may we all be heard
words are bells
let them ring!

Thom World Poet Austin, Texas, USA
Global Radical networker and activist for promoting the live Creative Arts,
at every possible opportunity, especially in his home-city, Austin, Texas, USA

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the books are leaving

they are filing out the door.i am giving them away
they say"no body reads any more"
i have tried to reason with them-read as many as i can
but they are hard covered/adamant
they want to be in circulation
so i give them away at venues
trust that others will see their virtues
but they read their poems on iphones
and poetry is text to them
So i resort to reading
and then giving them away
Gifting is a name for poetry today!


When i first saw Goddess sculptures in Barcelona
i was puzzled at the smallness of them(to be held in your hand
to be carried like spirit rocks everywhere you travel
When it rained @Uluru,i was introduced to
the marriage of waterclouds and rock kiss/which
brought forth baby waterfalls,which fell into billabongs
where snakes loved to live/both in and out of water
Spirit Center of Australia,with indigenous living within
Spirit caves with initiation ochers on the rock walls within
Walk in to the rock/become a part of history
Walk around perambulating until the water calls/and the rocks call
and you are called /to Uluru/within you

when you fly into Tullamarine Airport(Melbourne,Victoria,Australia)

you land among trees and rocks ,close to Hanging Rock
which is famous for Joan Lindsay's PICNIC@HANGING ROCK
(a true story about a girl's school excursion where two girls went missing-
the film may be found at VULCAN VIDEO and NETFLIX
but the point of this story is this-those rocks are said to be
inhabited by the spirits of Aboriginal elders/in fact,they are elders
When you walk among them-preferably in foggy mornings
they stand tall as humans with frozen features.It is easy to get lost here
Time stops and slips dimensions.Fog covers cold kookaburra calls
Rocks call with caves within them/and you can visit there
to check the truth of this.There are portals in rock (like Uluru
where land spirits meet with rock and water spirits
and the sky is born again,and sometimes a sun comes forth..

happiness(my DEFAULT OPTION

Digital language/text-based poesie
Human actions/programmed/easily
Indoctrination/mas hypnotism/hysteria
Rimbaud had contempt /Goethe butterfly
Happiness is my default option at all times

In the cupboard,i hoard emotions-
memories glass shining sparkle
laughter,goodwill,fine company
treasures held of museum quality
Cupboard of my cage heart,my sky mind

Birds outside sing within
we are bridges building

small victories

most i know are ones.or zeros.non-digital.REAL.
invisible to most,yet still as pond present
awaiting frogs as litmus for environment
each so unique i cry for beauty
when ghost,i still send emails
we weave dolphin waves between us
signalling happinesses/solo.solitary

When,in the high grass,we do not see
or in a tree,branches obscuring(birds
it is the song that thrills ears.Sight of which animates
To build a song inside skin feathers
to write wind and wave upon a page
Radio waves.We wave back.
Small victories!

on the last day of 2011

i walked outside in to the sun
accepted the gift of pink skin
sat in my garden where green tentatives
curled leaves towards the same golden
watched my feral cat run crazed with catnip
then sleep in the same sunshine shadows
as night drew near,to our local Tea Rooms
where poetry and music cleared the Year
into the New

"to a hammer,everything looks like a nail"

1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental or brain disorders
46% meet the criteria for mental illness at some time in their life
Stress and emotionality often trigger unhelpful responses
In an age of universal surveillance,treatment is often punitive
A 21 year old woman stripped and acted out,and was shot by APD
Schoolchildren prescribed RITALIN,elders on AMBIEN
Chemical combinations have severe side effects
There are few options in prison.Prescription drugs are given
to 26.5 million adults-1 in every 9 adult citizens.
1 in 20 have depression so severe it disrupts lives.
Proliferation of psychotherapists couples with new mental illness diagnoses
"Personality disorders"used to include homosexuality
There are now three times the number of disorders listed since 1952
Are we as a nation three times as crazed?Or over medicated and overanalyzed?
"Crazy"is both a political and economic term.Rich folk are"eccentric"
Diagnoses such as"narcissistic personality disorder"are being abolished
even when current crops of politicians reveal many of the symptoms
If you can live your life sans pills and potions,count yourself lucky(and sane..enough)


Two rules that rule our lives may be bent (if not broken
Time shifts according to where and when you were watching
Light years used to assume nothing moved faster
Whether white dwarfs or black holes-it matters!
Once bright shining stars end up white dwarfs
(our only sun will only run 7 billion years)
"Graybeard"white dwarfs use hydrogen plasma to absorb light
To make a "little star"X-rays ionize gas cells to leave spectra evidence
Replication in a miniature way allows giant leaps of understanding
The only limit is our versions of time-and space!
40 trillionth of a second.You missed it!Fast light changes time
A hole created when an event can take place.Like synapses in the brain.
Like Alzheimer's .Like subliminal messages.Like no longer trusting images
Like Photoshopping the Universe.Like Special Effects.Like the movie of our lives
Like-the Invisible Man.Like,analogy,man!


The sharing and accretion of mysteries via text
The location of owners onsite ,singular or collective
A "book"is a recognizable cultural artifact
It is not an e-book,nor a digital download
which plunder texts for new modes of reception
There is a physical pleasure in holding a book
as well as the eye's perusal of each turned page
This process is called "reading"-it is not mere "textual analysis"
Time is slow in an independent bookstore
Old habits return-browsing,seeking"free"books,just skimming shelves
finding authors and novels you had forgotten,or never read.
This accretion takes less money than an investment
in time and attention.You get what you give.
Volunteers often support such enterprises as books are slower than rent
Before such adventures become antique and the stuff of Legend
visit an independent bookstore now.Invest yourself
in cultural interdependence

A response to this article.

Monday, January 30, 2012

"the days run away like wild horses over the hills"

just yesterday it was January ,2012
whether we run out of time(we will run out of time
January is gone.kaput!finito!hasta la vista ,baby!
only little February for love.Race through red heart supermarkets fast!
Buy a calendar while they last.Before the blast of conjured wars
Start peace.A Million Musicians March -March 17.Noon @the Capitol
Conscript all cats to claw against the dogs of war.February 4
Cat Tales /Salado we will go-to share the fun and fur
then love on Saturday night Feb 7-LOVE POEMS ONLY! with delight
whether Mayans ,Incans,Aztec,Toltecs,Hopi
have no more time.Our time is up.Get together
before the Beatles break up.All You Need Is Love


another false god.Abraham slaying his only son
\what sort of a parent offers up first-born?
conscripted for foreign wars,coming home with PTSD
angry @our world of wars/in conflict/with disease
and then told to tithe for more
churches who still bless war(and warriors
more false gods than true(the war it is on you
Where is the Goddess Peace?She who bangs her pots and pans
on streets(Mothers of the Disappeared)/Women In Pink/
Women in Black-those who mourn and ululate
when their very flesh is torn apart in Syria,Afghanistan/'Palestine,Iraq
whose children are imprisoned for a weed
whose need to love so huge they lay down their only body
in these streets-to OCCUPY for democracy
where is the god protecting such as they?
who stay in Oakland while abused by police
who exemplify responsible authority
self-discipline is a golden key
to unlock the cages of Guantanamo
set free Bradley Manning
Cease tasering/waterboarding
Support doves of peace over hawks of wars
Where are the brave gods defending these?
i guess it has to be we...

i eat a chicken,i eat an egg

these chickens were caged all their lives
like school children,like workers
like cattle prodded,like vegetables (packed
like we in boxes-homes,offices
like Pete Seeger songs in cardboard packaging
all things come in plastic /wrapping /packaging
cages for prisoners/solitary confinement
what we do to animals in a zoo
we do to those we call criminal-
(and do not even mention "terrorists")
this is the key to unlock caged birds=
no more cages!


i live in i go to the DOCTOR.
he prescribes PILLS-so i take them.
then i take the dog for a walk.
the dog does not have to take pills.the dog is no pain.
i think the DOCTOR is a GOD
i take GOD for a walk.i take more pills
GOD IS A DOG.i take more pills
the dog takes pills for a god
dog gone pills!i take more dogs.
the pill is a dog.i am god.i take the doctor for a walk
we dog pills.the pills are GOD!i am a dog
i take the dog to god.god dog pills
GOD! these pills are GOOD!

stolen from CARMEL BIRD's "DR GOD"

a body of work

after you leave your only body
you may leave behind a body of work
artists may have stacked images/sculptors a studio full of half-rocks
poets piles of scrawlings and scribblings/musicians scores/film-makers digital deletions
we all leave DNA.Memories.Relationships.Attachments.Philosophies
all contradicted via our not being here to defend them.
i think of those on the lip of forthcoming silences
how they frantically make more before their capacities diminish
Think Dickens,Beethoven,Eastwood,Godard,Romana,Williams,Nelson
how our little lives are not defined by what we leave behind
more by who we are while we are living.
When Hendrix died,i gave away his records.
When Susan Bright and Deb Akers left,i am still giving away their heritage
There is only one request in this.More than bequesting,please..


i apologize.i am not on email
so i cannot read your reply.i have no phone
i am living where i can-in the Green Belt(despite Park Police
with friends in the Enchanted forest.i used to sleep(like Jewel)in my car
when i had i carry my world with me
and public are my facilities.if wars are brewing
i only know by police.if headlines scream
i only hear sirens(EMERGENCY!
if i have neither paper,nor pen,access to computer
(libraries refuse those with no other home
may this be my epistle.
before i can share"we",i must find you
i hear you are ill-is it allergies,still?
or more limiting mobilities/modalities
Much is made of less.Bless everyone!
Thank you for listening.

SENSE OF FLYING(for Espen Fadnes)

"In my dreams,i visualize flying.I am not wearing anything.
The sensation is the same as the actual base jumping"
"Fear comes most on level ground.Walking up the mountain allows one
to re-assess every thing."Before i jump,i am terrified"(E.F)
Plan your life's journey?As if you were jumping off mountains
with only a winged suit,a camera,a parachute between you and rocks beneath?
I have been in an ultralight only 300 feet above the ground
and fear propelled my Icarus descent.Wingmen leap off buildings
for TRANSFORMER movies/off mountaintops for meditations
Such faith empowered via technology(and practice)
Since time began,we have made wings .To be birds.
To defeat all gravity(temporarily).We glide,parasail,parachute,leap-
in trust that winds will hold us.Just like faith Sometimes they do.


She is rich in spirit.She is rich in rocks
Spirit rocks-gathered from beaches,wells,Caves,coves-
Sacred Spaces embedded in an Art Of Rock
Where Gaia(Our Great Rock Sculptor
made Anew each time a rock dropped
in to our attention span.See them striped by the side of waves
Find them on the floor of Merlin's Cave
Reach out and take (so they can be saved-
from Glastonbury,Cornwall,Australia,Yorkshire
Deposited with She Who Sings Through Spirit Stones
For now they lay like penitents outside her door
Her Spirit is moving soon-so her hands
carefully wash the stones clean and clear
as she remembers each story of giving,sharing,laughing
where each stone came from(from which friend
for she will ask(when her spirit departs-that each deposit both her ashes
and their chosen stone in some Space Sacred To Them
so she might be with friends,family,Gaia,among Mother Earth
as each stone once was.So we all will be.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Magnets are we-attuned to certain elements-sea,wind,wave
Repetition,regularity,ritual.So we pilgrim our way
to places familiar-spaces where we can be fully alive!
I like to sit under waterfalls-in Texas @Hamilton Pool/Krauss Springs
in Queensland National Rainforests/Parks and Sanctuaries
To hear birds sing thin clear melodies to each other
within a green canopy filtering all light is pure delight
While you attune to waves and wind and tides,moon and stars and night
We both like sunlight-that solar flare that warms our warring world
and keeps our days apart.Beaches are fine both windswept and tranquil
Stones and tide and sands are neutral to our presence
They have their own magic to share.Which is why we come to them
rather than wait for tides to rise in global warnings
Cornwall calls you.Red blood fire waters circulate inside your art.
From space,we are a blue planet.Waters define us
We carry water in this Age of Dragons and Aquarius.


Lions,Tigers,Elephants-when the Circus came to our town
Each cage held a Fierce Creature.Only the elephants were outside-
chained but softly chewing hay,watching with their huge eyes
as we stared at their tusks and ears and trunks and bulk.
Size matters!(we would not pay to see a flea circus
You are so large you were adopted by Republicans!
Plato alluded to you.Apparently small you were in Atlantis-
and your Gigantic Strength has been harvesting forests
and carting trees and armies(a la Hannibal)eternally.
When Tsunami hit-you knew before the birds
You refused orders(you are not suicidal)and moved to higher ground.
You are still shot for your ivory-yet treasured in foreign zoos and circuses
Like humans,you can only be partially trained.When the wilde wild whispers
you can still run rampant through city streets,to be tranquillized or shot by police
Generally,the myth of elephant stampedes is old as Tarzan movies stock footage
You are tranquil,calm,plodding,caring for your young,seeking grass and waterholes
Your long elephant life and long elephant memory is stock for many poems
You are more than this.I set you free.Thank you for this meditation.

i gave you a slim thin book

for a slim thin man
who writes slim thin poems
as he slips through time and towns
it was an Austin author(MARION WINIK)
she is valued in this town
it was to connect you to the Zeitgeist of our times-
so you might see and sing
what seems important to those beings
who visit Austin (or who stay to live
You see,as witnesses,we are participants-
Tourists,poets,temporary citizens
and we daub computer screens with virtual ink stories
of the passing of our days and nights
Others have before us/more will afterwards
while we are here(wherever we are
we use our senses to understand
what it is we are saying to each other
This is the WHY.You have the HOW
Your works will echo when you throw new water into the stone
and watch the stones dance on the waters
of Ladybird Lake

open.lost .love

(English Tea Rooms Off Manchaca Saturday nights 6-9pm
in the middle of poetry .a most sensitive poem=
HAS ANYONE SEEN MY DOG? Cage open,back door open,dog gone
so we prowl South Austin seeking this small dog.No show
So we continue singing in circle and chanting with smiles
until a man comes to the door with a small dog held close
and two shock waves roll through our artist-one lost,other found
She who sees all life as art,and is protected by vibes of love and service
has her unconditional love unit restored-so we sing some more!
He fell in love with her in Jordan.
He followed her to Texas when she married someone else
Two children later,a divorce(he has been supporting her all this time
She finds a boyfriend(not Hassan).His heart breaks
He asks her to give him one day so he can make her happy
She prays and says "10".What does this mean?(he asks-
10 minutes 10 hours 10 days 10 weeks 10 years?
Nothing !His heart breaks.He flies back to Jordan.
She drives him to the airport
BOOMERANG'S PIES(Australia Day,2012
For 2o years,a Tent Embassy in Canberra
has politely occupied public space
requesting recognition of Aboriginal Land Rights
Next door @a white restaurant,white police push our Prime Minister roughly away
from a peaceful demonstration shouting SHAME!
Who owns language?Who owns land?
"Terrorists!""Land Rights!""SHAME!"
I could not stand and watch the Bouncy Castles,Four-X,Fosters ,Pies,Flags
misrepresent our shared land.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Heteriae were equals in slave Greece-
those who slept with power woke up with more
With every tragic Hamlet we get a Lady MacBeth
Every Cherie Blair a Margaret Thatcher
Even now,Indira Ghandi ,Imelda Marcos
Few in their own right hold the atom bomb red button
Hilary is resigning.Bachman backed down.
Madame Mao made of sterner stuff.
LadyBird tolerating LBJ's infidelities
Anita covering for Perry's powderpuffs
Adulterers and affairs dictate Washington's bedroom politics
That blue dress with semen stains."I did not have sex with that woman"
Gingrich's open marriage with his Contract On America
Mormons family businesses.Cain's pizza multiple deliveries.
Perhaps media influence as commentators is all women gain
as journalists,TV hosts ,wives,lovers,parents and grandmothers
Multiple roles as secondary sources.Witnesses @the assassinations.
With more character than their tragic Caesarean figureheads blown off in CIA Dallas streets

O Rings

when,for a moon base,we resurrect space
shuttles and seek outer orbits with manned craft
we will need to know how reliable our hardware is
and our probabilities of failure.Zero tolerance for booster shots
of rhetoric and public relations confidence.Tests within atmospheres
are not projections for zero gravity,and we become obsolete
the more we project false optimism for future failures
CHALLENGER was a manned example of hubris.
Many unmanned rockets before had failed-yet we
believed more than tested every part for wear and tearing.
This will happen again.The fault is optimism over examination.
Any war needs both the confidence of leaders
and the professionalism of engineers.Flight data is not political.
Success may not mean you are free from defects
It just means they have not killed you yet

A response to Feynman's Appendix to the Rogers Commission Report on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident:

KABIR 2012

You are watching.Our world seems fresh
To your eyes,every day is new.There are flowers,gardens,dust,death
Spans of people pointing to significance.Clay pots carrying water
Temples for worshiping.Streets for observing.You are in this world(not of it
Now those lines of praise and song of heightened understanding start to flow
You seize upon epiphanies like Ganges water flow
trusting in the steps of those who walked these paths before you
aware that all life opens like a map when your eyes are open
closes like a flower when Light has gone.All paths migration
All steps a song.Kabir is here best when your life is his
choices made in voices singing in flesh/of praise for life
is more than Ganges and immersion in mysteries-
a garden you pass through,perfumed or dust boned
Everywhere (to Kabir)is home.


There is a cat on the moon-if you look up ! tonight you can see her
She has been there since before the dawn of time-few actually see her
Some see Selene,some a rabbit,some a man on the moon
Some say a flag was planted in a Houston TV studio
But you can still hear that cat miaow some nights
when the stars are cold as ice and the moon is otherwise silent
Her call sends signals to the once Speaker of our House
to send a rescue mission to the moon-to set up a moon base
so all the lost and lonely moon cats may be saved
That is why he wants to spend billions of your taxes today
So little pussies might be able to play.

"and so it glows"

my life was born inside a book
my spine a paperback /flexible
my taste /emancipated/populist

my father's world was World War 2
My grand father World War One
My adolescence Vietnam(writing begun

to speak to ears and eyes was prime
to hear the Zeitgeist of my times-
Beatles,Who,Rolling Stones

poem became lyric beget song
adolescence beget friendships beget love
combinations random individual

the books i ate became my diet
books i made food for others
buffet,banquet,fast food,feast

now time has gone for some i knew
their books forgotten/my new view
is to treat every last line as my first

before us(indigenous

no virgin earth(nor water,dream,idea
more a song remembered from another language
filtered languages,metaphors-a moon base
speaking Chinese.Kashmiri Bollywood
Borders guarded.Flag on the moon
One man cuts/another throws bones into space
Arks on Mt Ararat.Spanish Armadas.Dunkirk
Flotillas of Ferries on Australia Day.
Seas will sink each /all/every in drowning time
same as air downs all planes /earth all bodies
We are prisoners like dogs invisible fences
prohibit us from menial murders/massed,we master!
Armies of fear will boot moon rocks into submission
Orbits of flags tossed like bullets and bombs
If you have one original idea-speak now!
Before the repeats clog all retro
and the past rises tidal
silence over speech

the sea in 2012

is not a 19th century pirate sea-no sailing ships
apart from privitized yachts
Historic as harbors and calligraphy
telegrams,Morse Code and Titanic steamships
the sea we know is Sargasso Plastic

the earth we walk in 2012
is not the Crusades,nor jihad
more random explosions in emergent countries
civilians flower bombs in Public Squares
Our earth is mass graveyards

the air we breathe in 2012
car exhausted,jet engines,factory smoke
toxic chemical cancers creating art attacks
you can paint with the air your lungs
Recycled,retired,restless hurricanes

the fire Chenobyl,Fukoshima,Siberia,Dresden
Billion times brighter than decaying suns
Split atoms like families /burn bones radiation
The fire next time is tomorrow

Thursday, January 26, 2012

WE ARE 99%(though sometimes it seems like 1%

the glue that holds all communities together
like invisible Akashic Records libraruans,we record
the counting of dewdrops in deserts/spark lightning skies
slashed by storms .Floods that carry pasts away
Drought hearts in emotional barrenness.Seasonal,we gather
to share each daily story.Our lives embedded in every line
Her feet,his back,her hip replacement.Her husband's operation,his humor-
each night a chat and chew to affirm that which links us
to each other and ourselves.This is a little mirror for you to hold
It catches sunlight by day ,moon via night.Sometimes stars and satellites.
Light that enters becomes lines of songs /poems,pilgrimages,journeys,sojourns
When you leave here,you carry others' lives with you
They ride on your back/in your mind and heart
Hitch hikers of happiness.Hold them close.They are all that unites us tonight
They cannot divide us.We are indivisible.Atoms in sway
Structures of our uni/verse .Angels dancing on Damoclean swordplay

ROCK BUNS(there is a story in every one

Every Saturday night,we have poetry and music
@Full English Cafe 6-9pm in deep South Austin
They also make astonishing rock buns-
fresh as life,tasty as happiness.So i go
on a pilgrimage for my belly shakra-
for did not Buddha get a belly from ingestion of comestibles?
Alas!Hassan the Jordanian rock bun cooking genius
is leaving-he has ceased production.No rock buns!
So i petition him-he who is on a deadline
to Jordanian medical treatment for cancer
Interrogate him as to his rockbun activities
offer to buy his stock.He relents.Goes to the bank
and then makes a perfect set of rock buns.His last in Austin.
His cancer may be cured in Jordan by the time you hear this poem
It may not.His art of cooking English food may be his only memorial.
This adds a certain spice-a fragrance-a zest-a poignancy
"We do not know the day ,nor the hour.."Make your best buns now!


Daintree Rainforest (Far North Queensland)
i had left the Youth Hostel for a walk on a thin trail
Canopy of tall trees covering me.Birdcalls slicing green air.
Chills on the back of my neck.I am being watched!
I say to myself how few animals are human sized-
few kangaroos,pythons,predators.My species rules!
Yet still this feeling..I turn my head ..slowly..gently
See the colored topknot of a six foot tall cassowary behind me
Get that electric feeling of red light danger-their Stone Age beak
can splice a spine to pieces,especially when defending their nests
I retreat from Iraq/Afghanistan,knowing this is not my habitat
Slowly retrace my steps pre-invasion.Seek peace
and a cup of tea,having gained a true story,with no lives lost in the telling..


We are already connected via being human and being here (alive,now)
The level of connections vary according to desire,opportunity and access
No one can sustain huge numbers of deep intimate friendships
Nor do we wish endless shallow acquaintanceships
Robin Dunbar posits 150 as the optimum relationship number-
in order to adequately meet the needs of more than "Facebook friends"
Brian Uzzi researched Broadway shows to see why so many flopped-
the truth was in association-a mixture of relationships is most productive
Tithing for an"interesting person "fund allows effective expansion of friendships-
supporting with "small gifts"those with whom you feel affinity
Billions of us have yet to meet each other.We probably never will.
Whether "Looking for Mr Goodbar"or seeking Angel Funding for a startup-
virtual links mean less than introduced third parties.Data sharing means less
than friendship sharing-common interests are best.And you have yet to meet the rest
of our human family...


This meditation was not MADE IN CHINA
It is imported-Western ideas(Shanghai/Boxer Rebellion)
Individualism,State Capitalism,corruption
entering our food chain /seized @entry ports.
Lenovo knockoffs,code theft and hacking
Burning counterfeit Gucci DVDs like St Joan
Still Communist(in one Party rule)-with worker revolts
slave labor factories,natural disasters(floods,earthquakes)
artists and writers imprisoned for seeking freedom.
Ask Tibet and Nepal about this Year of The Dragon!
Ask students about Tiennaman Square
Ask about overpopulation and the "One Child "Policy
Learn Mandarin.The Dragons are -hear?

red bird outside my window

her thin branch a pecking space
where she might see green worlds
from winged heights,and dive
upon breakfast growing in our grass

she returns with no guarantee
interpretation a mystery
ascribing meaning to what repeats
gives unknown dimensions

enough to open the gift of joy
that birds imply and employ
we were winged once,now we see
red birds on a thin green tree

all sky defined by one such
makes more out of much


To Kathryn

You went to India by choice-or were you called?
You stood in the steps of Kabir and other poets passed
( a poet in this choice/poetry calling you-two paths
first that which once was-the other what is now)
Both call to you as if your meal is only half way through
A feast of meditations compressed in time/you digest
and wish for more/yet you return to your other pilgrimage-
this world of skyscrapers and jet planes,speed and shallowness
This is also a path.Your feet walk in the steps of poets
You become India.You become poetry.People ask you-
why ?and how?You smile over distances and merge into silence
That which has touched you here claims you
That which you touched and returned returns to you
You become two paths.Both true

You have chosen to celebrate.You have chosen a circle

Twenty cycles round one sun have expanded your orbit
even as fragility and humanity define your tendril vines
that reach out and welcome each,every and all
to join to the extent of their personal dance.
A circle is eternal.We are mortal
Celebration requires a reason.We are intrinsic bliss
It is in the defining of choices that we grow best
Spiritual discrimination self-selects comm/unity
Each time we gather-a new WE is reborn
with a smiling joy intrinsic to our choices.
This is why we return-our orbits link
with every sentient who loves,feels and thinks
that celebration is intrinsic,and circles last
as long as reason,purpose and clear intention link!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

work in progress

last night,i went to OCCUPY AUSTIN
it was to meet with OCCUPY SXSW
to ask if we could collaborate and co-operate
Saturday March 17,2012 at noon will see poets ,musicians and speakers
addressing those who publically wish peace
before dancing through the SXSW streets
to City Hall where more musicians will sing
ringing in peace in the area and for that time
Iraq may be over but Afghanistan rages
Explosions are failed conversations
Melodies and harmonies petition peaceful consciousness
So we asked,and OCCUPY agreed
to join together March 17.This is vital/as the steps of City Hall
are largely filled with homeless(some came to the meeting/some slept)
Marches and demonstrations issue forth daily from this spot
Involvement is high and hopes rise like kites.Each moment of peace
is stolen from war machines.We cannot afford more wars.
More peace,please!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Plotinus 2012

The Empire Receptor-can we clip that out?
Red Anger Switch-inflames blood pressure-that can go
Chills on the neck when danger looms?(we don't need that!
And who needs an appendix,a third eye,philogiston or a pineal gland?
Nazi experimentation on human skin lampshades
and grafting of organs can now be applied
Once the capacity is there,the need will be found
Remember when microchips were only for lost cats and stray dogs?
Now they trace migration patterns in herds of humans!
Alzheimers patients families appreciate such applications
and cloning can now produce a controlled work force.
China(and India's) one child policy produces male children
Instead of killing off the females,we can genetically treat women
so the planet can survive over-population.All is possible!
As for medical ethics,religion,moral issues-
what would you say to the starving?The poor?
Those volunteering for experimentation right now?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Breughal's Icarus

ignored by ploughman,shepherd,mariner
falls into a wider sea than his fame
Framed,his flight meant more in failure than in Light
Our wings are metal.We have power thrust
We would leave both Wright Brothers and Icarus in the dust
Our skies are full of triumph,buses,wings and vapor trails
Our carbon emissions threaten our Great Whales
Yet who among us dare say that we have failed?
Only those who drink our kerosine pollution tales..
Poetry once had power to clear the air.
We could trust its declarations.Antidotes to Despair
No word is new now,and abuse professional
sees advertising used by priests and politicians
Speechwriters steal the cadence of Churchill's Cicero song
Lulled into country and western -we sing along
Then realize we are on our own.Sans words.Sans poem.

free agencies

by will and temporarily aligned
all domination/possession/chains/shackles of time
slip off like clothes in a consenting bed
Energies aligned make beauty more than body/mind
Twin snakes DNA sing dolphin waves
Sport and play/create ways round wrecks
make new where experience fails to impress
There is a path in innocence-trust allows us
to shine lights in darkness/animate others' eyes
so we might see more than caves and pools,waves and tides
River sea ocean deepening-mutual /evolving/involving
More than one in this bliss.Be.Free.Opening.

scito se

Modes of inquiry may seem Socratic
Faith resides in random data
religions exist with/out evidence
persist by faith alone/lists of unanswered
fill philosophies/theologies/mythologies
Aristotle and the Stoics persist in suffering
Modernists Dawkins/Hitchens still seek Enlightenment values
Thomas Hobbes calls our lives"nasty,brutish,short"
Immanuel Kant Critiques Pure Reason as fallible
Tolstoy,Conrad,Proust,Hardy cede Fate over Will
Nietzsche posits Will as Superman(Hitler/Wagner)
Marcus Aurelius Meditates on Self as Cosmos
Sabrina Spielrein saw World as Will and Idea
Underneath Rational,Eros and Thanatos Battle
Underneath Freud and Jung ,we persist
rejecting responsibility for our human condition
making Chaos a Theory,seeking Harmonic Convergence
It is less our image than who we really are
that makes two Great Wars and endless little arguments

progress in process/process in progress

ideas elemental evolve and adapt
to circumstances like suits of clothes we wear out
until their colors are no longer fashionable
and angels dancing on the heads of pins
or trees falling in a foreign forest
become poetic metaphors and analogies
rather than theories and hypotheses
you can build your house upon
Even the foundations are suspect-
time and space do more than curve
they change according to where you are right now
Gravity inverts in space,black holes are reversible
and every visual clue as to atomic theory is cartoon
Evidence accrues and negates every building block
Demolition orders are out upon the lot!

Hopi,Incan,Aztec,Mayan pre-calendars

before extrapolation of numbers,sequence
long before Julian and Augustan
pre Hopi,Incan,Aztec,Mayan
fire,cave,spear hunt,river fish
harvest rises with accidental seed
astrologers link to patterns they see in stars
same patterns ,same names=ours
projection is belief .Throwing stones into glass futures
To end a series may be metaphor
Continuance is DNA sequence(growth,decline,repeat)
Before and after our "three score years and ten"
there will be cycles,seasons,harvests,orbits
Sun and moon will still reflect on larger maps
Our little lights may dim in Ice Age (repeats
or poles reversed).All is mapped.


i am not empty
i am dynamic
much in me-comets,meteors,asteroids
stars,planets-whole galaxies&constellations
there are even black holes
with immense gravity
white holes without edges
laughing with levity
rainbow spectra seen in Hubble's Telescope
all moving in are in me
as i am part of you-elemental
illusion of astronomical observatories-
Rush of orbits and crunched timeslips
dimensional warp woofs webs
Connections before and after us
rush fast past us to catch up
we have to start painting.Fill in the dots.
You cannot..

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Ben Jonson would suggest public publishing(as he did for W.S)
Christopher Marlow /Thomas Kyd/Phillip Massinger =create a tragic theater
When you are one actor among so many poets and playwrights
Fame's fickle flicker flashes fast past effulgence
until another age can edit ,bowlderise ,select
that which will constitute our literary canon.Know this-
much will go unpublished,more will be collaborations,unfinished
Fashion will select the slight as solid and dark matters avoid
Issues of the age may resonate beyond both page and stage
Quotable lines assist(as they did as couplets @the end of scenes
Variety-from history,tragedy,comedy to bawdy /all assists
an audience of eyes from future coupled to your laughing pits.
Why has there never been another?What makes one unique?
Is it that to all ages ,issues,times s/he speaks?Poetry alone
"makes nothing happen"-yet when iambic pentameters strut and puff
through characters recognizable to all of us-delights!(and fat box office
Adaptations assist rebirth of wonder.Our age less tragic than all others
It is the play in which we will capture "the conscience of a king"...

(See review of new biography of Jonson.)

Friday, January 20, 2012

i go out to find my face(CAMPBELL)

you have my ears/yet on the lip of grave
countenance/ask me if i would countenance
what is happening to both of us.OSCAR WILDE?
My mirror lies.An arbitrary age confines/
as (in decline)GIBBONS-we devolve like DANTE
Whether there were many ARTHURS or HOMERS
Jose and George and Ray and Milton were blind
the rest are metaphors/flash fiction.Our task
means more than survival/revival.Our daily MINOTAUR
hides in LABYRINTH.Folk tales and songs
are on the track and trace /but they are PLATO's CAVE.
Light flickers campfire-eye ear radio(community
There is uncertainty.All our heroes have holes.
Banning cameras and recorders is as old
as banning texting/talking in empty cinemas
When i awaken,it will be to re-assemble
whatever forensics will piecemeal Paradise
It was here in your reflections AUGUSTINE
or was that THOMAS AQUINAS?


My dreams are Gaelic/Celtic
yet when i return to Ireland-it is country/western
My old country had 300 Aboriginal (pre-us)-now barely 65
Pure blood tongue so hard to find-stories lost in the stream
I wake up sweating in American-Guanatanamo,Bagram ,waterboarding
Acronyms haunt -TSA,CIA,FBI,APD,AISD,FCC
I know there are alphabets i will never know
stories ancestors repeated long ago
so we would never forget Odysseys ,Great Wars,Armistice
Circles resurrect as in water with a haiku stone dropped
(Japanese printed occupation money/tortured my fathers)
(Turks machinegunned my grand fathers @Gallipoli)
(when i speak Vietnamese,it means restaurants,not conscription)
Tongues rattle dialects impelling flames and Buddha
Tibet chants(never in Chinese).Voices still calling-
to learn i must re-learn-ask questions of my dreaming
This is why i go to Libraries,sit with elders
ask them what this means!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


i cut a hole in the past
dip a line in to catch a truth
silver or gold/it will feed me
so long as my hook eye holds
and my arms can embrace

first fish is fact-several witnesses
all saw Rashomon with The Usual Suspects
Comic heroes paper over our failures
Finding evil in others(but not your self!

junk fish come-carp,quarreling,anger,fear
(conflict means they are not good food)
i throw them back with Bukowski and Poe
Await vitalities like Villon /Mallarme

Confused fish suicide on my beaches
Whale Ginsberg(regret)wanting to be

records those few sacrificial fish who smiled-
Rumi,Kabir,Lalla-fish of Light
whose sliced lines gave us all freedom
expanding the hole we all fish within

Now an ocean-many species extinct-
Raw prawns,detritus-we become history.

time in the river

Styx damned for Ferrymen
(free for ladies on Tuesdays!
shrimp gentlemen(stake on plates
for skimpy dancers to stay fattened
Shadows make Light a color
she is brown and barely legal
(half our world pays to watch the other half-
she has a child.Absinthe father
Cry in your bear,boys
Breasts of young mothers
Thick muscle warder bouncers
supply the walls that money can buy
Car park of despairing second hand owners
Stretch debt limos Saturday nights
Here is where the man becomes a boy
Dilute the water/inflate the prices
He will not remember if she drank
his empty wallet morning hangs over..

un dress code

logical tygers burn brightest
when corresponding emotions
shake the superflux to them
compass souls dictate directions
only via alignment with True North
Southerners,casual as sex,piece rate work
@ a hospitality slavery Civil War Antebellum rapprochement
(you pay @nudist colonies-you get paid to dress as models..
In Pigalle,she emerged naked/took 5 minutes to dress
In Amsterdam,the afternoon revue drooped/laughed
(absurdity of work/like Bangkok dancers
paid for undress-and Manila(same process
Fairer sex wears power dress red
Alarms go off when divergence in play
enters the outworkers..

"First the execution-then the sentence"(said the Red Queen

Adaptation of antiquated philosophies to new data fails
Preserving illusions of "democracy"in the Security State fails
Universal surveillance and universal data management are the New Facts
If knowledge is power,it might explain why KGB's Andropov &Putin ruled
and a Bush dynasty started with Elder Bush's CIA career
and why Wikileaks and Bradley Manning pose serious threats to the status quo
Classical Marxism no longer exists-Russia &China corrupted via crony capitalism
State Socialism subsidies diluted by budget austerities
New World Order priorities link minority elites internationally
leaving the 99% on the streets to ineffectively protest
Middle classes are passe-certain skills are valued differentially
while old occupations become the new impoverished "working" poor class
Startups and venture capital fund enterprises for a few entrepreneurs-
the rest trade skills for survival.Meet McDonalds managers(in every continent!)
Our conundrum remains inequality.Confiscation fails.Revolutions fail.
Gated communities hide wealth creators and storers guarded and armed.
Unless and until new marketable commodities and skills are shared at large
we will still be looking at the gap between
obselete political philosophies and current economic realities.


When that Irish singer of the Boomtown Rats
organized the first LIVE AID-i watched the entire broadcast
It was based upon the good intentions of the CONCERT FOR BANGLA DESH
with 60's luminaries collaborating for a worthy cause.Update to BAND AID
with 80s stars imitating 60s stars recycling ancient hits for a good cause
and elephant graveyards start to look like dinosaurs dancing in the streets
Mick Jagger failed in his solo career,and his Glimmer Twin likewise
Only the residual Rolling Stones bones could flesh out live shows
that folk would actually pay for.(i saw him solo /live-he was short in more ways than one)
Good intentions are never matched by honest accountants
and benefit concerts resurrect careers of rotted rock gods
more than feed the hungry,or house the homeless.
None the less,celebrity stars will still stage "Benefits"
as self -promotion,and it becomes mock legendary as mini-Woodstocks.
You can plot your age by what generation of rock you still follow
Cartoon heroes look good in videos.Recycle every one!
Mick Jagger from the 60s in his 60s now will still throw Stones
into the world's glass ceiling.Transparent as Narcissus-reflect upon this!


Who shall we fight next?
'Poor will always be with us"
(unless conscripted)

Where shall we get oil?
Let us take it from others
(who cannot defend..

Our economy?
Weapons manufacturing!
Find a new market!

War is our business
We have lost the last few ones
Time to lose again!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Meanwhile,Main Street fills with unemployed and underemployed
Every street has homeless,dispossessed,hopeless
Offshored jobs create Chinese /Indian middle classes
while our middle class becomes the hole in the donut
Taxes used to bolster bank profiteers/who will not loan nor lend
but store liquidity to deal with lawsuits against their cronyisms
Do not blame leaders for the actions of their pressure groups!
Titular Monarchs are butterflies buzzing round the mound of detritus
that accumulates when CHANGE becomes a slogan rather than a plan.
Pessimism and cynicism settle in when hope is false as promises
And who wants a CEO who bankrupts his own businesses?
Choice might call for a Ron Paul to bust the Fed and withdraw from wars
Media will not allow such vigilante individualism.Vote for their selection-or...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

our time beyond heroes

Joseph Campbell dead.Even rock cracks.
No poets/philosophers/politicians heroic
just dull dross haircuts spouting rightwing cliches
No thought original(no original sins)
just dull repetition.Even Beckett laughs
with David Mamet/Phillip Glass
Leonard Cohen imitating Leonard Cohen
Armageddon sleeps with Rapture.
Testament me,King James!

there are no /safety nets (for emotions

red blood drives fire as well as heat
what we do to each other
we do to ourselves
(all our selves/every multiple/singular..
no neutrality in bed wars
take or be taken
give or be given
all tragedy is domestic

we are more

than this space we fill/with holes/held together w/flesh/hair /visual apprehension of who we appear to be(identity!
IS ANIMATED less via inventory of thoughts/emotions/his tories /projections-than by a pump
the WHY of creation meets HOW here-not head/heART!Coins and Descartes posit Caesars head as center
all your thoughts will not keep you alive.Plato is dead.Buddha is dead Caves everywhere.Eye will not make mystery-
animation 3D hologram humans distinct from androids/robots less via philosophy
more fact of the act of BEING /BECOMING.Here is where St Valentine and February come in-LOVE!
Your heart 's motions propel us more than thought-love more than an idea.Definition less than action.
To all.Breathe!The rest is words.Hallmark.


Revived as a recent Renaissance of styling
embodying all Chinese /Japanese/anime coloring
Sailors used to have an anchor-or a mythical blonde
or the name of someone you once loved
Johnny Depp changed his tattoo from WINONA FOREVER
to WINO FOREVER!Laser removal now a growth industry
as the markings of drunken adolescence cede to corporate careers
Parlors persist in mushrooming gallery design rooms
Films are made,artists become rock stars
Every band has a visual emblem or name
to be inscribed on hidden parts of anatomies
What happens when you run out of skin?
Alter/add on/make more coloring/erase-like a canvas
Art is a temporary tattoo..


All he wants is change!
Small/yet sustaining
If he is not happy/snappy
he will not get to eat.
One-legged he,pregnant she
traveling young,war veteran
Buddha takes many forms
having to trust these hungry streets
simply for the right to be.

17 days and Dragons await

thom woodruff ✆
17 Jan (1 day ago)

to windy_gale
23 January will be Chinese New Year
End of Mayan,Hopi,Aztec,Incan calendars
Collapse of Euro,fall of the dollar
Saber rattling Iran for a war we do not want
Weather weirder than before
Weirder Republicans with weirdest agendas
Leaders leaving,leaving politicians only
Arab Springs halted by military dictatorships
OCCUPY augmented by jobless/homeless in distress
Strange planets with weirder astrologies
The good news is-we are here
We made it so far
What happens next
is extra


Independent publisher.Independent bookstore.Independence
relies upon every person activating .Write your own world.
Publish your own clouds.Print your own passports to adventures.
Give yourself permission.You are as free as your poetry.
Each day a night awakens new and bright as sun to dream.
Each page a fingerprint.A gold key.Barton Springs will flow
only when you flow with and for its freedoms.Same for trees.
Bulldozer reads no poems.Once gone,our elders.
Striplings,saplings need wisdom .Books.Bookstores.Persistence
Water is committed to being water.Same for their tree wedding.
Susan Bright(now Pam Knight)and Susan Post .Life lives
only as long as it responds to its environment.Respond to this!


She was the last one to be adopted at the cat shelter
No one wanted her and she was angry at every body
She glared like guns at us as we came close
We knew she would be the one(a challenge!
So we took her home/as she struggled
against her cardboard box all the way
She was and remains wild-prone to rushed runs
towards or away from the moon or fence or anyone
or anything that attracts or distracts her attention span
She has none.She ,shocked,did not know she was a cat
She did not know how to purr,nor relax.
Food and friendship provisionally covered her angry fears
She is still prone to scratch her way in or out of here
and climbs the fence and runs wild and free indoors or out
but now she feels secure with us.She sleeps on our clothes
She has even begun to purr.Her claws still scratch
Sharp warnings for anyone who comes too close
Her full food bowl does not stop her hunting birds
She brought a rat for inspection home -we thanked her
and she smiled away.TOOTS-our crazed calico
Moon owns her-she only stays with us today


Celebrities at a recent Awards night
were served edible gold flakes
while people outside
got snow flakes
Snow joke!

haiku 2012

Currency chaos!
Euro is dissolving now
Budget deficits

Customer Service
Your call being monitored
Outsourced India

Close down Black Budgets
Weapons dealing to all sides

TSA bandits
Confiscating my cupcakes
Arrest yourselves,please!

APD murders
MLK please remember
Our deaths in Austin

Real or virtual?
Laptop dancers are wired
into the Matrix

OCCUPY movement
Democracy now worldwide
Still work in progress

Austerity fails
Peace and prosperity works
All we need are jobs!

This freedom of speech
Freedom of Assembly
Our new Bill of Rights

Are you listening?
Community radio
Your voice on the air!

We need new cliches
Demonstrations with placards

725 opponents of the Chilean dictatorship died

Yet we have energy only for Neruda-our Pablo
who died @69 after receiving"medical treatment"
Thanks to Isabel Allende("House of the Spirits)
documentary film makers (Costas-Gavras)
and investigative journalists/all these tortured
and murdered are remembered.But not brought back to life
We read and re-read Neruda-for beauty,lyric and truth
725 others have only a name and a shortened life
We know of Victor Jara thanks to his wife
who toured the world to tell about the Junta torturing him
his saying-"as long as these hands can play this guitar
i shall sing for freedom".So they cut off his hands.
They tortured and raped students in the football stadium
They tracked down and jailed or killed all dissidents
At least 725 souls await justice.It will not come.
Forgiveness /compassion for their official murderers?
or an eased forgetfulness,knowing this will happen again..


Right action
Right intention
Right occupation
Seems simple enough-Buddha was rich .He played @being poor.
He would not allow his wife to become illumined.
His life an example of limits.Death is one.Pain another
Life alone -breath,chi,ka,-allows philosophy
Contradict me!


Patients need advise their doctors
about their body's true needs-
Sick heal themselves(with their own wisdoms)
Needy supply their own needs
as well as care for others
Lovers need compassion empathy forgiveness
more than passion and arguing
Children need to role model for lost parents
Angry need to preach peace
Old not pretend to be young
Middle aged care for all ages
and the world -hungry,needy,broken,bleeding
must wait until we have healed ourselves
and our need to need others
rather than to give
and to honestly love


To Alex

so i bundled up some sunshine
'sent it air mail
when it arrives
(due to a postal strike)
it will be Spring in England
and you will see
your garden sparkling
with imported happiness


Microwaves came via a serendipitous popping of corn next to a magnetron
Metroplexes evolve as our dominant social urban design erratically /universally
Serendipity is facilitated via diversity and awareness of links between random data
Regimentation,control,assumptions and authority dilute spontaneity
Our adventure begins now-when this world is new and wondrous(or seen to be as such!
Every moment an epiphany/every evening a series of new dreams
Alexander Fleming in 1928 discovered penicillin via rainforest mould
Replication of rainforests in the EDEN project failed to produce such linkages
Replication of forests by pine plantation monospecies does not fool the birds
who neither nest nor sing within uniform rows of future matches/newspapers
We are not alike.Alertness/awareness of divergencies allows more original philosophies
Art,music,poetry,dance-they are all accomplices to rebirthing creativities
We are always @the beginning of a new script-improvise this into your conceptual apparatus..
and see what happens next...


Every aged retiree dreams of a cruise-Caribbean,Italy
Films show both dark and light sides of such modes of travel-
POSEIDON ADVENTURE,TITANIC(soon to be re-released in 3D)
No one expects cruise ships to gash their sides in Mediterranean waters
No one expects fatalities,incompetence,injuries or suffering
Welcome to 2012-where engineering must cede to the human condition
Was it error and upon him proved/that all will blame a Captain alone?
Why were the crew telling folk to go back to their cabins
reassuring that "all was well?".We do not know
Flying has become traumatic,bus travel primitive
now the Carnival is over,as we lean into a disastrous New Year

SIRI SOFTWARE(Suicides @Shenzhen)

You with an Iphone in your hand
(there are no Ipads in China)
It was probably made in Shenzhen(Guangdong Province)
in a human sweatshop with underage workers on 16 hour shifts
They stand all day,cameras trained upon them,being barked @by supervisors
Unions are banned-if they join,they are imprisoned for lengthy periods.
Foxconn is one such factory complex,with 430,000 workers
They live in cement dormitories -12x12 ft-stacked like coffins
The turnover is ten percent a month.Injuries are common.RSI/tenosynovitis
N-Hexane(a neurotoxin)is used to clean the iPhone screens.It poisons workers.
34 suicides in 2010 at this location alone meant management made nets
to catch those workers throwing themselves off buildings to certain death
Whether you buy Apple,or Dell,Nokia,Panasonic,HP,Samsung or Sony-
all come from Economic Zones with these conditions.
Check these facts-the suicides,sweatshop conditions,banning of unions.
What will you do with your bright new toy
now you know some other human slaved to make it?


Innate?or borrowed robes?
always relational/relative/dynamic
never static nor presumed upon
"One man's happiness is another persons poison"
Some think it is a journey that never ends
Some feel it is an emotion that is always here
Some know it as a state of being and/or becoming
Some may never know their full depth/height/texture or experience of
And that makes me happy!

Without this,we do not experience
Always after (rarely pre-emptive)-gratitude reacts
and by so positively responding,changes everything

Softness between consenting-unilateral/universal
To give without wanting /limiting/defining /denying

I forgive you.I forgive myself
I forgive all of us -every scar/wound/hurt/pain

Begins with curiosity,add courage ,and individual initiative
Resources facilitate more.All begins now! Open your door!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

PATRICK BRIAN COX(World's Greatest Living Love Poet)

When we were fire and young,he dressed in grey suits and read his love poems
to "Genevieve"(all sonnets).He had medals and ribbons from International Poetry Festivals.
One day i asked him"i know you were in the Japanese Changi prison camp.
Why do you not write about those experiences?"He replied-
"the only way i can cope with that experience is to write love poetry"
One day,a woman arrived .She introduced herself as "Genevieve"
She asked me to ask him to stop writing love poems to her.

FONDA ZENAPHON (Brunswick Poetry Workshop)

Greek(not Macedonian)and bi-lingual
with a love of poetry and music/he started Brunswick Poetry Workshop
and we all came and read to each other.Years passed
Some people said his poetry was poor."Second language syndrome"
Others could not abide his style of performing
Fonda was fond of love poetry -all his poems were of love
Is it not strange when you go one way-it brings out the reverse?


Each day/they say "you are different /and may never fit in"
Who wants to?This cage is thin as time.Render unto Caesar
then escape after hours/your imagination calls and you have powers
to evoke and create that defy authority and controls.
Smile during hours/honor all obligations.Be a dervish dancer with magickal powers
once you walk out of the cage,let your smile guide the way
you know you cannot stay where inertia rules the day.
seek fellow company/companions on the way/so myths of aloneness and anomie
will not limit nor control ye.There is always more to say
Seek more spaces where you can play-so pleasant dreams can color your scene
and you can continue to create.This world is yours long before work-
and afterwards as well.Reclaim all those stories/legends/songs and poems you can tell
and when they look at you and ask-"why are you so happy?"
Just smile-dream your way through every daily labyrinth
Avoid all Minotaurs after hours-you liberate yourself!


i am supply teaching-assigned to ISS
where the culturals and the criminals mix
in a portable detention room/warning them of cells to come
I am to assign them useless work to waste their time
they are curious and seek to distract me-
"what sort of music do i like""who are my fave rap artists?"
i learn just how out of touch i am when they snort and snigger
at my lack of familiarity with their peer group musicians
Some wish to educate me-others just to stay distant and cool
I know of gangs,colors,codes and street lingo
but am of an age when none of these were born
and Mods and Rockers were the apartheid i grew up with
We are all strange species-here for menial offenses
Mine is the failure of my art form (to generate prosperity/credibility)
They are here for speaking ,disrupting,laughing or being inappropriate
A strange respect and solidarity -as temporary as detention-settle in
I do not have to threaten to know i cannot win


In Cleveland,we were invited by the Indian community
in to their homes for nourishment and support
They treasured poetry and music-and valued ours
as much as we were intrigued by their sitars and tablas

Family was important to them-and we were introduced to all
with great respect and NAMASTE bowing of heads
The music flowed from these kindnesses and such gentleness
engendered response from hidden recesses in our arts

Dr Hari Joshi ,bi-lingual author/poet from Bhopal
came and read @Ventana Del Sol one Sunday night
His family supportive and encouraging/he keeps in email contact
and continues to be published in Hindi and English

Worlds outside/worlds within/locked in languages
Smiles bridge a "foreign"language in to an opening friend


ONCE UPON A TIME there were 60,000 Rumis
but they were lodged in Farsee/only one day
a Robert Bly stumbled upon gold translations
and sang them in to American.

ARTHUR WALEY took Chinese poetry
back 800 years/distilling all meditations
so we only heard the English

IDRIES SHAH took Mullah Nashrudin to Voltaire
Midwifed with Good Soldier Schweik and Yossarian

The first time i saw a mountain i was afraid
The first time i saw ocean same
The first time i committed to waves
i felt at home again

It is not an ill wind-not even illness
bad things are happening to good people
Are we accomplices?

i find your face on FACEBOOK
you left us time ago.You still look so alive
i send you this email.

How precious you are.How unique.
Sing! Speak!

ONCE there was this rainforest/waterfall/river/spring
until fracking.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Marsha.You were married once-maybe children(grown,gone
Gypsy you and your guitar.Alone
You tune and smile and sing/thin voice in glass air
where there is only love .Now. Hear?


White milk bottles clatter to attention
Cream to the top/white water beneath

for irrigation crops.River wants to run(without stop
(It has an appointment with the deep)
Farmer has a market to sell crops
River is a gift(it must be leaving
Dam and slop.Sticks and slow.Stagnant as rock
When river stops,we go.

Creek crackle stone river run
Tree bend in to slip streaming
I am a rock with my toes watering
Sky so low the trees claw marks
Trees so stretch they rule all available space
Water so cold i freeze blue chill to dream within
Elements all meet.Only i am leaving.

LAST SAW HER/leaning towards a future
(as if it were already tomorrow.She was fine
as if those diamonds came/from her gold mine
And every living creature of creation/bowed down
and worshiped her ad infinitum
Now we see/how easy it will be/to live between these lines
we once called"poetry"/is now what we cal"footsteps of the free"

talks when all the lights go down
They stand so solitary when you feed them your coins and then
you leave them/only coming back like a lover/when your money is exhausted

-stretch and yawn.Stand panhandling
for ghosts to pass/for new ghosts to follow.

THERE ARE PLENTY OF WORDS.(These are only some
If ever there is silence.Just call out!(More will come

my house my home my past all that eye own
embrace unknowns like Donald Rumsfield

(and Light/on this Winter Planet.
"History must have a start".Let it be now,and here
as if there would not be an end.


Passports exchanged like contraband.Clock pulse/heart home/midnight 2 dawn.
Dreams change guard like UFOs behind smiling clouds


In Cleveland,we were invited by the Indian community
in to their homes for nourishment and support
They treasured poetry and music-and valued ours
as much as we were intrigued by their sitars and tablas

Family was important to them-and we were introduced to all
with great respect and NAMASTE bowing of heads
The music flowed from these kindnesses and such gentleness
engendered response from hidden recesses in our arts

Dr Hari Joshi ,bi-lingual author/poet from Bhopal
came and read @Ventana Del Sol one Sunday night
His family supportive and encouraging/he keeps in email contact
and continues to be published in Hindi and English

Worlds outside/worlds within/locked in languages
Smiles bridge a "foreign"language in to an opening friend


Holes in your city where cars rest cost the earth
Parking lots enforce collective irrationality
True solutions mean effective public transport
Solo cars nibble @the cheese w/mass transit lanes
yet each car moves little and demands much space and time
We cannot afford this .Irrational rules positing space for cars
have closed businesses and made profits for valet parkers.
Rich folk drop keys and cars and tip for gold space and time
Workers find no space they can afford for all day parking
and only car pool when parking costs exceed benefits
Pedestrian precincts as in villages are a start
Truck deliveries midnight to dawn
Bicycles and pedestrians positively welcomed
Free flow of traffic truncated by new priorities
The struggle for space is unresolved-in Austin,space is hard to find
Meters charge (if they are available) and prices rise
Until cities promote pedestrian access,expect to be charged more
To park on this planet is a luxury-never a right nor privilege
Ask any village.


are my silences.I use them at the end of every line
They were here before (and after )me
but these silences are MINE!
I also like the way i elide truth
cut around the messy personal bits
so people do not get too offended.
NOTHING PERSONAL HERE-just another poem
made up of evasions,elisions,avoidances
and forthcoming silences


Generally,we request that people remain clothed
unless in a clothing optional zone
And remain peaceful(unless in an authorized violence zone)
and respect the rights of others
(unless delegated by state to violate and abrogate these
(or if the status of folk deny them rights via age or civic responsibility
All rules of conduct are provisional ,exceptional and temporary
Modes and customs of the 60s have no place in 2012
STRANGER DANGER and JUST SAY NO! dictate responses
We allow forced entry and violence in many circumstances
and stress compounds in a complex and evolving society
There is no unconditional love.Every one asks something of others
It is an exchange of favors to include individuals within our societies
And we will deny them more than accept-unless and until they accept
our conditional love.


Medium non-tedium Te Deum mortalis
Collaboring Orations still Text-Based
As InfoWars Armistice,a Temporary Fire
To Be In Process the Highest Desire
Isolation never true(even in Monasteries
Great Chain Of Being theses ad infinitem
Conversation with Peers adds stones to the soup
Voices mash-up hypertext re/mixes
rearticulation as temporary meditation
Visions change with mediums.Access everything!
Open mouth and mike every singular collective independent night!

you can not be a robot

you can not be a clone
you can not be a Terminator
you can not be a drone
you can not be a program
you can not be a machine
you are something quite unique
you are a human being
you are perfect as you are
in all your imperfections
nothing is quite like you
you have no imitations


Images of beards,solemn,slow
unkempt,untidy,ragtag bag of oddities
like some bad comedians left sans audiences
Who do philosophers talk to-if not each other(and themselves?
Why would an image of one reveal anything of their views?
How distinguish modern from ancient if not via clothing?
Ideas do not age/though some are dead as dodos
New philosophies are required for an age of technospeak
Our Age of Universal Surveillance/Insecurities
We need wisdom when it comes to anthrax and sarin,
C4 on airlines and weapons of mass distraction
not to mention artificial epidemics of bird flu and smallpox fostered
by funding of Foundations and fears older than Great Plagues and Incans
All philosophers are not poets-though both are unincomed
facing sanctions by fascists and censorship via fashion
Philosophers must become journalists,commentators,blog writers
or Wikileakers to gain attention to important issues.
Issues there are aplenty-philosophers few
And do not ask what Department they are axing at your next Faculty meeting.
It will be you.

BORN AGAIN(this morning

My past life was yesterday
My future is today
As a new consciousness
i remember nothing
This helps the creative process
I dream of fresh new thoughts
like laundered white shirts
all tabula rasa and ready to wear out
every moment of this temporary existence
If i am wrong-see you next lifetime-


Censorship becomes a fatal attraction to governments
Redacted files,false flag operations,propaganda,denial,scandals-
all reveal The Emperor Has No Clothes.When writers expose-or journalists
via Wikileaks or via Bradley Manning's release-reaction becomes reactionary.
Iran bans Al-Jazeera broadcasts,Syria censors the Internet and bans foreign journalists
Dictators torture and kill dissidents,poets,writers,journalists.Renaissance stillborn.
Survivors toe party lines of face prison or execution in China.
Buddhists burn themselves in protest in Tibet.
The loss of public imagination means more than genocide
It means we cannot dream alternatives-when our dreamers are being exterminated
Amnesty International saves some via letter writing petitions
More await execution-until you realize-this is not a prayer
This is a petition for your action!


i do not know how
to delete my deceased friends from FACEBOOK
i tend to keep their email addresses
as i miss them to talk with

those elders with whom we shared adventures
remind me of their limits-
all fail to bridge gaps between us

there is a blessing in physical presence
that is absent from cards,letters,email,virtual
relationships are like SECOND LIFE
(i prefer my FIRST,one and only)

so this one goes to those who read and respond
your positive presence animates this living poem


Belief meets business on altars of communion
where Cavanagh and Chasid Cup compete for market space
Theology meets Mammon even when Jesus chased the money changers..
Coelic disease meant spelt flour ingredients could dilute wheat gluten
Bread is just bread until it is blessed.Schisms result in mechanized businesses
Communion a concept of cannibalism="the body and blood of Christ"
even when folk know it is only wheat and water.They BELIEVE it is body and blood.
Such trust makes "knock-offs"from Poland a question of cost
Hand made wafers in religious communities like hand made bibles and books-
antiquaries in an Industrial Revolution.Nuns baking wafers by hand have lost
to huge machines that process thousands of wafers at much cheaper cost.
Just as vocations have become less,hand made is history.
Nuns themselves are old maid's stories.What they make most is prayer and service.
Wafers from factories pile up on altars.We cannot go back.
Bless the factory .Bless the whole wheat wafer.
God bless the body of Christ as it sells in the marketplace.


PTSD and you want to forget war memories
Sounds of bombs/wounds/noise /death
The smell of facts too close to skin
Here forgetting is healing

Exams require rote repetition of irrelevant data
Here your Art Of Remembering aids
All add up to a better grade

Age and the fog settles in -no plane can land
Whole geographies of personal histories fade
No choice when Al Zheimer comes to stay
Your life gets erased away

You do not know.You do not want to know
Don't ask,don't tell when it comes to love's mistakes
Here forgetting is a form of healing
to live,one must accept limits

And these lines.Today.All will fade
Far away a land where Nothing reigns
This is where all facts go to rest
They stay because there is nowhere else to play

I forget why.


i actually started as a pen with a nib.i required a jar of ink.
i grew in to a fountain pen.Learned calligraphy.
Letters were nothing to me.Pensmanship came easily!
Next i was introduced to a typewriter.(Olivetti-very portable!
Years were spent in this relationship.We rarely parted.Together,letter by letter.
Ribbons i would replace for her!Erasers to hide my mistakes.
Soon i was lines,then poems,then little books.
Days of Letraset,blue ink mimeograph,then typeset.
I was becoming PROFESSIONAL!Years passed(as years do
the rest of the world moved on from page to TV tube.
I stayed a radio(community)-page bound and reading
(i could not see the writing on the walls)
Computers with valves and paper codes gave way to printed circuits
I avoided change as long as possible.Finally,friends compassionately tutored me
I became addicted to email.Now i have a blog and a website(see below!
GOOGLE tells me every thing i want to know.I watch YOUTUBE competitively
and exchange news items obsessively .Yes(you see)-this used to be a real man
Now i am -just a virtual online hologram.GOOGLE ME!


To add more to this stone soup than hard arts
To turn all fists to flowers,all guns to guitars
To serenade sunrise with non-radio silence
or birdsong wilde as worlds without walls
To reclaim warzones from digital children
so they will not grow in to drones
Turn all bullies into victims/all victims forgive them
that sunshine and optimism be based upon action and results
That all advertising is personal,voluntary and permission-given
and all belief systems autonomous and self-supporting
Like learning-continuous,free,public,private ,universal and wise
enough to incorporate all dubious propositions and label them as such
censoring nothing,adding more to curricula as knowledge increases
Heal the hard of hearing-that they might admit angels in their auricles
Allow all vulnerable to express artistically,supported by foundation garments
Let language grow,so we might taste delights in foreign syllables
May borders fall,so refugees might make communities
Open cells to all of peace,so only the violent seek deferred release
Add to wealth of air and water a certain purity of recycled emotions
Let justice be judged,and juries be juried,and media mediated
So direct experience allows us less carp and complaint
more bright responses.May we be worthy of all celestial interventions
until none are necessary,and we can live quite well via our own responsibilities..


The war on terror is endless and international
It has been extended into domestic terrorism via FBI and TSA
Confiscating cupcakes,patting down children and elderly
taking"terrorizing"to the extreme-against our own citizens
FBI tapping into emails and phone calls illegally
with an ineptitude and arrogance that likens them to the NKVD
Our blood and treasure has been wasted by Halliburton,Brown and Root
We no longer seek hearts and minds-just heads on coup sticks
Targeted assassinations and drones typify our offshoring of murder
It is always civilians who suffer-here and overseas
And why has not Guantanamo been closed down?
The public mood is peevish-not victorious
We know Iraqis and Afghanis do not want us
Why are we paying to disrupt countries overseas


Wilde wherever you are-observe
Camouflaged habitats .Homeless in Green Belt.
Smoke rises (need for fire)near water(need for)
warm earth needs blankets.We are within their landscape

Never lasts long.Walls,floor,cabin,fence
Animals seen as feral.Signs prohibit strangers
(we were strange once.Here!
Deer still processed road kill

Occasional snake.Frogs.Sounds at night
Each,all,every seeks to occupy a space
that is only transient and temporary
We are they who have no history

Milennia ago-Ice Ages killed,meteors felled
Devastation ad infinitem.
Seeds of then power our dinosaur cars
We live within hidden stories.Read them...

"how we go on"

still traces of water /woods(pre-us
where old ghosts claim as their own
as Hopi chose bone rock desert home
we could not live there

track through wilderness to more of us
reinforce the core of us
village to town to city to metroplex
we do not wish to stay small

i ask the water-do you love chlorine/fluoride?
silly!added only because of us!
polluting apace,soon there will be no more space
for a junkmaking allegedly human race

selfish us will seek moon/Mars/planets
where we mythologize water pure/ancient
mirages ,moon walkers,even if Chinese
what will your space colonies pollute?

100% recycle me-dust to dust eternally
i am a creature of the city.


Welcome to GenFlux- where flexibility of tools means flexibility of options
As rates of change compound,"portfolio"careers expand
Darwin would be proud of Fast Company and R/GA
as business models are smashed and resurrected overnight
Failure as part of the learning-the death of BORDERS
the trashing of NETFLIX's QUIKSTER as GenFlux flips
from waterfall product development to agile marketing
The new alphabet of possibilities means more than FACEBOOK,GOOGLE and TWITTER
In independent transport alone-Car2Go,ZipCar,Uber and Relayrides
In law-LegalZoom.In health-Healtimagination.In publishing-P.O.D.
New models are constantly being marketed,adapted,dropped,altered and reconstituted
Politically,this is a time post Velvet Revolutions-of Arab Springs and OCCUPY
Cash-strapped governments trapped by austerity consciousness
will turn to privitised security(Blackwater,DynX)
Privitised prisons(Wackenhut),privitised Charter Schools
Change and exchange are the beginning .The Information Revolution cannot be censored
Wikileaks and Wikipedia are front lines.Dictatorships against start-ups
Corruption against corporate venture capital.George Soros "gets"it
Bill Gates"gets"it.Issues await us,and the old answers fail.
The NEW "NOW" demands attention.GenFlux means all of us!


This is where we all began-
with a personal printing press a la Gutenberg.
To have Expresso Book Machines in independent coffee houses
is an idea whose time has come!Demographics alone
dictate that a reading public becomes a writing Republic/
that small presses producing small works in small numbers
allow P .O.D to defeat C.O.D mainstream book marketing.
As large bookstores close,smaller versions of boutique presses
become more than vanity presses-they fill a huge need for art
that is accessible,instant and more than copy shop quality.
Small presses rarely go to STAPLES or OFFICE DEPOT
as the love of books is not a shared value in those printshops
One can produce one's own volume-it will be stapled(not perfect bound)
The "Trance of Insignificance" has been broken.MAKE YOUR OWN BOOKS NOW!
The machine of the future is waiting GO EXPRESSO!

Guantanamo: Ten Years and Counting

decade in a cage
before you turn the page

close down this travesty
deprivation of liberty
if you wish to be free

may we return to our home
away from torture/alone
we do not need prisons like these

"but eye do not have a god(to cover me

"my wings a gift/come borrow me
"the only optimism is to be free
"if you want OUT,you only have to be
"the next train is too late-did you miss this one?
"if you want to worship Light-moon ,Stars -or sun?
"the supermarkets dictate choice like politics
"even mime artists have to use their voice
"obselete calendars,auguries,Almanacs stack
"the price of fresh knowledge?don't look black
"burned by mistakes,she was on the attack
"conflict always seeks to dominate all maps
"YOUTUBE and GOOGLE are censored
"Wikipedia a DIY,Wikileaks d e a d
"heart ,liver and kidneys always argue with head
"better alive than Red(Velvet Revolution said
"eye drink from Arab Springs in Palestine instead...

"We tell ourselves stories in order to live"(JOAN DIDION)

Morning myths -Old Sol,Ahuramazda,THE SUN ALSO RISES
Siesta stories-DEATH IN THE AFTERNOON(Fiesta!
Late afternoon sagas-TWILIGHT
Evening vampire/zombie/monster truck dream demolition derbies.
Every moment a raga/every movement a dance
Grandfather stories of creation and ancestor adventures
Grand mother epics of birth and brothers,sisterhood and sagas
Fairy Tales of siblings and magical thinking/where coincidence and synchronicities spark
and we are saved by events/as much as events are changed by our presence
Little miracles each hold as personal mojo/our private Temples
we share with few /and only intimates
How we are adventures,art unfinished/action paintings and 4D movies,5G phones
in a 6D existence where time,space,energy ,improv ,intuition and empathy
sharpen our alertness and aliveness so every moment is Illumination
Every Cave a Plato.

Guantanamo at 10: The Prisoner and the Prosecutor

unless and until
the birds of freedom sing release
parts of us will be imprisoned

"innocent until proven guilty"
UNLESS accused (falsely)
kept in solitary
like PFC Bradley Manning

gentle souls all seek release
send these citizens
back to their home countries
where they can again live free

close Guantanamo!
before Nuremberg Trials accuse
us of complicity -these are war crimes,you see-
Peace and freedom over captivity!

i go out to find my face(CAMPBELL)

you have my ears/yet on the lip of grave
countenance/ask me if i would countenance
what is happening to both of us.OSCAR WILDE?
My mirror lies.An arbitrary age confines/
as (in decline)GIBBONS-we devolve like DANTE
Whether there were many ARTHURS or HOMERS
Jose and George and Ray and Milton were blind
the rest are metaphors/flash fiction.Our task
means more than survival/revival.Our daily MINOTAUR
hides in LABYRINTH.Folk tales and songs
are on the track and trace /but they are PLATO's CAVE.
Light flickers campfire-eye ear radio(community
There is uncertainty.All our heroes have holes.
Banning cameras and recorders is as old
as banning texting/talking in empty cinemas
When i awaken,it will be to re-assemble
whatever forensics will piecemeal Paradise
It was here in your reflections AUGUSTINE
or was that THOMAS AQUINAS?

Monday, January 9, 2012

6 leaders in 6 months

Like WACK-A-MOLE,the media bash
leaves us with a boring man-
Mormon ,businessman
as presumptive Republican candidate

Whether the Presidency is an antiquated office
or selection procedures far too arduous
exposure of adulteries and scandals in finance
are far too rigorous for most of us

Let them all play President!
If they actually wish war-let them fight!
When they fight among themselves
We see them in their true light

Wisdom seems in deficit
Fantasies of politicians' promises
rely upon economics/while they
are living off our taxes

"Why can't we all just get along?"
"Don't TAZER me bro!"(our song)
OCCUPY every public office
with unpaid volunteers like us

Campaign finances not an issue
when there are no funds to argue
Democracy @local level
makes COMM/UNITY our National Anthem


begin before zero was invented
what we see,hear,feel ,know,intuit-
more than sensory alphabets,almanacs
pre-us skills of indigenous now lost to us-
deep listening,empathic linking,telempathy
visual/verbal/aural soundscapes virgin to our auricles
Tools of our inherited/gifted bodies to begin
where we took it further than opposible thumbs-
cave,fire,spear,art,tribe-these persist/yet we
extend territoriality into heavens-space,moon,planets
study asteroids,meteors,make satellites,rockets,missiles
We were never tabula rasa-pre-thoughts still register as precognition
Certain elemental skills-divining,interpreting auguries/omens/signs as significant,
somewhere trace elements of ancient memories.Retrieve,rescue,renovate.
It is the remembering becomes re-learning.All mind is one.All time is now.
Intellectual enzymes and biological catalysts assist rebirth of wonder
Like opening closed coal mines-the territory may seem old
yet the results are new.New tools,new possibilities=new views.


The Beatles sang
in 1967/nothing changed
except our listening

"The Hollow Men"(T S Eliot wrote
in 1939/nothing changed
except our reading him

"Monday NOTHING,Tuesday NOTHING..
sang the Fugs in 1969
Tuli Kufenberg was a poet
Music brings poetry alive

in 2012,you arrive at Nothing
It took you all your life to get here
Enjoy the ride-notice all the other passengers
who also got nowhere with nothing to share!

Also gone...


Large Hadron Colliders searching for The God Particle
Opinionators (stand-up comedians) dispensing Disrupted Expectations
The Disappearing Mind Stream(of Consciousness) polluted
Discontinuity allows Jump Cuts in Edited Existences

String Theory Live! Allows Audiences to Be Buddha
Sky is not the sky of your childhood
To carry stories like water to the well to drink from
"Generations have trod,have trod,have trod.."

Diamond Days and Dreaming Knights
Connection always More than Virtual
To Create is God Consciousness
Why be a little god? Give more!(pot latch!

When Laurie Anderson danced with William Burroughs
I knew why it was called"Land of the Brave!"


Socrates was accused of "corrupting Athenian youth"
Hemlock administered via his own hands.
Plato wrote about this moral choice
thus all our Socratic wisdom is second-hand

If moral dilemmas are mere allegories
Questions of "good"and "evil"mere philosophy
Explain those civilians dead by their own hands
Suicide bombers/child soldiers/conscriptees

Questioning matters-lives are in our hands
Moral choices are the very food we eat-
e-numbers,junk diets,media soundbites
make us addicted to soporific simplicities

Verbal placebos conceal strapped bombs beneath
The cloak of cliches kills by contact
If "truth"can be apprehended only via belief
Best then to avoid all religions

Yet in our human "four score years and ten"
we can apprehend meaning as addiction
Philosophy may be revered as science
posing new dilemmas for our human condition

We are always @ Ground Zero."The terrorists are winning"
Knowledge is censored,inquiry forbidden
Until we can ask the hardest questions
No unredacted answers will be forthcoming

A response to this article


and present myself for re-assignation!
Opposites are mirrors-embrace!
(Both sides have something to avoid)
Emotions are wild horses-they run away
Mustangs put down by jealous guns
(Embrace Emotions!-and where they ride!
a corral is a cage /a page is a sail
We adjust to fit the prevailing
Treasure is this measure
between all consenting conversationalists
To open our art /to hug horror
to ask only that every be heard and seen and known
enough so alienation cannot grow/connection affirms
(i speak only to people-never disincarnate entities-we
are those who have not yet surrendered(i surrender!
Our feet are Ever ready Energizer batteries
our art is a flag of skin.Our smiles horizons
All of our mist is mysticism.Comfort zone /mind food
We snack upon Mysteries as we feast upon Joy
It is what you create will be your only home.


and you are welcome here
Peace is for angry people too)
Conflict is a conversation of fists
War is blowing up bad ideas
Grind of teeth or nervousness
makes us walls /makes us less
than giant statues of dead heroes
We do not have to agree.Open means OPEN to me
so every spirit may wing in-
whatever variety of heterodolatry
sharpens the beak of one tiny sparrow's knowledge
Embrace all of us as we grow to know
dark sides are sides we all need
when Light is weak,and rare as hens teeth
Bite into the food for thought that feeds us
nourishing diversity as the only University we need
All of us.Bless us all! Every one!Breathe!Deep...

once they worshipped the sun

God of Light(AhuraMazda
Ol Sol/Cock O The Walk
Every Morning Sun(Awakening
are we trapped in his orbit?
or alone?Sun burns to fire us
Solar flares to burn us.
Tanning machine or scorch?
Fire scars as well as warms
Now we live @a comfortable distance
when we get too close

Sunday, January 8, 2012


runs through Real Estate
A Bypass is planned
with a Toll Road
Parking is Valet
a Shopping Precinct
Houses for 2.5
w/adjoining garages
for bicycles&carts
Horses unstabled
graze on golf grass
like bison tanneries
Domestic Contra Dictions
Wide Screen Plasma TVs
Ritalin children w/black guns
Zombie Apocalypse Malls
There is nothing to Do or to Make
except watch CELEBRITOLOGY
A narrow View of the Church Cell Phone Tower
Restricts the SUVs and Hybrids
Only Little Japanese Haiku
Gilbert &Sullivan Whole Fjord Markets
Smell Fishy Developments.Dig Me?
Archaeology =etymology
@Austin Titles Office.

JANUARY 8,2012

it is less what we can do(have done
than what is possible/what with
in the face of Giants,antnests..
Goliath laughs @Michelangelo's David
FCC laughs at Pirate Radio
Our ears hijacked by illegal whispers
Across Borders-illegal Barnes&Noble
Books are being translated from silences
A native throws a spear @a mining company helicopter
Agendas are being imposed upon all of us
Personal Tragedies become Doomsday Emotions
A dog barking on the moon
Dalmation. Does he have a Dark Side?

golf on ice

eye see no reason
why holes cannot be driven
into ice floes so golf clubs
might lose balls to seals
or maybe penguins
All wild life threatened
random clubs or small balls
less than predator stockbrokers
rampant on green surfaces
On ice,all their plans on ice
would slip into deferment
Stock prices frozen/clubs opening
Novelty value expanding
as holes enlarge due to global warnings
Soon it will be drifts and small islands
Surreal ice space stations/currents
shifting where the balls in orbit end up
Holes are obvious places to store waste
Let's dump in Texas!(no ice there!..Easy...


no song,nor word,nor line,nor love
will stir that rock inside your art
that will not move for fear of being cast aside
Roll away the stone! Kidney stone/gallstone-
Rolling Stones gather no loss
when love activates triggers of cost
benefit analysis.Add this up-
investment in emotions plus interest(mutual
as funds)=viable commitment
but only if you are fully present
Are you there? Are you,love?


Eye want to see your insides!
Those animated movements in your bloodstream
pumped red via heart valves /pushed around
to circulate e/motions to all your furtherest limbs
send messages to your body's cavities and colonies-
mind does not rule ! Anarchist emotions rage /range
wolves hungry for a fix.They will not settle for emptiness!
Show them your insides out!Like Customs,tax,business-
they want their cut.What tithes Nothingness?

juices between humans

Care keeps us alive-
it is the web we build upon
treehouse we play within
ladder to the moon and beyond
Without heart connection
No body runs.
Eye have seen people give their dreams away
to sacrifice time,money,energy
so that others may stay
Blood connection is no guarantee
when all we have is family
We rely upon goodwill as currency
We are rich in this.Life hangs
The balance we can cash in @any time
A hand outstretched is a life preserver
What lives is love.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


We live on borrowed air.Stolen water.Dinosaur gas
There are limits to all growth.We are they who age defines endings
Infernal combustion engines continue to reproduce
beyond the capacity of roads to absorb them
Unless and until 100% recycling occurs/ trash car yards planet
Punitive gas taxes do not work-UK/Australia tried /failed
Pedestrian zones work-expanded CBD areas of no-cars,
just bicycles,pedestrians,pedicabs,horses,carriages
Fuel efficiency is a minor theme-cars started with coal and steam
and are evolving into solar and hybrid diesel battery VOLT scenes
Space is an issue.Gridlocked cities.Valet parking garages.Economic apartheid
Multiple use vehicles (public transport)is a start.Every one of us travels.
What is required is zero casualties ,minimal environmental damages,100% recycling
As if this planet can live without us-with trees,hugs,greenery,gardens and clean air

Link to article

"i can't remember.I cannot recall"

Hypnotize me so i follow your suggestions
Pharmacologically ,administer Propranolol
Mesmerize me,so pain is forgotten
"Cast your mind back to the source of the trauma"
Kings and Queens of your Memory Palace-ABDICATE!
"Memory is an unreliable mistress"(and a punishing lover
Trauma survivors define whole lives by TITANICS or Tsunamis
"Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Minds"/selective memories
Editing is the Art Form of our Chemical Age
"Therapeutic Forgetting" of Rwanda Massacres,Pogroms,rapes
Are our Akashic Records stored within our skin?
Does our body remember birth and before?
Are Past Lives and Future Lives accessible?
Fortune Tellers,Astrologers,Auguries,Diviners-
MATRIX cord or blue or red pill?
Do we really have a choice in what to forget?
Will you forget me when i am not gone?