed down generations
The price of ignorance is to be consumed young

Thin weeds are now triumphant pirates
bearded buccaneers swashbuckling bushes
They will not wait but rise in new revolt
at anything that limits revolution

Rain is accessory.She aids and abets.
Without water,all resistance would dry up
Love is lonely without another.All nature made of lovers
and we were undercover white winters/now green succulent Springs!

we make do

urie, Elzy, Edward
in deserts,where the stripping wind
conspires with old dust to hide
the bones of past that once denied
a chance @habitation here
(we make do

the water tastes of sulfur
(we don't mind)-you get used to it
if you survive drought times
any water hole will do
(we make do

there is no way to make a living
apart from killing-land,stock,trees
all must be brought to their knees
(for us to get through
(we make do

our elders tougher than nails
punched through resisting wood that failed
to amuse as native trees/we bailed
water in tin cans
to make do

desert wins .we blow through
there is not much that we can do
we share all our stories true
and trust our thinner children
might make it through.


when one yellow sun comes out
the pink people emerge.Once they were lily white
Some are brown,some tan,some black
with stories and cultures and pasts
But the pink people are delicate
they emerge sniffingly
afraid of solar energy.
They were brought up black as coal
fathers and grandfathers down dark mineshafts
with only little lanterns and yellow canaries to guide them
As these moles emerge,a newer world is born around them-
"azure blues melt cheese sandwiches" in their lunchbox
sitting bright and beaming -blue skies,no fog,nor grey,nor dull honey daylight
They do not yet know what to do-some tie handkerchief knots
stand in shorts in public parks,staring.Some sit in family picnics
Only a few will ever dare into a brighter future
They are just not yet used to it!


When a 15 year old McAllen middle school student
was fatally shot by police under orders,he was found
to be carrying only a pellet pistol(non-lethal toy)
and only caffeine and chocolate in his system
When John Dixon-Jenkins was imprisoned for life
for carrying sticks and wires he said was a bomb
(it was only sticks and wires)-but he is still imprisoned
It was the apprehension of workers that condemned him
afraid(like school staff)of imaginary bombs
There are real nuclear weapons.Israel has them
We have used them.Iran has not the capacity to make them,
nor does he carry a lethal capacity.Medicine and electricity
Clinton bombed an aspirin factory saying it was a weapon site
There were no "weapons of mass destruction"found in Iraq
Blood and treasure are being wasted again on imaginary foes
when the real killers are under our wings

and the angel of mercy(corrected version!

swooped down into Homs
gathered up all unarmed civilians
women ,elders,children in her arms
and took them to safety
away from guns and drums ,bullets and bombs
why only one?Mercy is rare ,and precious as life itself
One angel is made of light
cannot carry all your weighted sorrows

and the angel of compassion
flew into Gaza,gathered up unarmed civilians-
elders,women ,children-flew them to safety
away from planes and drones and targeted assassinations
why only one?angel overload!so much sorrow,so few angels
same for Yemen,Sudan,Somalia,Iran
Rescue Remedies mean more than Amnesty International
our very civilian culture is facing snipers
We want to dance in the streets! w/poetry and music and human angels
until every one of us is winged,i cannot see that flying...

i left a message on the moon-would you please retrieve?

it was more than a flag and some moon boots
more than moonwalking Michael Jackson videos
more than gold and white snowman suits
more than retro rockets and re-entry dustbowls
more than dark sides of our emotional moons

i left a message in the stars-can you read them?
astrologers/astronomers still competing to compute meanings
constellations still sparkle with Orion's belts
signs and symbols embedded in the visual landscape
i want to know if you know what they mean

i leave messages on earth-crop circles/chalk figures
outlines that can only be seen from on high
altars on mountain tops/excavated artifacts
cities you still call Troy,Lemuria,Atlantis
Tell me,do you understand significance?

There are messages in your life.Read them!
Things do not happen for a reason(yes they do!
Synchronicities/dimensional reality shifts/earth changes
effect every one of us micro/macro ergonomically
Have you asked your emotions their recent weather patterns?

By now you know this is a message.I am listening to you
Please share with me what is most important to you

Empty Chairs

Empty ChairsWhen the Nobel Prize was awarded to that Chinese writer
who was detained /imprisoned for nine years for his writings
an empty chair symbolized lack of freedom for artists in China
We have a large table of absent activists in Austin-
more if you augment with the names of those you remember-
A chair for Albert Huffstickler (poet of Hyde Park)(gone from us
Another for Deb Akers(APS,AIPF,Borderlands,Book Women,Share Yr Stories etc etc)
Susan Bright(publisher(Plain View Press),poet,activist,saved trees around Barton Springs etc etc
Dr Marvin Kimbrough(Catfish Poets,Huston-Tillotson poets etc etc)
Honoring our ancestors is as important as remembering their qualities of character
We all know different souls who gave their all to spark life in this little village
Banquo's ghosts include Byron and Nathaniel(murdered by APD)
So many empty chairs-for chopped trees,fluoridated water,free speech denied
Chairs for those of OCCUPY evicted from our City Plaza
A chair for every part of you that wishes to make Austin better
Should we seek to fill them-with warm and loving souls
or should we get used to empty chairs/diminished expectations
eternal gridlock-a town of activist ghosts?


Sunflowers turn sickly yellow.Wild geese get shot down
All that is free is caged.Until she is well,
water will be tears,seasons will strike
down the sun.Clouds will carry her heavy as air
into a meadow you hear when she sings.
She who freed us with spells of enchantment
must now heal herself/all Nature rings bell flowers
awaiting her Spring into green light.Welcome her wilde in..
Wind sings for her and lifts all seeds into flowering
She will be well when we are free again to sing with her
To chant a welcome for all that is beneath and beyond us
A chorus of wild and windy will lift her to starlight
illuminate our pathways while we are alive..


Here it comes/with new carriages!
Each moment a perfect entity/requiring only empathy as energy
to project and transport you through space and time
Pubic transports you share with many others-this is yours,alone..
Meditate in to this unique moment.Let us go..
You will notice that we travel beyond the speed of thought
This is faster than the speed of sound-
by aligning with WHAT IS,we can better arrive @WHAT MIGHT BE
There are many stations along this track,including MEMORY
You cannot get to YOUR FUTURE until you arrive @WHEREYOUARERIGHTNOW
This stop requires attention and focus.If you slip from the platform
you might find yourself in NOSTALGIA or PROJECTION
both of which are visual distractions.They should not exist(but they do)
Once you arrive @this moment,your destination is complete.
Enjoy your day.You still have a long way to go-
but at least you have arrived..

Sunday, February 19, 2012

you are here when the stars started singing

we live in magical times(look @the weather!
miracles and synchronicities keep manifesting
years ago-crop circles and harmonic convergences
today you hear the whole world singing ,stone by stone
years ago,it was"roll away the stone"&Holy Mountains
Vibrating particles pulsating with joy and enthusiasms
their willingness to eschew materiality and become (like you)pure energy
constantly recreating more epiphanies and visual miracles
Today -blue skies,birds,sunlight.Last night,the kiss of rain
Before you ascribe this to calendars,seasons,repetitions
hold little February(Love Month!)in your Holy Hands and Bless it!
(moments have a way of being memorable-and just need to be seen as Sacred!
Now,Every Moment Is just need to open ..your eyes..
and start singing!

we are people

we know who we are.divide us by borders
and label us.when you war/you kill us
we argue ,confront,converse,contradict among ourselves
we generally do not damage each other.
if we do,we imprison ourselves.give ourselves "time out"to get peaceful
we generally do not need weapons when we talk and listen
we delegate official violence to police and army
so we can live peacefully in a market economy
makes us look under the bold print-we find people(like us)
who are distressed economically because of such actions
we will still not take up arms/even when BLOCKADES starve us
even when bombs blow up our houses,and tanks demolish families
we are people.just like you.In Iran,,Palestine,Sudan,Yemen,Syria-
tell me-what would you do?


to write is right now-as soon as you can!
Drop every thing and recollect or conjure up
amazing solutions to contemporary dilemmas!
Focus is every thing!Air sculptures speaking
visual conundrums writing/drawing
actual sculptures made of these planetary materials
Here is where you are right now-blank page/empty stage
What you create may add to the sparkle of ages
or be as ephemeral as air(breathed /forgotten-
the gift is now!To reach out and connect with the possible
aligned with all positive energies/to birth the new into view..
WHEW! i think i will go back to sleep
and dream of rain on rooftops!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

emotional paint

slapped it on/brushed over splits/splashed colors around
until space was monochrome mood.Sat.Stared.Waited
Blacks called me into frame-no stars,comets-just dark matter
Grays rainy nebulae fog diffused anomie-no lines
Bright sun yellow gold sunflowers bold beaming woke me up
Bees buzzed out of core flowers/pistils/stems
Awakened daylight gardens hummed outside frames
Day's light shone outside eyes' cage
Doors and windows swung open to welcome Spring
And we will never be as bright and golden again...


any port,when ships come in,people bring cultures-
some illegal,many simply diverse-Amsterdam,San Francisco-
cafes,conversations,languages,drugs,contraband,habits from other lands
A port obeys looser rules of conduct via the open sea-
one way or another,you can always leave
Marseilles has traditionally been a wild scene-
as in any harbor with waves of migration patterns
London was Londinium for Rome,and later home for a British Naval Empire
Portsmouth a smaller version ,and Bristol same
The sea has always been a gateway-and it swings both ways
Refugees come from other war zones-others will sail away-to/from
London,Amsterdam,Sydney,Portsmouth,Bristol and Marseilles...


perhaps you were told to let your wild dog words loose
put your pit bull attack dogs unleashed on the world
that because you feel attacked/you have a right to inflict damage

i talk not of boutique handbag fashion miniature dogs
which only reinforce the foibles and fashions of their owners
nor service animals,nor guide dogs-not even therapy dogs
i speak of those species of dog words that bite and tear and snarl

for if you fear you are attacked,you will attack-and harm
rectification harder than prevention.Leash them now-these dogs of war
There are dogs enough neglected ,starved ,looking for love
on streets where animal control is a tentative and provisional fact

Rabies and wolves and escaped concepts wish to roam free
but we need health as well,so we put down those diseased and infected
We prefer healthy happy yelping friendly puppy love
or sheepdog skills or companion animals(not snarl and bite and snap!

There are those who say you have a right to bite back.
That this is self defense and you have righteous wrath
Danger is when the words start causing pain
there is no way to put them back.


Everybody loves babies and animals
So cute/so small/so powerless
But when they are huge as elephants
rifles and shotguns speak.We want tadpoles
to become frogs,and baby turtles to breathe
yet in the water with a huge shark/fear rules
Size matters.Cute is fine when tiny as birds
yet dragons were once real,and ruled(like dinosaurs
It is never the color of skin alone that determines response-
more the power of an unfamiliar culture
We like what we are used to.We feel safe with our own.(comfort zone)(home)
We exterminated indigenous animals and people
and still steal their habitat for our own.Texas was Tejas.
We are in Mexico.Closer to borders,Spanish becomes a familiar.
Fear still divides territory,borders,languages,people
Culture unites.


if the moon is made of cheese
it is too big for one to eat
so we nibble astronaut by Michael Bay movie
until half a moon is left/hanging around like a delinquent

if our only world seems too small
toxic waste emotions venting like volcanoes
we can turn liquid wisdom
into mobile emotions

and with genetic wisdom examples
solve and explicate contemporary dilemmas
do you believe in fairy tales?
you are growing one right now!

myths we cling to must save us
from distraction and self destructive Narcissisim


i was told there was no poetry in the world
that our new world was visual;
and i should document
not via words -more images

i thought about this for a while

then went with a photographer
to capture the beauty in photographic images
i shot streets and people,parks and gardens
all angular controlled rainy grainy and gray
the images i threw away(there was no reason for keeping the prosaic..

same today.Magick lives within-a hidden spring
that bubbles forth with laughter and joy when released
but when controlled and made to fit within a frame
seems guilty.

of dull prose..

Friday, February 17, 2012


VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul decried the "war on drugs" Thursday night, telling supporters in Washington state that people should be able to make their own decisions on such matters.
Voters in Washington are likely to decide this year whether to legalize the recreational use of marijuana
"If we are allowed to deal with our eternity and all that we believe in spiritually, and if we're allowed to read any book that we want under freedom of speech, why is it we can't put into our body whatever we want?" Paul told more than 1,000 people at a rally in Vancouver, a suburb of Portland, Ore.
Paul did not mention his rivals for the Republican nomination but criticized President Barack Obama for killing American citizens with suspected terrorist ties and for expanding federal regulations.
The Texas congressman said he wasn't sure if he'd win the GOP nomination and tries not to predict the future but added that he's encouraged by the enthusiasm of his supporters.
"People who are strong believers in issues and ideas and principals, they do lead the way," he said.
(now try driving)

Many years ago-head and heart had an argument
as to which was to be master.Both threatened to go on strike
if no one listened(so ear listened).They pointed out logical arguments
(so eye watched)Each spoke through the same mouth
When it came to a vote,every organ threatened to walk out
if they were not respected for their role in the body.
That is why so many people walk today-
we need all of all of us for any of this to make sense...

we are weather

grumble,crumble when dark and cold
freeze when snow and rain
we sneeze and complain
stay indoors and drain
our sick pay

when gold sun returns
we (re)learn optimism
sunshine restores us-
Vitamin K

we start to notice green
smiling living gardens
of people just like us
walking/out doors
little suns..


in our life time,currencies change
every day,values fluctuate
they rise and fall with perceived exchange rates
which are not tied to gold at all

Ron Paul would have us back to gold
De Beers would love this(and Fort Knox)
i propose new values for our exchange economy-

Genevieve Vaughn proposed a compassionate economy
others say simple goods or market barter/i suggest emotional exchange might alter
what is most important in our lives.Quantify parenthood like baby sitting
charge more for those in custodial roles over Alzheimers
Anyone who cares receives more hugs and handshakes/
as well as food ,housing,transport

Promote positives via intrinsic worth-kindness quantifies itself
Look for those who care for others rather than themselves.
Jose Marti said"a society with only a few rich people is a poor society"
I say seek the good ,feed,shelter and love them back into circulation
so optimism and altruism become the new measure of worth and value
is determined by what you add to others' lives...

RIGHT OF RETURN(pilgrimage

There is a magnet in your body
which physically aches for English green-
calmness of a Lake District
peacefulness of Cumbria

All histories of wars and borders fail
when memories seduce you back
just one more time-to taste
tranquility of countryside

All of us return to the earth
some are enchanted back
to familiar landscapes
through many lifetimes

Culture is what we love-
Land calls to us /issues Spirit Passports
"You can return". YOU ALREADY HAVE....

pieces fall/in to place

text-based solution fail us-
Bibles and Korans kill
Exodus ="movement of the people"
for so many reasons(they are killing us!
we must leave here(AVATAR)
Rainforests are burning!
Amazon on fire!
Is there Water On The Moon?
Send a mining explorer!
Privitise it!

on the altar of consciousness,there are many sacrifices

REALITY is the first to die/being bent out of all proportion
stretch TIME and SPACE-and MEDITATION enters
and all this with just a little Alice in Wonderland pill!
Imagine what would happen if we were all aliens...

playing people chess

when you lose,your people get moved
Palestinians after 1949,Germans after 1945
Kampucheans under Pol Pot,Chinese on the Long March
Separation of India and Pakistan still breeds battles in the Kashmir.
Moses may have led his people out of Egyptian captivity/
politics forces more into refugee camps-from Sudan to Christmas Island
Unresolved issues of racial purity and economic refugees sit on our borders
Fences and walls cannot stop the flow better than economics
Slaves are imported and become integrated.
Menial servants become land holders.
Every heritage is a mixed blessing.
Aryan extremists use violence in a failed crusade
Migration is only ever partially a voluntary movement
Forces in history (and emotional ones like anger,revenge,fear,hate)
make our populations a stirred soup of various historical ingredients
All we can do is...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

elders(urban trees)

she cried when she shared-"our tree canopy is shrinking"
"our trees are old and stressed from drought and oak wilt"
"they are not being replaced/our habitation displaces them"
"our unique tree heritage is lost.Bird habitats gone"
They are our elders-here long before us-dying on our watch
Drought is a cycle but this is final.These trees are dead and dying
Bastrop fires only one trace indicator of the death of our history.
Treaty Oak.Sam Houston's Oak.Barton Springs trees.Iconic trees lost
and 5.6 million urban trees gone.gone.gone
We will never know their shade and birdsong again
Mourn the loss of elders.Without them,we are saplings in time,bent by wild winds
subject to pressures of a history that does not value its past.We will be past soon enough
Do not just mourn our dead.Plant new life!Seed Austin trees!
Where are you now-young Johnny Appleseeds?

the paper man

rich in boxes like a Pyramid
filled with corpses of past /bodies of work
illegible scrawled dreams/photographs of ghost venues
fills up space/and time /fails to dilute this deluge
More appears when less desired/ if yesterday's fantasies
could stir tomorrow's soup/i would be Croesus
i am made of paper/thin and boxed
mostly truth lies between lines-
all should be burnt as heretic/staked out
in the sun of literary criticism for some expert
to see the glaring flaws in levity/make me aware
of gravity's rainbows.

giving it all away

i began with what i owned-books,records,loves
when they left,i released myself
arm by arm,organ by organ-
fingernails,dandruff,sweat stains,blood
most had a cycle and a season(like bullfighting/like war
some objected ot their peremptory departures
vowing never to return again.Yet here they are(like moons-
wanting to be a part of something they left long ago-
religion,belief,cynicism,cool distance.All know their place
They claim it is with me.I left these moods on a beach
waiting for a tide to take them Yet here they are again-
like starshells and flotsam/and i have no more space in my heart
It already has so many emotions excess baggage pasts
i want to give myself away to something
no thing claims me.It all passes,temporary
I only have this time with you.Eternities.


beyond our world-many more!
so many we do not have names for them as yet
we give them numbers(and they are running out!
we know we are small actors on a moving stage
we learn our lines from earlier explorers-
cosmonauts,astronauts,spirit wind flyers,winged elders
all of whom have fallen as ash to earth /buried as bones
or flashed out into darkness to become smaller particles
Laws say matter stays with us(like energy)
Laws last only for our limited jurisdiction-
gravity becomes free floating in space flight
other planets have different ways of doing things
mostly we are too limited for their heat or cold
mostly we send robots to scout them out
for signs of water or previous inhabitants
We have yet to learn their dark matter
We need to learn their signals and their languages
They do not feel a need to come to this small blue planet
They have their own reasons,orbits,histories,mythologies,heroes,destinations
Maybe we should start learning what they are?
"twinkle,twinkle,little ...

imagining this room as a garden

not neat,ordered,geometric,obedient-
more wild,free,able to sing weeds illegal and contaminate passerbyes
as Frankenstein foods do and genetically modified seeds do-
crossing borders,blowing with winds,landing where they will
let they be hemp and female.Let this happen now!
Let forests of hemp grow stronger than tobacco-all Sacred Plants
need be nurtured,loved and held so they might find full natural growth
Let no chemicals be added in the name of productivity or fear of bugs
Let the aroma of wild things suffuse us-so we may be gardens ,too-
seed possibilities beyond visible limits/little Johnny Appleseeds
for saplings to become elder trees,huge and powerfilled with shade and shadow for all
May this be now/no dream/no Prohibition or inhibition
Just simple soil and seed,love,care,nurturing-then FREE!

the market economy

your art is outside our mailbox
more of others hangs from our trees as mobiles
or stands as sculpture near our front door
whether via paint or rock or stone or daubed in mud
your art is valued in the sharing/as these songs are
we bypass money in the process/free as recycled air
we share what we are via what we create and gift
each other with our goodwill.Life comes first-a meal,
some laughter,times stolen to make anew our visions
and dream into this market world/something new and strange
As we are/so our songs and books and stories
Your art is in the sharing.Objects outlive us/unless consigned
to junk or fire or regifted for other homes/connection affirms all
We are more than raw materials-we are process more than product
Never confuse the chainsaw for the trees
One cuts ,the other bleeds.Art is in the differences..

johnny and willy

Willy came first-musician,homeless,slept under bridges
did part-time work for part-time pay/stayed with his ex-wife
who cared for him in a motherly way.He died and the room was filled
with Johnny-another overweight middle aged depressive handy man
Jack O All Trades (and master of none)-diabetic,alcoholic,angry @the world
Now he lives on a jar of peanut butter for a week.Now he cuts grass
Now he cannot pay rent/will live in a tent outside Austin City Limits
Or live in his van when the tent is too weak for the elements
or he will kill himself.He sells his pain pills to make a living
He retains pain.We give him food and work and praise
He condemns himself with his own scripting
He sees no point in living.I will not show him these lines
Less he hang himself with them.

witness for your defence

i can testify that we are watching the same world-
whether it be on TV,video,film,computer ,iphone,camera or live-
messengers and editors are middle managers
information overload leads to fact crashes.(Give me the fax!
Reload,refresh,renew-each moment shares perspective
Our "known unknowns "less than "unknown unknowns"
4% of our visible universe shared
2% of our brain capacity used
1% of our population earns 99% of the cash
It figures.It all adds up.Both sides demonstrate
Both inside and outside ,upside and downside
But there are more than sides to this dance
Louise Hay meets Debra Hay in emotional ecology
let me just state-things are never as we see them-
optical as illusions,chimerae,mirages,special effects
our 3D HD TV world made of distance and vacuums
whereon you may project your latest delusions
If folk pay for your movie,you get adventure capital
If not,join the pile of discards @the door
where you leave your rose-colored glasses
for the next paying customer

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The first thing we want to do is love

it does not need a reason-
are all reaction.Aye,the point is to love!
as a first cause -all else proceeds
from this basic proposition-
we are what we make
we are what we create
we are what we connect to-
the building block is trust
Here is how we extend-
because we can
because we must

we cannot go back

nor should we wish to
we were child once
that was a stage to grow through
new children emerge
innocent as we were
we are now Guardians
nothing is as it once was
the sea a toxic dump
with shit condoms needles
we treat womb earth as a dump
for noxious chemicals
everything recycled
finds its way into our systems
drink your chemicals once
then recycle them again
and do not even speak to me
about fracking...


Sprites in business suits
Piskies in corporations
Leprechauns studying Law
Faeries in Organic Gardens
Everyone and everything is Magickal
when you are dreamwhispering

"bullets found in baggage"

George Orwell said the media will condemn
You will judge and convict and kill without having to know
anyone or anything.(Osama/Obama/O mama!)Confessional enough to see one's life
as arbitrary and absolute,Beat enough to catch the rhythm method madness
behind the strung out sprung rhythms.When sun returns ,find me walking.
In China,you pay for the executioner's bullets.Is Mexico the same?
Guillotine was mass entertainment.Huntsville same.
Even your last meal not what you ordered.As for flying,
death via 1000 fees.Fat taxes and Southwest Airlines.
Charge me for everything.Find innocent guilty
And even if we take to streets,we pay for police
bullets found in bodies.East Austin.


"We ask nothing from the world,
except for coffins,since there are not enough of them
for our bodies"(Tweet)Shabiha shakedowns,
Sunnis in the SNC,still see massacres daily.
Cries are heard in Lebanon,Turkey,Iraq and Jordan
The road to Damascus has Saul converting...

like Mao's blast iron furnaces
barefoot doctors on the Long March
propaganda of the Revolution is now Virtual
for there is no revolution @all...

QUISHI(Seeking Truth
Once,you could be both Catholic and Communist
two faiths seemingly contradictory
Catholic women take the Pill(unlike Catholic Bishops)-see!
Faiths breeding in celibacy!

you see-this war-it is not ours

it has occupied attention since before we were born
our grand fathers and mothers poorer for this conflict
our parents had to fight each other so we could be born
tiger's claws,lions teeth-these are little fists pumping
it makes victims of truth ,kindness and simplicity
it makes us carriers of dis-ease/fear/insecurities
You see,if this were ours/an original sin argument
no apple or snake would be necessary to document
eviction from innocence into a world of dust and fire and fear
We wear clothes now/but were naked once
and remember not why nor how we came to be here
This fight.It does not belong to us.A song does.We hum it
because we forget the words.It is the song of ourselves
sung to each other .And our loving presence is in the answering

"I ask only for everything!"(MARGE PIERCY)

"Every new age is unbelievable beforehand and after,inevitable"
"Every soul must become a magician:The magician is in touch
The magician connects.The magician helps each thing
to open into what it truly wants to utter..
The saying is not the is the acting with the strength
we cannot really have until we have won"
And in our age of endings and beginnings,rescripting becomes Keith Richard's blood
Lady Ga-Ga's costume changes,Beyonce's baby with Jay-Z
every magick that transforms celebritology into actuality
"Live as if you like yourself,and it may happen:
reach out,keep reaching out,keep bringing in..
the harvest comes...

"=by Marge Piercy"-the rest for Marge Piercy..and you


Lucian Freud left a body
of work/100 of his portraits@
National Portrait Gallery
He also left 14 children
and their mothers
who contradict him
With wit,intelligence,charm
and prodigious hard work
we call all become equally

"With the ease of Mozart
and the fury of Beethoven"
this Nobel disaster wrote nothing for three years
after her award .Scepticism defined her
From Communist Poland to world fame,
only love (and words)remain
Seeking to link Unix to Linus
Microsoft to Mac-hardware to software
Plug in and see if your code works on me.

my sister's farm

has the usual wild trees-and birds
(i saw two black cockatoos!)-snakes
and a creek that flows through stones so well polished
you could slip and forget you were not water once
So i sat on the edge of that creek/bald spot in a photograph
and i let the stones support me,my legs dangling in the cool clear waters
rushing past on their path to some other person's thirst
(it is what you take with you-i could not carry huge rocks
just rounded river stones -less sauna stones
more round coin worlds of stones-more than pebbles/less than mountains
and i gave what i loved away-so it may illuminate some pilgrim
who cannot come to the edge of wild rivers to sit and drink
who can carry small stones in their hands or pockets
to make fluid what seems a world of dirt and rock
what has come from water carries water
we are what we carry

everywhere and nowhere

michael jackson for me was an 8 year old boy jumping up and down to THRILLER
with a ferocious adoration and passion i have not seen replicated.(He is now meditating in a Welsh commune
hunter s thompson like norman mailer confused himself with his stories/
mixed the two like ashes shot into deep space/so we will never see his like again(shotgun
david foster wallace imprinted our times through eyes that saw us for who we are
not in comparison or retro-just impossible continuing contradictions
"EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED" dragged back life and art as manuscripts-
our counted pulses and daily domestic doings as spiritual practice
today is just before St Valentine's/Walgreens roses and Hershey's chocolates
represent suburban spiritual displacement as much as Walmart.But that is art-
hyper-realism of Jeffrey Smart,polaroids by David Hockney
always leaning away to catch a fire/to see where life and art sleep together
in a conjunction /conjugation both entangling ,confusing and inevitable.
We are her children.


Homs burns/snipers @random
Athens burns/punishment oscillates with protest
Military dictatorships suppress
a Counter-Revolution is in progress
We cannot grow our way out of debt
Police and army paid to suppress
Streets in Egypt full of demonstrators
appealing to those liberal democracies
who have abandoned them to austerity
and the EU(meaning France and Germany
Who won the last World War?
Where is our new Marshall Plan?
Civilian control requires economic change
Who will we cut?-Fear?or Complacency?


wild grasses/horses /emotions
gallop unframed art/golden
sunset art galleries
dust in my eyes

in the back sheds /of our suburbs

healing is happening-among men
neglected/with hobbies
assembling tiny replicants
boys bicycles hung from ceilings
like Mussolini and his mistress
here is the altar of patriachs-
sanctuary for seniors
apprentice laboratory for adolescent secrets
in these thin walls a womb
to make and unmake a thousand inventions
construct models of authenticated universes
inside here you can hear the mind of man
ancient as cave/new as now
continuing a Great Chain of Being
to emerge with an AHA! or EUREKA!
among the tools for gardens derelict
sheds are our art of darkness

In the Garden of Gethsemene
in the Garden of Eden
in the Winter Gardens
Green Shoots are rising!
Under cover ,Spring Emergent
sending green spies out on limbs
to see what view birds nests
Zen stone gardens /austere as debt
Meditate on snow and ice
Here,in green,we await the rain
and Spring!


sets solo,singing
soft silences


some animal in us remembers starvation
hoards emotions for lean soup times
drinks more than he needs,waterholes dry
spear eye staring @the sky


Fires on the streets of Athens.Anarchy in the EU
People know they are being screwed.To finance a "bail-out"
wages and jobs are cut,poverty imposed -but not universally
Legislators still get paid(with or without balancing budgets
like golden parachutes for CEOs even when their companies belly up-
but the core clash of values is this-Greece was where our idea of "democracy"began
and now economics is mutating all populist politics.Do people count?
or pogroms/programs of "austerity"imposed by exterior unelected foreign governments?
Greek people are aware that unless they retain wage rights fought for for centuries
they will never again see benefits of those most at risk in this"globalized"economy.
Do people matter?or is this fiscal balancing act a show of obedience
to and for the taxpayers of Germany?People know this.They OCCUPY streets.
The will of the people is for autonomy,democracy,fairness,freedom
What they will get is debt,servitude,austerity and vasselhood.
Who gives a drachma?

Monday, February 13, 2012


where you can drive on the beach ,and dingos and rainforest co-exist
and sand mining has ceased/there are huge ships beached whale skeletons
who hit rocks off the sea/or a reef that is close/now they (stripped to the core
are digitally photographed.Tourists in awe of size see these modern metal behomeths rusting
They are unsafe for walking on/yet many do prod and poke as if these wrecks were living
Rock has this certainty.We reef endlessly.Our little boat lives clunk and tear
then we are stranded on beaches/awaiting rescue.Unless and until some wise Captaincy
finds ways to disengage from the pull of a reef or the rock of a stone lodged within.
Tear of metal,water invades,by high tide carried away,by low tide beached whale.
Now still and derelict,bare boned and rust,silent as stories never known just lost
Come! Take another photograph!This is what rock does!

a secret chord

spaces define us intervals...relationships
all kinetic yet connected harmonies conform
deeper resonance why words sing higher plane
between among reminding us relevant referents
parallel equivalents attuned and listening
this is why we speak/ this is why we sing

to know the names is not enough
to conjure up and have them come when you call
wolves of words signs symbols charts
mariners avoid reefs and seek the deep
where even silence falls asleep

alpha rhythms call within
beta theta less the naming/explaining
more skin experiental to feel is to know
beyond all labels/cages(John -Of Intervals
notes plucked from an Apple tree
are heard in herds of HP

HD TVs seek to sound deeper than Mother Nature's Found Poems
what is not spoken has power over all We ,enthralled,roll towards Babylon
O Song! Imprisoning Solomon What wisdom sings within ?

False flags, paper tigers, and strawmen

Gulf of Tonkin became a killing joke for drafted youth
There are no "death Panels"despite media misrepresentation
Faith is no basis for contraception.Church and State are separate-
O! apart from tax breaks for churches,payments for private schools etc etc etc
Cognitive dissidents ask why OCCUPY and Tea Parties are necessary-
when Congress is gridlocked in partisan politics.The obvious is not-
a budget cannot be balanced until there are no black budget holes
and pork barrel projects like failed weapons programs still soak up billions..
War has been privitised-like schools,prisons,and welfare programs
Cliches still kill-/still rule.Ideologies clash with corrupted current practices
and we still watch the "news"and trust the weather channeling...


You see,we never met-but i grew up with him
In black &white,A HARD DAY'S NIGHT
His Liverpool accent was the gear
in the 60's of our growing years

He was always the spiritual one
Talented guitarist/everyone
admired his licks on electric guitar
and skills on acoustic-star he was

while others claimed the bright front lights
he played the lead and gave those magic riffs
even now being re-discovered/without George
Would we know sitar or Ravi Shankar?

Martin Scorsese shared a visual biography
It was the music that claimed we
who listened and watched from afar
While he was stabbed and died of cancer

Sex and drugs and rock and roll
A life that sometimes went out of control
Gardens that gave him peace of mind
He financed Hand Made Movies(Monty Python)

His songs we sing remembering
It was hard to be George Harrison


Chicken or egg?Horse or cart?Which is to be master-bank or home?
Bailing out banks ?or rescuing defaulting homeowners?
Penalizing mortgage grantors ?or those who simply walk away from underwater debt?
Housing market is depressed.Value of homes sinks.People are defaulting on mortgages.
To lower home values compounds dilemmas.What is to be done?
Some would say Big Banks are the problem-giving easy mortgages then foreclosing
Some would suggest Co-operatives and Credit unions(small is beautiful/community is best)
Status quo fails the junk test.Economies of scale now need chickens to come home to roost
(If they have not yet been foreclosed,that is.).Let the big banks pay their consequences...

Butterfly Effect of Norephinephines
Obsessional Effects of Serotonins
Stress Effects of wild Hormones/Testerone
Addictive Effects of Dopamines
Urge To Merge Effects of Oxytocin
Failed your Drug Test yet?


Eat the crocodile and the snake!
We already farm salmon in fish farm tanks
Whether wild or friend/We will devour them!
Eat the locust and the ant,eat the deadly puffer fish
Eat the hamburger with salmonella .Eat the chicken with e coli
Eat Mad Cows Disease!Eat internationally-eat China,eat Turkey,eat Lebanon
Whenever we come to a problem -we will digest them!

Where,in Tabasco,Monument Six revealed Mayan glyphs...
Under a college for archaeologists=Cuicuilco cultures buried!
Pre-Aztec cultures that later founded Tenochtitlan share
patterns of habitation of as yet unnamed peoples
Will they bother to dig our remains?(Plastic/radioactivity?

Metaphor for Greek democracy...Germans invaded in World War 2
Underground Resistance fought back.Same with the Greek Junta of Generals
Bail up? or bail out?-Greeks on the streets ask who rules -austerity? or democracy?
Can we afford to not ask the same question?


Poets who speak up and out end up in exile
Adonis of Syria calls the Arab Spring an "autocratic facade"
And it is hard to see how the expressed desires of peoples
to live freely have resulted in substantive changes as yet
Military still rule,Internet censored or banned,civilians
still have only the streets and their bodies to offer change
Gaddafi had gold and oil.We invaded,destabilized and dethroned him.
Iran has oil.We apply sanctions and economic blockades/yet are afraid to invade
Syria kills its citizens.We do nothing.We suppressed the people of Bahrain
and apply interventionist policies in Palestine/supporting Israeli occupations
Writings on the walls ,rap rhythms and rhymes,wisdom of the people
still flow like new blood through Algeria,Libya,Egypt,Tunisia
Poets are re-scripting the eternal desires of folk to live freely
But who reads poetry?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

long long times when nothing particularly happens

like waiting for a bus or a check that never comes
then a frantic egg scramble for the parachutes
when the whole world seems to explode in flames

time changes from childhood(slow and long
into the counted seconds of a heart operation
time spent watching popcorn movies
time gone living one's own script

my grandfather clock became my father's wristwatch
(i never carry time/except as phone minutes
the young consult their oracles moment to moment
they have appointments to keep.Death is the unlisted passenger
One day he takes the whole bus for a ride

Counted heartbeats.Calendars of stone.Gray bone yards of times passed
Today's time is brought to you courtesy of friends and family
who extend your perimeters so you are not alone.By the time you learn
the WHY of how and who you are,you will be flash fast sparked out of existence
to join those packs of ghosts and shadows on these streets
shades and shapes of as yet unformed times-beyond all past categories


Celebrity coats with distance and demands
you be the one they used to love.Sing your Greatest Hit
even if you die from it.Repetition is an injury. Clone yourself
with tribute singers-others sing your past better than you now can
And every voice has a time span.USE BY date gone
Other Led Zeppelins,Beatles,ABBA,KISS,Michael Jacksons
will litter arenas with your work and words.You are in demand
when nostalgia resurrects/and all there is/ is 1991 and it is 2012.
Only goes once.One bite of the cherry. One slice of apple pie.American Idol!
You will be used to advertise .If you demur,your spurned public will backbite
Gossip stains your stage return.They demand their ticket price returned.
You are not the young one they replay on video and CD
You have aged,with deeper stories than some shallow romance
You have new words now-but they want only the old (young)you
Like young Elvis when he was Fat and 40.There are two of you now.
One will be killed by crowds turning away.The other must kill herself.

THE WORK STANDS(for Pina Bausch/Wuppertal Dance Theatre)

A body/at ease in space and time.A unity/harmonic
Rhythms that inform and extend .Experience that affirms
When we leave,the child must walk on her own winged feet and fly!
Gilbert &Sullivan,Godard,Luc Besson,Shaw,Jeffrey Smart,David Hockney
Banksy,Brueghal,Bukowski-each with works that take us further.
Have we added to this whirl with our colors and our dance?
Kabir,Rumi,Lalla knew key in connection/unlocking mysteries
Elegance in solutions-aligned with and affirming.Footsteps ahead of us
leading Indigo Children of the Future into this present moment
Body as book-walking,talking,silent,still.
Body as movie and Song Of Experience.
Poetry of kinesis/connections between us
Spaces may define us/dynamic tensions hold us
Close and closer in the kissing distance
To move is to pray.To link to all unseen orbits.
We dance upon rock graves.Seasons(us)
Winter bones,Spring Grasses,Autumn Leaves,Summer Heat
All elements within us seek release.That is why we move,write,speak
Dance is taxonomy of the possible.Inventory of feathers
Take your flight.The book of your life is written as your movements/ sing.!


@young flames,extinguished
when their range and random program
ran against the FORCE (which was not with them)
Now another is unseen MISSING
face upon a milk carton
strung out after curfew/crew all gone
when elders need be close and warm
protecting feral wolf cub children
World of walls to skateboard upon
Boombox and stereo graffiti
When they fall,only dirt will greet them
Elders out to lunch or leaving
Parties still burn fires raving
Drugs still stronger than our children
laws still cages with no freedom
Only elders sharing wisdom
can milk tears red angry burning
hug and heal with elder wisdom

Saturday, February 11, 2012


sluicing waters language/flow and mass
sifting shallows of liquid laughter(what we share with one another
a line sparkles/shines/is remembered
held under glass for examination.If best,kept under light
presented for inspection for those who value
alluvial shine of valued speech/deep vein gold wisdom
Each nugget needs be stripped of accoutrements
Only concentrated aphorisms last/ages flash past
quotations sustain us/until their weight and specific gravity
is weighed against the scales of history.Forgotten gems lost.
Repeat...Say in sweeter phrases.Dilute to HALLMARK
Bowlderise.Make it New(cliche!). Until gold is Fool's Gold(iron pyrites
"All that glitters..

it is not the stone you hold within your palm
nor huge monoliths you stare with camera eyes
even less the avalanche of pebbles-more
the intention and result of Sacredness/alignment
with WHAT IS/until we can feel and see
the point of valued gravities.

and if your diamond is blood
all your furs were animal
what you wear is stories
of another.

(before and after)FRANCHISE

Begin solo.One person's stall.Make /create something valued via others' exchange
Team with those of like art and mind.Find common purpose/co-operative
Expand via autonomous initiatives/as in food trailers example-one by one by one
When the idea is a replicable and copyrighted one/franchise begins
Making identical models of a product or process replicable geographically
Expanding with a new market so margins increase exponentially
Associating with fellow travelers who see profit in alignment
Selling off the franchise that you have registered and copyrighted
A new idea will come.You start with one.Solo.Link to two,three or many
Watch as this idea becomes economic reality.Whether franchises appear
the process always starts with one.Start now.Before this idea is franchised...


Only in our days are comparisons both positive and superfluous
Democracy measured by rights(like activists) disappeared
Truth measured via faith meters and PAC donations
Opinions touted via media spokespersons/commentators
Prisons bulge with non-violent offenders/alternatives ignored
Water stolen from Palestinians/walled compounding prisons
Shooting civilians in a barrel in Homs/Syria/Iraq/Iran
Law used as a way to crush any divergence or dissidents
Think tanks with inbuilt right wing bias/excluding dissent
Waterboarding,TASERing,torturing paid for via our taxes
Now it is legal to jail Americans without trial indefinitely
Government waves the magic "terrorist"wand and POOF! you disappear
This litany has been redacted because you know the names of those responsible..
The only question left is..what will you do next?


I grew up through a change of Empires-
Britain sent Irish to Australia-Fenians,Chartists,Socialists,pickpockets
but the guards had English art and food habits
which evolved our Cockney to Standard Dialect Speech
ABC radio copied British soap operas and sentimentalities
enlivened by occasional quiz shows which translated to black and white TV
Our TV changed to America in the 1960s-Lone Ranger,Rin Tin Tin,Paladin
We embraced Westerns,crime,B grade plots and scripts-went to American movies
as ours were low budget weepies.Visual colonialism.Walt Disney(pre-Corporation)
It was puzzling when "The Negro Problem"became a fixation when we had none
and guns for us meant hunting shotguns,not rifles or pistols.Mexico was exotic then!
NEWSFRONT documented how Oz newsreels were displaced by American ones-
soon our film industry needed government oxygen,swamped and drowned via imports
Color changed everything!Widescreen /driveins/Cinerama-we were hooked!
Disposable plots and characters attracted us to Hollywood-
we bought in to Americana.Your nostalgia became our nostalgia/your crazes adopted
hula hoops,yo-yos,bubble gum-soon even our street art skateboarded and graffitiied
World cinema via SBS-but even Oz films slanted American style.Our underground yours.
Now our market is small.We still speak English/buy BBC.But more corporations
seek an Australian niche.Vietnam,Iraq,Afghanistan.That is what we are -sentimentalists...

Friday, February 10, 2012

love is a book

my friend is a storyteller
he came to Austin with his mates
wrote about it in his book
which showed the influence music had upon his life
i share what i love with my friends
so i gave the book to Deb Akers
she LOVED it-read and re-read it
then i said-"he has written a stronger,better book-
it is deep and dark (about the death of his daughter.."
Deb wanted that book so i asked my friend
who promised to send a copy
The book arrived a few days after Deb died.
I gave it to her husband in trust it might assuage his grief
As yet ,he has not read it
Both of us would prefer those close to us alive
rather than having to read about them in a book...

pebble to an avalanche

beaches may be sand,and rock,and stones,and boulders
In Cornwall,a whole beach of egg rocks(huge!
In desert- Uluru.Central jewel of Gondwanaland
You should not walk the Rock.You can enter her caves
Even Zen,there are daubings on walls too wise for eyes of age
Rock holds tight.Solid,still.At core-precious.Held,esteemed
Those little bright stones you wear?(borrowed brilliance)
There are Sacred Stones-some small as a Goddess sculpture,some large as life
Avebury,Stonehenge,Pyramids,Altars-all built in alignment
For every element becomes solidified in time
Every Standing Stone.Every Holy Altar.
This is why we pilgrimage.This is why we collect in Museums and Jewelry Stores
By the Light of Stones,we are buried.Roll Away The Stone!


Water cannot come through glass(except when it(like we,is under pressure
Every element must accommodate each other...Fracked relationships fracture.
Floods bank tears in damned emotions.Drought and fire elope ,cantelope.
Rail lines bend round corners.We all meet@Infinity Cafe
Torn memories rip couples.Children witness storms.
Waves of static freak all peaceful meditators.Crime Soup boils over.
You filter through languages.We trickle down mountain meanings
Chinese philosophers fish for quarrels.Carp and Golden,Fish and Stray
African Tales Oral as Medicine-to be Taken As Directed.
Each Marvel Moment makes another Comic Convention
Translate this into European.Storm Und Drang.
Accent and dialect slept over in a bed and breakfast
Woke up ,strangers,in a foreign bed.Lost in translations.


homeless,jobless,armless,legless ,veterans
criminals,with warrants out,destitute (with no prospects)
weird and weirder,strung out,hung out(hanging out)
who else has the time to OCCUPY?Intention brings support
brings action via the too fat,too old,too young,too thin
every minority group huddled together in cold evenings
When you distance yourself,mirror asks"What are YOU doing?"
Issues like tissues are meant to be shared
Streets are for the people/ there is too much fear of change
Conversations continuous,distilling us/cultural/criminal
each of us a mirror to a mirror,echoing infinities

Fat woman with coupons and a monkey in her trolley
Tattooed staff in tshirts with scars and sneers
Yellow bright and loud/priced to yell and sell
HEB a circus with no safety net


Shelves are stacked with bargain chemicals
You can buy unlimited quantities/bleach your hair
and become a born-again surfer.I had a friend
who was both musician and undercover @HEB
He once chased a thief out into the car park
and was nearly sacked by the terrified management
Risks these days are far too high to deny
Our real danger comes from undercover detectives!


Burned he employers,jobs,prospects
Burning the sugar cane for sweet harvests
When fire licked,out came the black snakes of anger
fists of frogs,spite of lizards/every vermin hiding flushed out via heat
He was armed with a cane cutter's knife.He faced the anger and sliced
After hours,he doused his own fire with beer and mates
and laughed at the harvest (soon to be machined
Red fire,blackened cane-an anarchy of controlled violence
Whenever bush fires flame and flare,i remember then and there
where necessary human heat became walls of Holocaust
I saw Berlin burning in black and white.Dresden.Tokyo.London
Flame is used to ignite wars.Pyromaniacs.Fire bombers.Molotov Cocktails
It's unrepentant anarchy used in furnaces for waste /for our bodies to be consumed.
Fire flickers flames inside us,too.Elemental as revenge/violence remains
Nurse mother warmth and father flame.Both heat in different ways
Both will pass away.


7 billion of us-so we move
into new spaces,displace species,forests,change rivers,camp
and make permanent our eminent domain.First scratch writing= inventory.
First tool=fire or spear?Central heating?molten core!ART!
Layers beneath,so we dig=earth houses,mud houses,opal tunnels,caves,yurts
City core?We rise,high as engineering/architecture will allow
Grieving and mourning still for Twin Towers(not Lord of Rings!
Squeeze us in smaller spaces like tombs /urns for ashes
Squatting in Egyptian cemeteries and Pierre La Chaise Paris
Homeless and refugees in UN camps/on every street corner in every city
We are re-becoming communal.Spill across borders.Shot by guards but still coming
Jailed but still swimming.Returned but returning.Palestinians,Mexicans/every one of us..
This small world is our only hall.We breathe the same air(despite guarded communities
We are so close we start to speak Chinese.Pay secret police.Build prisons .FEMA
Space is so close we walk moons,talk stars,fall from space shuttles.
Soon we will have to sit down in circles again/and hear each others stories
This Hall is never empty-it is our collective memory/our Library of Each Other
We live together whether we like it or no.There is nowhere else to glow.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


for Michele Solberg's Birthday, 12 February

Forty cycles round one sun-
distiller of emotions ,communicator of visions
Giver of life and love and art/all at once upon these front lines
supporting every brave heart who seeks to celebrate!
You will not stop!O active eye!O singing storm!
You whip the winds of ennui when you sing!
You add to every astral astronaut with your engine
Here is where you are-aware ,watching,absorbing
Soon you will form another sculpture to sing
a new child in form and fashion ringing in the new
Anyone who listens can hear you-making truth bare
enough to be brave again.Bold and bright and beauty.
You give your voice to bring back harmonies
We sing with you /rise from our knees
to thank you for your cycles round one sun
Soon,you will begin again..with (and for)-every one!

it is the returning

as to a lover/comfortable embrace
between the covers /whether hard bound or soft whisper
a certain line lingers like perfume/under the border guards
slips past fast sans Passport/lodges within skin
and will not be displaced by anyone or anything.
"Aye-to love! There's the rub!"For a word to the wise
for foolish followers might dissuade lemmings or dinosaurs
to volunteer extinction .Endings are not beginnings.
I visit Pound and Larkin with respect but idleness.
Bible and Shakespeare cerebral pleasures but not love
I seek those pools that fill rooms of emotion as well as thought
engaging attention with a twist of dream-extending eyes into the unseen.
Mist or mysticism?Japanese Buddhism,Chinese Confucianism find forms
I drink them.Frog.Water.Moon.All live!Ponds of attention captured
Imagists succinct precision i admire.Still life Olds/Oliver.
I have sat in Wordsworth's chair and tried to walk his world
I pilgrimaged to Yeat's Tower in Connemarra.Failed.
Return must mean more than a line or two hooked fish
More than moose,bat,kangaroo,snake,inventory.I go back to hear again what i miss-
the spark of vision formed in perfect pearldrops.Singing Sirens ,eternal seas

"stay open"

to Fiona

when you close down,you close/down
austerity shrinks possibilities
Stoicism is Martyrdom Lite
This is a world of expansion
This is a world of Seasons
Winter cold gives way to Spring
Every bird knows this/and sings!
Trees adopt new coats of green
(we can(at least)learn from them
And when we doubt,we fall from grace
Even if no safety net/we roll through space
on a burning rock with a singular sun
How delicate! How fragile!We come
into this world as a garden and a gift
Accept it.Dance with it.Stay open
Like a parachute..

which is to be mistress

there are many worlds(we live in most of them
projections of hate and fear and need are screened upon us
they are not our movie/our sessions are trust and love and harmony
Some people love horror movies.Some direct them and screen them and act them out
We are invisible to them(anonymous audience)They see only their own need
Demand every one follows their agenda.We are re-scriptors.We have a different movie
We write and paint and draw and dance a lighter shade of rainbows
No one gets hurt.No one burgled or abused.Just loved.
Now burglars cannot see these movies/pre-occupied as they are with their own
I have been burgled(3 times)-and sent the burglar to prison
He wrote to me asking me to forgive him
"When you change-you forgive yourself"i replied.
I wish no personal relationship with abuse or horror
Healing takes lifetimes,and requires clarity and clear intention
i speak to you the living.You are no victim.You are no predator
You faerie magic,you piskie,you light bell laughter goodwill sharer-
it is now your laughter can return to you.You cannot speak with abusers-only those who do not/
understand we are all blades of grass-to be cut in time
We do not need to war -but you already know that
One can only share what you already feel-love is real/and heals
The rest is not for us.Screen your movie-big and bold and brave
Time for goodness to be master-not slave!


When you enter Quacks Bakery,you may see a picture
of Albert Huffstickler on the back wall.There may be copies of his poetry
which can also sometimes be found in the Hyde Park Newsletter
He is remembered at La Dolce Vita-and his park bench stands
awaiting anyone who wishes to sit and watch and write Hyde Park

When you enter Resistencia Bookstore-look up!Pictures of Raoul Salinas
and an altar to his memory on the bright right hand wall.
Every reading is dedicated to his memory

When you swim in Barton Springs,and bless the trees
Remember Susan Bright who argued well and long in poem and song
for their right to remain among us today

When you come out to an open mike,you may be gifted
with a book of Deb Akers-whose living library is being gifted
to the emergent poets of a newer Austin.She keeps giving!
Austin Poetry Society now has a contest in her name..
photos of her remain @Book Woman..

You are living altars of experience.You change via speech,text,actions
Your kindnesses are poetry.They heal hurts,they bless scars and wounds
Stay alive! Far better you speak your truth than this inadequate paen of poetic praises...


200 years of Dickens
60 years Queen Elizabeth
Olympics impending
Beatles as Shakespeare artifacts
Londonium still resonates with dark powers
Port o the world-Thames steel mud
Fireworks on an O for our Year Of The Dragon
Pound heavy in the waters,your financiers
hold distance from the Continent you have warred with
Little Island.Little England.Do you still wag the tails of elephants?
Royal Navy and Sherwood Forest are no more
You cannot afford another war.Best make a killing
@tourism.Sell your Heritage -houses,land to Madonna
and hand the keys to Arabia on your way out.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


@the Correspondence School(now known as Distance Learning
i knew some of the workers as poets
i had seen them @readings.i knew their faces and their words
but here,there was a quiet shame in exile
as if Dreaming was not Golden(enough
and day cages gilt edged security.They avoided me
i learned to play ping-pong with astonishing alacrity
our job was to correct tests sent in.It was dull fish but fed us
@times i was too tempted to rip the mask off,strip down to my Superman suit
take off my Clarke Kent glasses,jump on the desk and shout
i knew no one would .so i stayed(wings clipped) in the day cage
until,one day...


Neptune with his Crown &Trident
Lord of All His Watery Realms
with Fish Scales and a slapping tail
Three points on his stem

Sirens calling Odysseus
Haunting him with Song
He hears them and to his reef
comes a crashing on

Mermaids seen by moon struck sailors
Dugongs,dolphins,tiny whales
Years without a woman means
They are seeing mermaid dreams

Moon and waters alchemy
Calling tides eternally
Deep as sailors bed she lays
waiting for her /pray...


CONTROL -another false god.

Fear and insecurity adds violence to authority
See that policeman pepper spraying peaceful women?
Note the murders in Syria,and the defamation of dissidents
Spinoza in 1670 saw that individual freedom was essential to society
He saw both a natural right and power of citizens to speak as they desire
and if restricted,to do so in secret .Suppression breeds resentment.
Truth demands full inquiry,as do economic progress and creativity
Libertas philosophandi is a rational and peaceful process
Sedition is outlawed,as is agitation against authority
But ideas need to be allowed out freely and universally
otherwise"homeland (in)security is based upon suppression of liberties
rather than the full expression of democratic ideas,actions and policies
Spinoza would be arrested in 2012 as a "domestic terrorist"
advocating as he did for universal free speech .1670 to 2012.
Poets and philosophers be aware.Patriot Acts do not include a Bill of Rights..


Aboriginal,for initiation,i return to my learning wall
to ask my elders how to live.I ask the mystics first-
Rumi,Kabir,Hafiz,Blake.They delight me with Sufi trickery
Nature next-Li Po,Lao Tzu,Li Bai,Basho,Mary Oliver,Gary Snyder
Then confessionals-Anne Sexton,Erica Jong,D H Lawrence,Bukowski,Olds,Neruda
My Dutch friends include Simon Vinkenoog and Hans Plomp
Europeans? Wislawa Symborska,Czeslaw Milosz!
French?Villon!Other? Fernando Pessoa,Nancy Willard
Naomi Shihab Nye,Dylan Thomas,Carl Sandburg,e e cummings
These call me back time and again to offer more
What matters most is what their lives and lines offer us
Most are gone-the living sing of our times
the rest must last via interpretation /translation
It is love and wisdom their pearl gifting
This is why i give them -right of returning!

YOUR TOP 10 POETS ARE??????????..........

2012 revisited

Some say all this has been predicted-
Nostradamus,star patterns,prophecies-
Calendars of Mayans,Hopi,Aztec,Incan-
New Age gurus pontificating-
which leaves us with two choices-
to follow the paths as laid down by the past-
or carve a new dance in these waves of now time.

There are those who will say that we are all free
The chains of our past have no sway over destiny
That this is the way it will always be
But that is just according to me.


Our Age is post-
post Velvet/Orange/Red Revolutions,post Arab Spring
post-OCCUPY with its adopted resolution processes
To speak of human relationships in concrete economic terms
and not as moral absolutes is to ask-why force?why debt?why wars?
Neighbours share-communities give-we exist co-operatively
The existence of privitized for profit schools/hospitals leads to prisons for profit
The less the State does-the more we pay/ twice-once,via taxes,next via picking up the failures.
Looking at the best of human responses to flood,famine,earthquakes,Tsunami,drought
leads one to assume a benign intention of response no longer evident in the security state
Crime rates go down-yet more police.Debts can be forgiven(as in a Statute of Limitations)
Yet Haiti was ruined via reparations like Germany post WW1
A better economic model is the Marshall Plan-to rebuild broken economies
in trust they will then align with their benefactors.A partnership of empowerment
Selling weapons is not aid.Subsidizing offshored torture centers ditto.
Bribing tribes with suitcases of American dollars is not aiding the victims of war.
Liberation means autonomy-and economic interdependence
Greece is sacking 15,000 middle class public servants per fiat of the EU
This is war upon the most stable and conservative bones of a society
Same with sanctions-the people of Iran /North Korea will not rise up while starving
They will respond to food and care and wisdom.War never works
Debt can be forgiven-and we can choose the models that work best for us-
before austerity programs destroy the core of our society-libraries,schools,parks,gardens
Cut black budgets.Micro-fund initiatives.Angel investors .Venture funds.New jobs,new ideas
Release the chains of past failures before we give up,shrug our shoulders,die in another useless war

GOLDEN AGES(Aristocrats and Artists)

Woody Allen mythologized Midnight in Paris
in the 1890s,the 1930s and in our jaded days
Every city has a Golden Age.Some have many/waves
Rome as centerpoint of Empires rising and falling
London Elizabethan,Dickensian,modern
Berlin 's Cabaret,Theater,music and raves
Vienna of Austro-Hungarian Last Days
with Freud,Hitler,Stalin,Trotsky drawn in-
Gustav Klimt,Egon Schiele,Wittgenstein
Even little villages defined by Blue Plate"What Has Been"
Lubbock for exiting musicians/Lamesa's Forrest Fest
Melbourne for its Cafes and Comedians
New York for it's relentless self-promotion
LA lays down for filmmakers and musicians
and Austin sparkles with eclectic cosmopolitan
contemporary adaptations...


Homeless,dispossessed,like us
we both have fires,we both have loss
Habitat is like that.Once gone
it (like us)will not return

I call(you do not croak
You cannot answer(you are gone
Fires Bastrop burned/yet even before
houses took yours

Call for you in the hope
you will hop up to our door
O tiny salamander litmus /test
our environmental readiness

Aquatic to terrestrial/
preyed upon/ in drought
When you are all gone
Are we next?


Watching Tai Chi in the park
a graceful dance (also a military tool
Enjoying skateboarders' modern movements
spray painting air with moving murals
Walkers in our neighbourhood
move with light and love /a dance!
Kinetics define our Universe
Like planets,stars,lovers,houses/we are moving

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


You prefer Wikipedia,i prefer Wiklileaks
i prefer email,you prefer Tweets
Your music videos are on Myspace
mine on YOUTUBE links
We both post on websites(and i have a blog!
I use FACEBOOK(which is something you avoid!
We both have basic cell phones(best they are not too SMART!
We both believe that life involves head as well as heart
and even if this list is only an individual start
Our preferences allow us to make life out of our art!

outside,dark/round hole in the sky

cold as a promise not kept
our little Texas style
winter is mild/as allergies
sneeze and it is gone
in comes Green Spring

yet for now(tonight
round hole in black sky
through which we move-

fool as a drunk
splashing cars
with borrowed light
and owl wise

if i could be that distant
i could fly

Draugiem,Odnoklassniki,Ozone,VKontakte,Zing Me,MySpace

One size does not fit all-
China has Renren and Tencent(which owns Ozone)
Google's Orkut works in India and Brazil
and failed Myspace was sold last year for a mere $35 million
The elephant in the room is seen as an octopus
while Yahoo!,Microsoft,Google and AOL bark at the Face
An IPO is only as good as our perception of marketing possibilities
FB is also cited for invasion of privacies- with invasive apps
that string folk together who may not wish to be so linked
Faces on FB may be historic/posthumous-eternal as plastic
There are holes within this virtual social fabric
Before it rips and tears apart/the art will be
reconciling hacker consciousness with HP


"Eternity sweeps around me like a sea"
"The Brain is deeper than the sea"
"Blue Sea!Wilt welcome me?"
"It is a Suffering to have a sea-
no care how Blue-between your Soul-and you"
Her mystic metaphoric sea is no Melville nor Conrad-
Rilke-"The world is large,but in us it is deep as the sea"
Claudel"the eye of the earth,its apparatus for looking @time"
"The beginning of man was salt sea"(Charles Olson)
"I must go down to the sea again"(Masefield)
Mythically ,in 2012,we have a filmic franchise(Pirates of the Caribbean)
Sea Resorts(Dolphin World/Sea World)
Cruise Ships floundering off Italy/getting nanoviruses near New Orleans
Plastic Sargasso Seas permanent as death
Depletion of fish stocks/dolphins grounding on beaches
Whales competing with nuclear submarines
Metaphor has failed with icebergs breaking/glaciers split
Polar bears drowning in Coca Cola promotions
Ill oceans,fish stocks belly up /destitute fisherfolk
Sea shanties used to sing of dragons,krakens,sea monsters
Now they petition United Nations to stop piracy/refugees
No sea is free.


Markets and territories are mobile.They change
with the media.Targeting demographics is an artform
Coupons and incentive marketing tie in with technology
to raise the adoption curve of innovative initiatives.
Augmented reality marketing uses small square codes
to open up images of relevant interests to potential consumers
Text messaging allegedly can"train thoughts and translate them to words"
Corporations now employ smartphone marketing
where to stay ahead of the curve,one links via apps and FACEBOOK
"by any means necessary".This is the present moment.
It may soon be both universal and instant.Virtually here..


@young flames,extinguished
when their range and random program
ran against the FORCE (which was not with them)
Now another is unseen MISSING
face upon a milk carton
strung out after curfew/crew all gone
when elders need be close and warm
protecting feral wolf cub children
World of walls to skateboard upon
Boombox and stereo graffiti
When they fall,only dirt will greet them
Elders out to lunch or leaving
Parties still burn fires raving
Drugs still stronger than our children
laws still cages with no freedom
Only elders sharing wisdom
can milk tears red angry burning
hug and heal with elder wisdom


Indigo Children texting Heaven
Dataflow quite evident/continuous
Virtual yet obvious to those
who grew among computers
All these children with their laptops
know another world to ours/so
they can access 24 hours/aware
they are hard wired/to a soft Matrix
Are we programed?Does it matter?
Ask the children-just GOOGLE them...


i was slinking on a beach when
saw a seashell holding oceans
held it up to my eyes-saw some sailors
ships with masts,schooners,yachts
Lots of people hear these things
(i can hear the deep seas sing)
4G sees a 3D IMAX/waves come in
then leave my ears again/eye
believe all history/is /accessible
when and if seashell orchestras
Marie Celeste to CHALLENGER
Titanic and her iceberg/all seen
when eye enters seashell dreams

KING ETZEL(Flagellum Dei)

Torture and cruelty to prisoners long preceded America
Waterboarding and its equivalents were practiced by the Medieval Church
Hanging,drawing,quartering a solid English custom
Yet still we compare all tyrants with Caligula and Attila The Hun
Romans knew the qualities of their adversaries-
Hannibal and his elephants/Celts and Visigoths
Decline starts when vassal states pay tribute(not much has changed-
Germany's enforced reparations post World War One
Greece's current debt crisis defying democracy
Is it the strategist who unites all disparate tribes
or the warrior who by sword and bow and fire scorches the earth beneath us?
Alexander the Great had Aristotle as a tutor
Attila the Hun had Roman strategists.Yet it was his warrior prowess that laid waste
and his strict cruelties that made legends of his name
Even now,we compare horrors and personalize them
Even now,we demonize Stalin,Hussein,Gaddafi,Mao,Assad
Yet none can compare-with Attila The Hun!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Stick to a Tyger in the Year of the Dragon

Israel has nuclear weapons.We have nuclear weapons.
We have used nuclear weapons (twice)on civilian targets
We have threatened to use them in Korea and on Cuba
We have tested them and supply weapons to many nations
Russia's supply of weapons to Syria's government is the moral equivalent
of our supplying weapons to the Libyan Resistance(now Government)
Gulf of Tonkin was a manufactured incident to provoke the Vietnam War
The (almost)sinking of an American spy ship by Israeli aircraft
was a false flag effort to blame Egypt and invade the Middle East
Nuclear-armed aircraft carriers hovering off Iran's coast is a provocation
We are at present disengaging from Iraq and Afghanistan
We cannot afford more wars.Nor can our proxy allies.
Withdraw before blood and treasure is wasted on unnecessary conflict
When you wave a stick at a tyger,you had best sharpen your other options.


Like the exchange of ideas-freshness of positions
Legalize marijuana(stop war on drugs
Withdraw from foreign wars(stop expensive invasions
Repeal Patriot Act(stop war on civilians
In this,similar to Dennis (Invisible)Kucinich
(once Presidential candidate,now sidelined by his own Party)
Libertarians disagree with many core Republican ideas
hence the coating of invisibility paint via mass media
and the exclusion from Presidential debates
People like individual articulation of divergent policies
and relate to someone who is both positive and consistent
They do not need racism,pro-Nazi propaganda,or hate
This is why one could only ever half vote for Dr Ron Paul
yet promote many of his ideas over the paucity of quality candidates..

ghost emails

i get Chinese junk emails
when i still send invitations to deceased
i wonder how best to leave FACEBOOK
with its intrusions into privacies
i cannot text(my phone is smarter than i am)
and even digital recording demands downloading
This is no antique elder cry of incompetence
I know these skills/i just want none of them
to live without reliance upon virtual
allows each golden moment to mean more
than futures,stock or IPOs.
The friends i talk with are Experience
I defer to them in their heart wisdom
They ,too are "working on their death chant"
I will be here when they awaken
Meanwhile,forward this to those
you love who are no chained email
This is a prayer so secular
every particle cries for freedom
This is more than mere petition
We have a world-may we actually live within...

"a window of opportunity"

between the drugs/that only lend
like pawnbrokers a temporary peace
she sharpens her bright mind and builds
an altar to creativities.One by rock and two by ashes
Three by smile,Four by friendship
Five by link ,Six via Kindness
Seventh Heaven while she is with us
Each page a mirror and a ghost.She knows
And in her Wisdom builds a boat
a song for one,an enchantress
And in this Viking Warrior Flame she builds
a Gathering Of Spirit Rocks
to honor All That Is Of Life
while she has windows clear to build it
And she will one day sail away
Spirit Rocks upon her seashore
We will sing ,and smile and say
"She Knew All This So Long Before"

powers larger than ours

aircraft carriers outside my door
hurling insults through the air
if they were flowers and not assassins
we could all be history
Ancient Persia(Cyrus The Great
Like Ancient Mesopotamia/Older Egypt
still had Hittites,Wars,Slaves
Still defended ancient borders
Where is the war that mothers want?
It is to love their children well
to raise them in the light of peace
so they might grow as tall as weeds
Who are these tiny swords of war?
Damocles Atomic Bomb
This is no Super Bowl Half Time
Our Little Lives Might Just Flash Out
find us in the ashes of palaces,weeping
All our children.All our treasure
Lost,alone,with no one singing.


Fukoshima leaves

Tokyo bombings
Firestorms /civilians
Just like Dresden was

Hiroshima first
Nagasaki followed Zen
Dead civilians

Stones,Zen,Rock Gardens
Memories live forever
More than all of us

Such a tiny land
You remember Pearl Harbor?
Now you may know why..

rinse cycle repeat

straining lines like spaghetti
in search of gold/sluicing rivers
for glow/salmon waterfalls

rise up to hooks/are we river?
hook?line?fish?are we
worth repeating?

if it may bear repeating
i hold you close as child
(we are all vulnerable)

each drop sings dawn
Light is rain made visible
(outside/under our common skin)

books i release like fish
unhook my eyes/so wilde
might reclaim itself

no one can claim innocence
Every one of us witnesses...

outside=drums,guns,giants,patriot missiles

inside-rain,gardens,full moon,smiles,cats,love season
outside-cold,homeless,OCCUPY evicted
inside-a quiet that affirms,a song with chorus
outside-media bashing alleged allies
inside-a gentleness of deeper dreaming
outside-arguments and ratings weapons
inside -a unity continuous and ripening
outside-soaked streets,dark knights,shadows

wearing the skin of my ancestors

there he was on a park bench
writing leafs/ giving them to trees
there she is -volunteering-she heals!
he plays violin/guitar like your very life depends upon it
she hosts graciously and listens deeply
(this rock can be moved if it is seen as pebbles
that accrue only through gravity/we are linked-
past/present/future-all dreams we wear
until the next skin grows over us
Then the forgetting moves in/we claim virginity
as if the present moment were an island
and we are its only survivors

i go to sleep.Draw the blankets up and sweat deep dreams.Refreshed,awakened,new to an older world.Same with friends-when they go crazed i leave hate behind and bequeath them to another i am no Crusader,nor a Saladin.i do not seek a revolution. sometimes,information is shared that changes everything- torture,abuse,assassinations.If i feel my only contribution is a line ,i will write them.If not,silence and meditations Others pray to gods(but i have none).The best i know are friends in whom i confide these defects and limitations.I trust them- their wisdom and kindnesses sustain.They are my Parliament Of Peers You number among them.I trust in your reception and activism What will you do when things get too much when context is out of touch when this mad world kicks in doors and evicts everyone? OCCUPY?

i go to sleep.Draw the blankets up
and sweat deep dreams.Refreshed,awakened,new
to an older world.Same with friends-when they go crazed
i leave hate behind and bequeath them to another
i am no Crusader,nor a Saladin.i do not seek a revolution.
sometimes,information is shared that changes everything-
torture,abuse,assassinations.If i feel my only contribution
is a line ,i will write them.If not,silence and meditations
Others pray to gods(but i have none).The best i know are friends
in whom i confide these defects and limitations.I trust them-
their wisdom and kindnesses sustain.They are my Parliament Of Peers
You number among them.I trust in your reception and activism
What will you do when things get too much
when context is out of touch
when this mad world kicks in doors
and evicts everyone?

why museums fail

dioramas and sketches are not useable life models
replications of village life do not rely upon seasonal hunts
when Eden Project tried to live within rainforest,it failed
Even libraries cast off old volumes for lack of shelf space
and Half Price Books fill dumpsters with your offerings
Unless and until we actually rely upon 78rpm shellac sound recordings
the professed superior qualities of CDs/MP3s/CDRs will be suspect
Those rich in cassettes and 8 tracks know a range of sounds
we hear differently via Napster and itunes
Modes affect manner.Context is all.A living culture is organic
built upon the blood and bones of ancestors
There will always be pirates!Council of Nicea burned texts alien to their dogma
Happily,some were stored in clay jars in caves/found in another age
who had to decipher both Aramaic and sheepskin
Watergate Tapes had 21 minutes missing.Forensics
could not revive that censorship.Dictators pride documents tortures
from Chile ,Germany,Russia,East Germany,Rwanda,Argentina,Greece
We need access to these.Redacted documents compound abuse.
Free speech requires Berrigans and Assanges to Wikileak truth
I want to read the Gospels of Mary Magdelene,Thomas and Judas
What if they were only ever released in selected cinemas-3D
or on iphone 4G?All these artifacts require universal historians
Sir Walter Raleigh was a pirate.He brought tobacco ...