may we all be heard
words are bells
let them ring!

Thom World Poet Austin, Texas, USA
Global Radical networker and activist for promoting the live Creative Arts,
at every possible opportunity, especially in his home-city, Austin, Texas, USA

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Green Man

A Light Rain/A Reign of Light
Spring will not be denied(i tried!
Green shoots in lines along tree bough
sends insurrections down the ranks
of waiting volunteers prepared to rise
against the reign of lawnmowers, fences, houses
Their anarchy is no surprise/the last time they died
was drought time/it lasted long and deep
the price of life was steep(we could not pay
so all our green children were all brown decay

Outside, i hear new birds gossiping/moving in
now they have green worms to live upon
Knowledge must be passed down generations
The price of ignorance is to be consumed young

Thin weeds are now triumphant pirates
bearded buccaneers swashbuckling bushes
They will not wait but rise in new revolt
at anything that limits revolution

Rain is accessory. She aids and abets.
Without water, all resistance would dry up
Love is lonely without another. All nature made of
and we were undercover white winters/now green
succulent Springs!
Thom World Poet

Picasso's period-emotional as music
Sky blue-impossible optimism/ contradicted by chemtrails/vapor trails
Sea blue-layers and levels of depths of truth
All babies' eyes are blue to begin
Theme in Blue-jazz composes us
Blue Danube-a river of Strauss
Blue Bayou-Roy Orbison lives here!
Blue Hawaii-Elvis turns color from black and white!
Blues Muse-turning Black and Blue into bruises
Violet Indigo Blue Green Yellow Orange Red
Hazy horizon separating blue sky from blue seas
Blue as the day s/he left. Bluer when s/he returned!
Blue Velvet-where images toxic /noxious bumblebee
suburbs grass
Blue Man Group-who is beneath? Why multiples
I am blue-Monet Blue-purples and pinks kiss me
You are blue-Magritte blue-apples and bowler hats
Blue as swimming pool David Hockney
Blue as Geoffrey Smart.Mirror sea blue
wave blue. Reflecting blue. How can you be blue?
So many ways to watch these waves of blue
Sit on the horizon and feel blue. Sky blue
Watch this apple world from space-it is a blue planet
The only one with potable water. It defines us
We are loved by blue. More than the man in the
Blue calls you to oceans, seas, rivers, pools
DIVE IN! You will become blue in time
Your time is blue!

i have half a mind to lapse in to nostalgia-
about the Golden Age of poetry
when everyone shared their words and thoughts and dreams and songs
and met at every available opport/unity
to make/create/renew associations older than time
This is you. Now. Yes! and we compound and spin
eccentric orbits
like privately funded space projects. We subsidize
If there is a way to add to and make new this moment
find us polishing our space capsules in preparation
for launch
Flow goes with us @all times
We are in process, in orbit and in flight
There is no point repeating choruses of past lies
The gift of present intention makes all right
(we will be here all night folks!-
this is only half a thought-the rest you get
once you express your response
to the possibility that we have only begun to
and dreams enter new/ each and every evening...

Each night,i cast
this web net for words
i bring in stars and one lump moon
a good night's catch! Reflections
of heavens above while on the surface
enough love to feed a family
Waves away and deeper, larger issues swim
They have been here before my expeditions
Sometimes, i snag upon them
I tear my nets and need repair
Hobble back to safer harbors
to meditate upon white moon whales
shark corporations, the cost of licenses
details that add up to less than what i started with
I shall set out again tonight. Stars are wise enough
to keep their distances, and moon don't mind if i
catch her
She thinks it is only optical illusion seas
reflecting on my waters what is so far beyond me
I let her go(of course)-mysteries so beautiful
are always catch-then release

your first is when you learn
how to create your own canoe
how water(steam)and fire blend
to make wood(bark)pliable to your will
next canoe is elemental-to water
where you trust your creation will float like Lotus
capable of sustaining your own life's weight
Third canoe floats as one
to seek sustenance and nurturing
Fourth is connection, when all you see is part of you
Fifth is when you bring it home to share
Sixth is when you exaggerate stories about your
Seventh when these stories /songs are repeated/amended
Eighth is when you hear them again ,and re-learn the
Art of Canoe
Ninth is when you change-design, purpose, aim,
Tenth is when you teach others how to make their
own canoe
Eleventh is your ghost canoe-all that lives beyond
your lifespan
floating in the lake like a Lotus, like an empty canoe

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