may we all be heard
words are bells
let them ring!

Thom World Poet Austin, Texas, USA
Global Radical networker and activist for promoting the live Creative Arts,
at every possible opportunity, especially in his home-city, Austin, Texas, USA

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On the ordinariness of honeymoons

To Fiona Robyn

stealing moments
with these eyes
my world changes
birds unseen
sing tree to tree
morning gossip

(A 'small stone'.)

when eye woke up

it was time to meditate.slow.deep.stop.breathe
"time is a measure of itself alone"
these lines are Rescue Remedy
Curatives are not Sedatives.
Awakenings take life times.
"before electricity,chop wood
Once cleared,make myths of trees"
Stories are What We Must Tell Ourselves
They sweep the bed of fingerprints.Censor history
Detective Memory has Slipped Discs.Science (is)Fiction.
Your last Breath was your Best Yet.Same as this Present One
Even if we Forget,it will be remembered.(Forget These Lines!
Explorers had Noh maps.Intuition 's Footsteps.Attunement!
Medieval Torture Chamber=Gyms.You Pay For Jail(s)
Economics is What We Make.Austerity is Puritanism
Exchanging Energies allows Trance Formations.
The Unexpected Awaits.

what we do not know

is what happens next. it is not
that we are in a plot that beggars characters.
we are unscripted.somewhat spontaneous
subject to pressures exerted via others.
it is less the leaving -more the digesting
of experiences determines our daily grind.attitude
is almost can dance on the job.
angels on the heads of pins.arrows of burning gol
Desire is a way to attune.One moon but so many lovers!
Stars rarely apologize.Meteors almost hit earth
Every body has an orbit.We swing,elliptically,eccentrically.
Sometimes we collide.Mostly via Divine Accidents
This is how New Worlds form.Matter is the Song Of Gravity.
Levity has no words(it hums,electrically)
To move requires Energy.(self-generated,affirmed selectively)
Whatever is said is Editorial.Forgive yourself first
Then put a seat belt on your opinions.
Unless you Release the Wilde Birds,there will only be Empty Cages
Even the sky has Borders.Limits.Histories.Versions
Science is a toy.Play with it!Religion says NO!(play anyway!
Homo Ludens is William Blake.
Adolescence D H Lawrence.Elders Bertrand Russell.
Parents A N Whitehead.Explorers Einstein.Workers Edison
You will need all of them to make yourself anew

"the apple canot sack the tree"

a mountain cannot sue the broken sky
Almanacs are subject to weather changes
you do not have to die.
all laws have outlaws and in-
there are exceptions to every rule
most precious the saint and sinned against
you do not have to suffer
choice is the voice of our species
all paths have equal validity
harmonics require inner harmonies
you can live in this world
stories are made as (pre)cautionary recipes
stir the soup lest ye be burned
stay on the surface to avoid the depths
better alive than dead
you cannot eat yesterday's breakfast
no one knows tomorrows
what you hold does not belong to you
be grateful for respect
grass has one million ways of growing
every finger points somewhere
to get there,you start from here
nothing is true.only every thing.
write your own Bible(s)
cancel all fatwas.Crusades hurt.

Monday, June 27, 2011


"There is another world-and it is this one"
Water Holy before the Word.Earth as our only-and not owned by any one
All life as Sacred as slaughterhouses and apologists/death chambers and McDonalds
Churches as Real Estate tax dodges.Priests as politicians.Secular Saints/Sinners.
Bibles as stories-creation myths to End of The World Armageddon scenarios.
Religious Wars as territorial Disputes.Simple(as we make it! Heresy as High Fashion
Christian Apologist Scientists.Christian Science?Christopher Hitchens!
Hunger for Belief creates projections.Example is everything.
Magicians make miracles-but who feeds the hungry in Haiti?Governments!
Foundations and Corporations.Church charities subsidized via your taxes.
DO NOT LOOK BEHIND THE CURTAIN!Stone throwers in Glass Temples
"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"

0 1 2 3

some never make it into body suits-
aborted,miscarried,like weapons that misfire

some remain solo solitaries/recluses all their lives
rare these individuals/precious as monasteries

most couple and un-,re-couple and marry
marked via serial monotony

in these couplets,a third sometimes-
an electron spinning round their orbits

whether this creates unstable combinations
your atomic theory relies upon such strange particles

quirks,quarks,dark matter-into a dark hole
ones who despair of ever finding another

attracted particles spin in eccentric orbits
turning atomic theories in to chaos

lost souls seek out the living
to find them on the dark side

here is where the three come in-
less Divinity,more three faces of Eve

jah wobble and wank,unstable ,thank
heavens for eccentric patterning!

there will always be a one
for another one to mate with

even alone,strange breeds
reproduce like insects

countdown to the launch of another relationship
threes company,two is often a crowd.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Picasso's period-emotional as music
Sky blue-impossible optimism/ contradicted by chemtrails/vapor trails
Sea blue-layers and levels of depths of truth
All babies' eyes are blue to begin
Theme in Blue-jazz composes us
Blue Danube-a river of Strauss
Blue Bayou-Roy Orbison lives here!
Blue Hawaii-Elvis turns color from black and white!
Blues Muse-turning Black and Blue into bruises
Violet Indigo Blue Green Yellow Orange Red
Hazy horizon separating blue sky from blue seas
Blue as the day s/he left.Bluer when s/he returned!
Blue Velvet-where images toxic /noxious bumblebee suburbs grass
Blue Man Group-who is beneath?Why multiples touring?
I am blue-Monet Blue-purples and pinks kiss me
You are blue-Magritte blue-apples and bowler hats
Blue as swimming pool David Hockney
Blue as Geoffrey Smart.Mirror sea blue
wave blue.Reflecting blue.How can you be blue?
So many ways to watch these waves of blue
Sit on the horizon and feel blue.Sky blue
Watch this apple world from space-it is a blue planet
The only one with potable water.It defines us
We are loved by blue.More than the man in the moon
Blue calls you to oceans,seas,rivers,pools
DIVE IN! You will become blue in time
Your time is blue!


to leave your comfort zone/sanctuary/nest/shelter/job
to step outside your door/and explore/more
awaits you when you open/to the possibilities that sing
from freeways and highways to A roads and B lanes and bike tracks and walking trails
to where there are no footprints (even your own get erased
as you step and do not step in to the same moment twice
Heraclitus meets Diogenes meets Rumi meets D H Lawrence
and the space that you are in becomes a line within
that sings your dreaming trail on and in
All that you enter is a dream.


No body ever took me by the hand
and introduced me to the elders of our trees
to let me know their beauty,form and function
their biology,history,etymology.Fires had scarred
many and more before me.Loggers chopped,diced,sliced for IKEA.
Johnny Appleseed was nowhere to be seen.Poets waxed lyrical
on pages torn from leaves.Voices of trees -wind,birds,nests,sway,roots,deep
Their cerebellum as conscious as sap is blood,and arms branches
legs deep in our only earth.When i am wild,i feel like sapling,bending to change
When old,as slow as earth itself.I want us all to live.Trees before,seeds afterwards...


Susan Bright convened poets and musicians to save the trees @Barton Springs
We gathered and sang-some trees survive.The attention of folk is required
if any tree is to revive enough in Republican drought times.Today an idea arrived-
to photograph Mother Pecan so that she might be designated Community Heritage Tree Of The Year.
Zoila simply asked us to gather in Zilker under the shade of her arms.She took photographs.
These days,the survival of one tree is a good start.
Julia Butterfly lived in a tree for a year to save that tree.
Old growth forests are quite irreplaceable- in our lifetime
Austin trees have become elders-the tree canopy shrinking-heat is rising.
High rise towers trap concrete and aluminium Californians
Be the tree you have planted in your earth-seed for future forests
Plant native trees to replace and augment damage done by our settlement
Green as our smiles as we remember Susan Bright.,trees in Austin,Barton Springs
and every seed planted by the faerie folk of this garden -to save and extend
what is left -of Mother Nature.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Making mistakes is human.It is what we do.
It distinguishes us from those species who adapt and continue
Think shark,crocodile.Forget unicorn,dodo,dragon,dinosaur.
Think rat ,cockroach.Forget poet,teacher, philosopher.
Think war games,androids,drones,robots.Forget pixies,sprites,elves,faeries,Light...
Corporate models pretend they are legal entities.They have no humanity.
How many folk do you know who left computer industries when dehumanized?
Lawyers exploit tax loopholes-skylines do not represent Austin.Nor F1 anyone other than profiteers
Wars are errors in relationships.Study China's mode of trade first/diplomacy as trade trust investment.
Before invading Tibet,China settled Chinese folk there.Think Hitler and his expansion of Germany post WW1
Think Japan under population pressure pre WW2-joining Asian expansion via war when diplomacy failed.
Think Vietnam-we allied with corruption ,as we did in Batista's Cuba,and now Karzai's Afghanistan
Puppet governments fall when their errors are economic.What value dollar decline?Who subsidizes banks?
Who do we pay for our currency?What good laws when only rich have lawyers?
War has always been supported by the poor-as blood tax via conscription
or as hate garnered against "foreign"invasions.Our his/tory is failures
This is what we do.We are not here to learn .We are here to get through
REPEAT AD INFINITUM(do not call this "evolution"...


Here Be Dragons!Mermaids,Harpies,Kraken!
Dodos and Dinosaurs lived-once upon a crime
Extermination of species compounded in our mythic times
We virtualise a Second Life /digitalise this one
So we may never have to relate to another human being

Robotic specimen from comic book fantasy homes
Find widescreen movies to extend their lives
Everyone knows Superman from Kryptonite died

Last Mermaid in a sideshow zoo
Last White Buffalo too
Last raggedy lion in a Kabul Zoo
Soon they will build The Museum Of You

Myth fails us when fantasies come true
Dark Side of the Force occupies Holy Lands/Truth
is a refugee ship to relieve Gaza
That will result in civilians/murdered

We need to free Myth from War Games
Free digital children from Zombie Apocalypse
Release Fantasies that give Power to Light
So we might survive Dream Nightmare nights

Unless we can Imagine Our way Through
All Myths and Legends will be Exposed as untrue!


she has found herself !and her energies shine!
she is writing ALL the time!
creation comes from her like summer songs
heated ,passionate,powerful and long
into each night her dreams unwind
She has found herself-and she is strong
She listens to the soundtrack of her smiling
knows this involves more than mere sweet reason
There is a Spring here-it is emotions
they rhyme with rain and seek new gardens
Green the growing-weeds and flowering
All is new .All is golden
Sunshine activates her when the solar sky
'gives way to moon of starred and holy night
This is when the dreams come in-(they rhyme
She is dreaming all the time!

rain me(night gardens

moon me(dewdrop flowers
all night dreaming trails
delivered in wetness
awaken-tanks full of silver
splash on garden.Green tomatoes
soon will be red golden
Waters of dreaming sprinkle loving/
ly among the bitter and the sweet
Change!(and it is changes!-heat
is beaten into liquidities.He who waits for love forgets
she has already left.She who hesitates has lost
connections.Plug in.Electric.Motors hum
Rain stops,but clouds do not.Move on-move along
Cloud of Unknowing.Cloud of Wisdom
Cloud computing-offshoring dreams
to bank upon a sweetening.Raining?Yes!
This bliss from tortured Texas heat
has left a lightening .Silent morning
Grass rises for the sun.Clouds stay around
just to make sure everyone gets some.Summer now!
Solstice has come!


It took our times to find the dark side-
black holes,dark matter
Sci-Fi defines our projections upon black and anti-matter
Buck Rogers ,Star Wars,Star Trek,Galaxy Quest=
children's serials screened for matinee sessions
Meanwhile-weapons in space.Spy satellites.Lasers.
Atomic and hydrogen bombs.Too many missiles pointing
From Cold War to HOT Fukoshima-all fantasies are real!
We have split the atom and ourselves.Eden as Sargasso.
Myths of flight are Challenger Space Shuttle(privitized)
Richard Branson owns the moon and will take tourists for a Virgin
Icarus a brand name on NASA merchandising.
The more we see,the less we are."When you wish upon a dark star...
Walt Disney melts on ice.Disneyworld meets Pirates in Space.
What we project=we become.STAR TREK conventions.Plastic figurines.
Space Museums.Somewhere,millions-of space junk orbiting spare parts
One day we will collide(at random)-like meteors,like asteroids
This has happened before.Remember?Velokovski/Lemuria?
Atlantis means more than a luxury resort.Dark Side of the Moon more than Pink Floyd


Before two,you were always one
Even when two,you are still one

You are One in union and alone
You are one when desolate and lonely

You are one who thinks and feels for themselves
You are the only one you are with all the time

Dolphin diving in and out of twos finds you
always with the one of you

Not that you are island-more peninsula
Stretched arms out from mainland parents

Awkward and gangly,like a baby ibis
Needing two wings to fly with

Your belief that you were only half of two
has condemned you to too many lonely nights

You are complete as you are-pre,post,during
any relationship on whatever level or dimension

And you are not just one-you are more!
because you store all memories,dreams,imaginings ever more

Vestigial tails and atavistic hair

Perimeters of defensible space include kith and kin
After that a huge degree of separation between
where the walls surround Palestine and the walls of prisons
"Stone walls do not a prison make"but if our 3rd world incursions fail
it is because we do not relate to tribe nor clan
nor take an understanding that states are nothing more than familial and tribal men
Corruption when a Boss or Guru or God or Priesthood
chains Bibles in Latin to pulpits,and forbids the understanding of Mysteries.
Failed states may never have been more than clan winners
in wars between tribes for women ,water ,power and resources
Crime is political in its conservatism-whiteanting any structure without wanting change
Reform is only possible with a middle class that is not starved in to submission
Governments govern best when they are local,known,trusted and transparent
Wars will continue-but on a low key level-apportioning territories via violence
Making borders between tribe and clan apparent to any Machiavelli or Rousseau
Reptilian brain still rules when it comes to primal needs-
Empires rise and fall upon securing resources with which to feed
the few who recognize in each other a common thread
The rest is "foreign" and will end up dead.

Gardens Once

Sahara a rainforest/until Roman Legions
cut to the quick for ships and lances.Now sand and stories
Inundation would restore Temples of Rain Gods
Empty now,until the next monsoon
Emotions are like that .The Moon...

but no white.Welcome,stranger-
this land was gardens/before the gun.

lingering(what it is like to be love

Pilgrims seek Significance among sifted ruins-
Golden Ages,Bronze Age,Middle Ages,Old Age Elders
all spin their spider threaded moons.Young Stars spark and Flash
with only Noise to protect them from the Silence
Water must change!Plastic coated,turn from Grey to Black
Recycled like Egyptian Sweat and Chenobyl Fukoshima
THE OTHER allures as Most Lovable-God,Sex,Food,Drug,Drink,
Belief in another makes Crusades ,Fatwas,Jihads..
If the waters were high and the rain kiss lower
we would not need Other or Another-just Lover
to Uncover the Mirror of what Shines Brightest-
Sun Who Beams while slowly dying
adds to Moon's all night reflection
in the waters,deep and crying
happy in the flow.

"I have bells in my hair"(JB)

Tintabulations announce the return of Happy Jack post-Kerrville
Soon he may ring a ding ding to Rainbow Gathering
For now he is with us with bells on
Tiny faerie bells that sweeten the air with smiles
For who hears the tiny bells of faeries lives?
Ominous church bells boom out black burning sundays
Devas ,brownies,sprites and pixies live beneath rose petals
When rain rings gifts for this parched earth
they giggle with glee.Faerie folk know the hidden worlds of green-
their laughter may be heard just before dawn rings
new worlds with fire/when the last of white moonlight is slipped
across the singing grasses.Listen? You can ear him now-
embroidering joy with a beer can in his hand
original as laughter,bells following him!


After breakup-fragments,remains
Are lovers friends?Will anger maintain?

Split infinitives-grammatically awkward
when seen in public as ex-partners

And when the NEW wo/man is seen by side
how deal with possession/territoriality denied?

Children become a separate issue
Love them,but deny the father/mother

Diplomacy fails/hostilities commence
Counseling requires permission and truth access

Less a failure of relation/ship
More a sinking of USS TRUST

Violation may be physical or emotional
Sometimes both,sometimes withdrawal of affections

Distances make enemies/borders
only define property settlements

You can never go back to Eden
Snake wisdom bites the apple

IF and IF ONLY return each night
to be banished by BUT and I CANNOT

The friend and companion you trusted once
now has another(only space for one!

You may settle as solo for a time
Relationships are a temporary crime

Eventually,change will come
Perhaps in the form of another one

And you may seek to make two
But there will always be a three-your history

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


clouds huddle grey crowds
as i walk my block to lose gravity
other joggers do not know
this is our solstice/we
watch the trash trucks south austin tuesday
rejoice in this shifting of the past
after a long and sleepless night
entering the solstice

space and the uni-verse

while we are here,we wonder(wander
off the beaten track/to lose ourselves and not look back
as Spirits flit out of their only Holy Flesh
we watch and wait and witness-express
the difference between Being and Nothingnest.
Philosophers Stoned create concepts to Deal With Periennials-
Pain,Suffering,Loneliness and Death
While Ordinary Folk just get along and "get on with it"
Folk wisdom wakes while we are deep sleeping
Gathers as we turn solitary
Celebrates even the Darkest Hours
Looks Forward rather than Blackward
and finds Dark Humor in every Sarcophagus
Death is Forgetting.Rememberers know this and Enchant
The Past is a Potemkin Village(no body lives there
The Present is a Gift.Hold it -then Release
Flowers Burst Forth From The Garden Within You!
What grows is Truth.What perfects is Harmony
Between Sorrows,we knit Tomorrows
from the Stitched Blanket of Despair
and make new Theories to Rationalize our and the uni-verse


Even now,one is still a number
though sometimes it goes to zeros

She waited until age meant
the term"spinster"rather than "individual"

All the rest married,divorced,had children
This was the done thing.They were done

She waited for her Knight In Shining Armor
He was a rustbucket of drunken cliches

She saw the Available Choices
Chose to glow Solo.Alone.One

If love ever entered,it left again
Did not stay for a morning /repetition

And she had a cat and comfortable slippers
Solitary is not confinement when you choose

He had love like clothes he divested
She had a wardrobe of work dresses

Strange how some are immune to coupling
They sing solo in the shower and smile

Watching,witnessing weddings(and divorces
Always the bridesmaid/never aligned

We enter this world through another
We leave by ourselves in our time

Some will be one forever
One heart,one home,one Crown.


started as a pebble
next an avalanche
sad to be stone(d)
stay off the grass!

you are wise to discriminate
you are precious and unique
be that love that seeks higher vibes
once you are love,you do not need to seek

before and after silence,we let our circus in
they strum guitars like gypsies
they bang the drum like slaves
we laugh and entertain them
respond to magicians and knaves
Muse calls to those who listen
she knows what notes to bring
When in doubt,to connect
All we can do-is sing!

each day a wall,each night abridged
and only these two feet to dance with
between smiles,the fog forgetting and the swamp of time
every fish knows what the taste of hooks is like
of course the door,window within walls
to enter and to leave when bait is cage
Lake and river are some masks for life within
the thin lines that hook,line and sink are worth avoiding
Energy is precious,so full freedom
is a flag to fly to outwit limits
In every moment,choice and free will
In every dream,an endless sporting ocean
Life allows us doors and windows
so long as we build no walls

Intuition is tuition
in the links between humans
when they are not willing
we are OUT when they are IN
when they wish to be together
words are unnecessary

she must dolly herself up to impress
undressed,she is simple and drear
who wants the naked truth?we clothe our views
in ellipses/feints/clear is the path to perdition
Masks are the art we are wearing
words are the boats we sail in
Sailors,Be Aware!Here be Dragons!


Vietnam,conscientiously objecting,we crossed borders
Now the guards are question marks
You half speak French and English/cowboys and prairies,snow and ice
We tourist visit Vancouver,Pikes Place,cross from Seattle to Salt Spring Island
You remind us of Monty Python-all Mounties Royal Canadian
Health Care Universal,high taxation,calmer than your Southern neighbors
You are no Mexico!How comes it so we cannot see you ?


Steinbeck could not reverse Dust Bowl politics
thugs with clubs beating train hobos
Trains are Light Rail now,or Freight
empty boxcars to distant spaces
if i could ride the clicking tracks
where would be my Kerouac?


once,the Natural-
in fruit and foods homegrown
(swing with it,o monkey banana!
village makes its own

larger now-abstraction
SWEETNESS a brand name(sold!
Made in Factory-even when "organic"-
a distance sets in,settles in
(river ceases to flow)

searching for rainbows
sometimes requires storms
to get to peace through wars

the bell sounds in a distant monastery
silence @pre-dawning./sweetness!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Buy Health(Food)Bars!Shop Naturally!Dolphin Free Whales!Free Willy Brothels!
Tusk!Tusk!Tiger Tooth Rag.Exterminated Species.Aphrodisiacs.
Kabul Zoos.The Last..Behind Bars.What was Nature Guilty Of?
Property Demands a HighRise Duplex Parking Station for Valets
This Will Be A Space For A Shopping Village.
Buy NOW! Natural Views!Only 42 left!


we see GOLD.ASSETS.BANKSY.PROFITS.Modern as secular Error
Cast hooks in to Collections.Nazi Gold Art.Seize in the name of True Masters
Yet even Dali/Warhol Made Fakes-and Sold Twice.AUTHENTICATE!
Servants /Apprentices of THE SIMPSONS outsourced Family Cartoons
to sell Film Gels when Frames of Movies became Roy Lichenstein.
Diamond Skulls.Painted Elephants.Monkey Art.Splash.Dash.Panache
What Sells is What Saves!Salve!Salvation!Monetize The Dead.(Grateful
Tie Died and Corporate.Ties By Jerry Garcia.Life by Mickey Mouse.
Images make Industry.Sell Up! Sell Out!Sell NOW!Sell!Sell !Hell...

a new silence

not fear,nor trepidation.Not ominous,nor salvation
not deep,nor meditation.Stagnant,not moving
Rust not singing.Dust not rainstorms.What brings winds?Random!
Nothing salved via waiting.No Saviors,nor Saints-just Sin
(The Capitol Of Sloth).Swamps.Mosquitoes.Flies on the faces of Fourth Worlds.
Film Star Poverties.Orphans For Sale.Babies Across Borders.Sex Trafficking.White bud earphones
connected to imaginary Webs .Virtual Silence.(this is not consent-it is the stab of accomplices
Hunting the New,we studiously edit out OLDE.Mirrors Broken.Memory Shards.
Ancient Asians trade Chinese Tibetan hegemoney.Gold for 30 peaces of sliver.
now You Cannot Wait.silence is an outlaw.and all who sail with her will hang,suspended
Like Grandfathered clocks in a digital whirl.Silence!Your time has gone!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Pom de orb-green plant in every backyard garden
stretching wild limbs into the heat of sun
Often sprouting volunteers via self -seeding
Popular and tasting like a red dream

Frankenstein fruit-a chemical soup for markets
Hard green,requiring gases to fake blush
Sold slave-with slaves as double harvest
Uniform-as green troops towards extinction

Choice is one-to grow in backyard garden
Variety is choice-size and weight and volume
Taste diverges-according to the site and season
Loved by all-by being individual

Same for us as for the gatherers-
will we be be free-or slave to market forces?


Once/explorers/would delight /in frontiers-"the first!"to discover New Lands
Usually,there were Indigenous Folk living there
who had attuned to the earth and left minimal carbon footprints
They would cull and cut only when needed-never to excess
They also maintained population control
so resources were never depleted
Now there are no"New"Lands
Everything has been mapped via satellite and GOOGLE
Even space has been probed via HUBBLE Telescope
So we have arrived @THE LAST status-exterminated species
like dodo and dragon and unicorn-make fables out of what is lost
Science Fiction makes mutants ,clones,replicants
out of what we have done post-Hiroshima
and we watch daily as bees disappear and birds drop like planes from the skies
(These are not the "Last"Days-though they are for those who leave-
and we are not the "Last"folk standing/though our time is counted heartbeats
What you see and hear now different to your ancestors
What you experience different to your children's worlds
There is neither relief nor remedy for this
in fact,this is the last thing i will write...


When i first heard of Sun Bear and Earth Changes-i was excited!(not via Catastrophes-more by Possibilities
that we might actually listen to the Earth We Are On.One.
When Crop Circles started manifesting in Beautiful and Harmonic Patterns
i was Surprised how determined media folk were to debunk their Mysterious Origins
attributing Beauty to Pranksters With Smiley faces.Now I notice Fool Moons,Eclipses,
Tricks Of Light,Small News Items That Would Otherwise Be Overlooked.
Bees disappear,Dolphins and Whales Beach,butterflies dessicate,Birds Lose Skies
(it is never too late to ask both HOW and WHY)
Weather has changed.We have changed.Plastic ubiquitous.Cancers.
Sunspots.Solar Storms.Meteorites.Asteroids.Here We are-on a Rock In Space
One Beautiful Blue Planet choking on car exhausts.
Each Morning a Miracle.Each Midnight Dreaming.
Stars Fell Long Before Us-all we can do-

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Too many people-not enough fish stocks
Some will be extinct before we eat them
More will be valued beyond our budgets
remembering how lobster was once for servants and the lower classes
being(like catfish and prawns-a bottom feeder
with all the mud and muck and mess
as despised as carp-but still fished out!
Bycatch such as panfish/bluegills/perch/crappies and chichlids
now supplement bass and catfish as trash fish treasures
Tune,salmon and tilapia remain mainstay
swordfish still a high dollar valued item-
yet now supplemented with blackened redfish and drum..
Almaco jack ,blue runner and other forms of snapper
align with Chilean sea bass(Patagonian toothfish)
to make for adventurous menus and fresh palates
From catfish terrine to American bowfin caviar
(as netted in the Red River,Sabine and San Jacinto river systems)
sustainable fishing practices expand possibilities and taste experiences
Triggerfish with shallots and herbs,loup de mer,Texas redfish and fennel
served up with curry coconut milk and lemon-Gulf shrimp and grits
finished with tomato consumme-all these gastronomic experiences await
once we move from fishing out to hand fishing for your supper
Hunt and fish for what you will eat tonight
$Watch as your tastebuds embrace sustainable futures!

NOTHING MATTERS(Every thing matters)

We do not agree-Kant,Heidegger,Schopenhauer,Bentham nor Mill
Not Marx,Lenin,Stalin,Mao ,Che nor Ho
No leaders,thinkers,philosophers,theists,atheists,agnostics
Whether asexual,Puritans,anarchists,Bacchanalians,Wiccans,nor Christians
Not Buddhists,Baptists,Catholics,Jews nor Hindus
Not public transport advocates,nor car poolers
Not ageists,sexists,feminists,speciesists,scientists
Not children nor elders,past lives or Noh lives
Not objective correlativists,not relatives
Not parents,grandparents,ancestors,future lives
Not you nor me nor anyone we know
No sculpture,photograph,video,novel,play nor poem
Not ever,never,now or deferred till later
Not this instant nor the next
There is no place where everyone is YES!
Tyranny or minorities,majorities,bureaucracies,dictatorships
No format universal-no freeware,shareware,Microsoft nor Apple
No ipad,ipod,iphone,tablet ,Android nor Blackberry
no art,no play,no thought,no emotion the same-
Snowflakes,fingerprints,eye recognition software-all framed
No space station,Mission To Mars nor the Moon
No certainty,uncertainty,no history,theology -no reasonable offer refused!
We do not agree.Now that we have established that-
why can't we all just get along?

Saturday, June 11, 2011


You began because one and one made three
You still seek another one to feel complete

Temporary time turnings attuned to twos
But one was never enough for you

You have been one.Solo.Alone.Temporarily
This illusion denied by close friends and family

Entering in two union w/separate spirits
You trade autonomy for company/loneliness for blankets

Even if you break down/out-you still seek another
who will hold you more than friend or temporary lover

Now two is no guarantee of forever
Liaisons fall apart like stormy weather(compound fracture)

Serial monotony?/or simply grasshoppering?
Winter comes/bones are ague and ageing

One you become even when others visit
Your life story ends as you finish it.

Somewhere another story begins with part-time jobs
to feed the growing need to be (complete)

Somewhere someone who will be
with you (permanently-more likely temporarily

Somewhere this will be a surprise to he or she
who sees only their own life as destiny

Somewhere practicing for change is one
who will sometime be Your Other One

Now ask how it is we settle down
for Family Village when our love is City Town

How can affection be so easily transferred
by just another shape and form of words?

Is seduction a mutual beneficial pact
that we believe each other even when lies like that?

And when we settle down and settle in
What shall we tell the growing questioning children?

Divorce.And still the need to be
with some special one(not necessarily eternities

Dating-strange to audition and seek
another replaceable one to meet my needs

Dare you share your pre-stories of your life before
when she was not even dreamed of at your door?

Does each new lover blind the old
or are they just new warmth against the cold?

And now-our life twined with all others lives
And now -eyes see as from a distance
And now-still little perspectives
And now-how extricate this ?

more stolen from heteroSEXUAL(a love story)by CHUCK TAYLOR

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


LAWS BEFORE LAWS(language before language)
once there were 300 varieties of corn-more of apples
Now you can count varieties with your fingers and toes
Once there were ancestral rules and regulations
Empires import uniformity-laws over laws
Perhaps there were matriachies-none survive
Just female leaders of patriachal war machines
so when olde laws are dug up and translated
they reveal an entirely new mode of mind
Ireland's Brehon Laws only gave noble standing to harpists
Poets who overcharged would be stripped of half his rank in society
February First is the date when husband and wife could walk away from their marriage
A husband who through listlessness does not go to his wife in bed must pay a fine
If a woman makes an assignation with a man to come to her in a bed or behind a bush
the man is not considered guilty even if she screams.If she has not agreed to a meeting
he is guilty as soon as she screams.When you become old,your family must provide you
with one oatcake a day plus a container of sour milk.They must bathe you every 20th night
and wash your head every Saturday.Seventeen sticks of firewood is their allotment to keep them warm.
No fools,drunks or female scolds are allowed in the doctor's house when a patient is healing there
No bad news is to be brought and no talking across the bed
No grunts of pigs or barking of dogs outside If a doctor heals your wound but it breaks out again
because of his carelessness,neglect or gross want of skill-he must return the fee you paid.
He must also pay you damages as if he himself had wounded you
Whoever comes to your door you must feed him and care for him with no questions asked
It is illegal to give somebody food that has been found with a dead mouse or weasel
A layman may drink six pints of ale with his dinner but a monk may drink only three
This is so he will not be intoxicated when prayer time comes.
These laws(like ours)are time limited and defined.Once Upon A Time...


Dominate my daylight with nuclear self destruction
Your age span far exceeds my life plan
When you are all burnt up
where will all the sunflowers go?
with no one to look up to
to emulate as flowers do
everyone above....


Science fiction and fact blur in special effects
Writers script possibilities a la Phillip K Dick
which end up like Dick Tracey's wristwatch-
ads that monitor audiences,I Robots and Cyborgs
We need the Asimovs and Arthur C Clarke's to presage our futures
If we are to be connected to a Web.3-or offshored to a cloud
(our information is us-we are our data)-then privacy is no longer an issue
Uniformity and control are!Who decides who lives,who dies
when paralyzed?Rich clients with Alzheimers might buy hospitals
(President Marcos had 4 of the 13 dialysis machines in the Philippines)
while Plagues reduce population via organic sprouts e coli.
Consider brain research that is available right now to billionaires.
Consider foundations and their cuts in funding.Ask why insurance selects clients
Will we exchange freedom and autonomy for safety and security?
Police and Emergency budgets over schools and libraries?
Will we see no point in art,culture,literacy,philosophy?
Unless and until there is an available app on the WWWeb
and you can download new thoughts
from the second hand censored edited Internet


his second year returning from Iraq-
when he enlisted,they were throwing money,taking tattooed men
now they are weeding them down as the budget is tightening
When he went(into infantry)-he saw the waste of ammunition and money
training each young soldier for the field/now he is civilian(student-GI Bill..
he took a year to write the stories of his time there.
Fire pits to icecream bars stolen from Iraqi homes
interrogation and torture of the young-he saw and recorded
the shootings and the lootings often and random
when young men are unleashed,the dogs of war become hungry.
We live in an age of endless and universal wars-
yet we do not speak about the horrors.Background count like radiation.
Daily disasters distract us.He wants to remind us that war is waged via incompetence
Apathy helps.With no one to protest,human rights languish.He shares stories of past
Wars are us.We listen,but no one buys.We are pacifists/passive.Peace 4 us!


From economic to emotional-
"austerity""balanced budget" to closed schools and libraries
"too big to fail"means "we can afford lobbyists"
Remember"we must burn the village to save the village?"
First casualty truth,second=use of language.

(she shared-
is to work.To feel useful.To be engaged
not enraged by lack of opportunities and depressed
She engaged me.It was a marriage of opportunity.

BONE THIN,no dollar him
so he strums strings outside greyhound
she contemptuous of him,waves her twenty
as if it were her key to him
He finally sings a Greyhound Traveling Song
she releases the twenty-he comes
to Kick Butt for a milkshake AND a coffee!
THAT is poetry!

Art has secrets.Reveals like a strip
perhaps,only at the last,do you see all.


Used to be no longer exists.Foreclosed.Evicted.Possessions littering streets
I remember left town with debts.Memory an unreliable mistress.Gilds lilies.Forgets
Both accomplices in dangerous territories-uncharted.Monsters lurk here.Deep Waters.
Drown in Regrets.Egrets on surfaces,fishing for compliments.
Ancestors rely upon your misrepresenting them."Noble Savages"
Grandfathering children when parents atomic split(again)
Nuclear turns to compound -al/chemical bondings break down
You can not glow backwards.Genies do not fit in bottles
Ships sink .Planes crash.Cars collide.Every day.Every night
clicks like a billiard cue.What to do?On Islands Of Moments,momentary
We step and we step again against the tides.Heraclitus cries.Xerxes @Golds Gym.
pushing the river/blowing up mountain tops.Nature has fled,leaving huddled city camps.
Deserts return,reclaiming wilderness.Floods make us non-materialists.
Today is tomorrow's future.Yesterday a hit retro-Beatles.
but even he is more than 64,and john has gone forevermore.Ever More.
Grief and regrets belong to Edith Piaf.Strange Fruit still with a Black President.
Before seeking some sane Presidential Candidate,find what can be done with this "Democratic"one
Unless you are still in love with Camelot.Someone has lost the plot.
Reality TV is not.

FFF(Form follows function,function follows form)

if form follows function-explain bees wings
why sharks must move to breathe
why corporations are legally human beings
why the Internet is free

if function follows form-explain modern art
and random murders,bombings,assassinations

if both are true-or neither
please explain further.

Red anger activates.Eats away unless transformed into activism
Green peace activates.Disrupts whales,dolphin slaughtering
Red Communism is now Crony Capitalism(Russia),Corruption(China)
Green products cost more and are still hybrids
Red is the color of blood and restaurant tables and fires
Green shades of lost shadow rainforests.Plant more trees-or see red.!

Dispensing samples@Sun Harvest
Wild eyes,he transfixes upon me-
"Do you know of David Icke?"
"Yes..reptilians..Bildeberg..shadow governments..etc etc etc
He ,conspiratorially "It's getting closer,you know"
"Me-"O!-you mean 2012?"
"Yes",as he serves me hemp seeds"most folk are asleep"
I make a note to go to SPROUTS for samples
Paranoia needs company.I drop my fear
and buy a canteloupe,some cherries and blackberries
It's getting close,you know!

not peacocks ,nor gilded altars nor gods
more a shining bright as atomic bombs(for we may never see a H Bomb
and if we only start @A and never get to H(i will be happier
sans Princes sans Paupers,Paradises Promised via Politicians
Now the Price Of Gold has never been Higher
The price of Time demises(many doing time rather than vice versa
There may be a Gold Rush in Gold-but that is largely Futures
(ours is assured-we are More Than Minerals!
Earth still quaking ,planes still falling (in prices
Floods,pestilence,famine-simultaneous with astonishments
Who knows what will happen?-NEXT!


Deep in a cave in our minds,decisions are made
primal and passionate,never seeing the light of rational eyes
nor arguing rationally for/on/to a scientific basis
Ask why emotion rules when deciding AMERICAN IDOL
or cheering the murder of unarmed civilians
(Syria,Iran,Klu Klux Clan..every lynch mob/flash mob
every mutiny,riot,act of random(or authorized) violence
Our ancestors resurrect within our skin
when we glow back to our killing cave origins


One lark,one swallow,one butterfly-
each with wings of words,songs,strings
freed from the puppetry of sky and distance
flew in to our temporary nest and sang for no supper
They gave and smiled and flew away-wheels spinning
in a spring that was Summer,in a blue that was golden

i can no longer fit within the small room(of my body)
i used to eat the whole wide world(became the world)(round and round)
i used to used to go back instead of being here(safer/comfort zones/familiars)
i watch as spirits flit out of their only holy skin
count moments when drinking this in/i get drunk on memories
i can no longer remember who is living
today i asked myself-but i was leaving

sing over my body as i lay dreaming
all that remains is needing healing
sing to the core of all that springs gardens
seeds of new life -arise!awaken!

Giant Asteroid Hurtling Towards Earth and a second feature: The Tomato that Ate the Earth

once the plane has left the ground
and you are in the air/with many other passengers
whose faith in flight is high as kites
yet whose gravity means baggage fees

there is nothing one can do
on a freeway gridlocked/who
can move traffic @rush hour?
Even Superman found Kryptonite!

there is nothing one can do
when birthdays pop up faster every year
and time is like a rabbit down a hole
(it WAS here just a moment ago!)

there is nothing one can do
when the world comes to an end
for every one,one day or night will be their last
and it does not matter if it is a blast

or if four billion others wonder too
there is nothing one can do!


Brought home the sun
flower.She drunk on yellow
Light/bent towards /away from
inevitable gravity.We agreed!
Whatever example one can align with
is better than dirt.

wherein we grew /enough
to be expelled from College
for Apple pranks
on Isaac Newton.

Cats watch them.


asks for a quick trim.


is doing something


solve the Uni-verse in/somniac free verse

every generation/a new crop
mowed down /in/fluences.


why pain?suffering ?wars?
Sea sighs,returns blood tides


avoiding ever meeting/via post.



Monday, June 6, 2011


You are reading this as part of a "social network"
(which is a misnomer-as it is a virtual representation
(as words themselves-and language-sounds /symbols
are a code to REPRESENT connections/and replace them
with a mode more economic and efficient(binary code/alphabets)
The success of FACEBOOK and GOOGLE brings to light flaws
in the way we choose to link with each other-information is corporatised,
censored,becomes proprietorial,and an instrument of exchange
rather than an energy process of affirming friendships and affiliations.
Bits and bytes are then SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER
and the next step post hacking and stealth firewall invasions and Stuxnet and bots
is the breaking of the link between us via data invasions of privacy
This has already happened at a governmental level
Soon it will become another corporate platform
with venture capital to research the best ways to manipulate us for market forces
are now motivation for communication,and monetizing the mantra.
Be aware of privacy invasions on all levels
Antivirus ,spyware,malware updates will not prevent SECURITY breaches
especially when your personal data is seen as food for profits for hackers,slackers
and those wish to become overnight billionaires on the backs of who you really are.

Friday, June 3, 2011


When i argued with the river
It simply turned over in bed
So i waited.For time.To stop(it did not!
All that will change is time.
River flows around.No time to argue.

Confucius confused-
Arthur Waley mistranslates
Digital dog fish


Q:Where do we hand our power now?
A:Over to the right(wing)
Q When do we get it back?
Q:Who do i talk to about this?
A:We have offshore all complaints
A:Because of difficult questions like this

BY THE TIME WE GOT THERE(another fender bender

As if time could only wait(for no man
and when you get close/there are no witnesses.

To the point/every syllable screamed


Renaissance requires patronage-we are Art
in word,song,metal,wood,mud and life
We do not need to believe-life surprises us!
Possibilities present themselves poignantly 
we passionately embrace perspectives
prepare ourselves for self-initiations
preach only to the converted
seek patrons for the pleasure of creation!
When asked for explanations-we offer questions
When bee questions die off,we sing with whales
When dolphins beach,we drag them back in to the deep
("has many voices,not all of which benign")
Now mark a spark where you are upon this life page book
Take another look inside-alternatives/options reside
What you see and feel only part/portion
There is always more once you open the door
and walk out in to the unknown



Habit gets me through-

IN EVERY VILLAGE,there is a well-

Gemini Season!
Gemini Season!

The problem with the Right Wing-
(they think they are right!)

Angry servant of god
wants to be master.

Looking for e motions
to move on.

is a journey .

Before you die
please LIVE!

Buddha was not a Buddhist
Jesus was not a Christian.

You doubt angels
yet believe UFOs?

My best news?
You can do better!


and we cannot digest
We turn to food as medicine
Neighbors bring pot luck
Family gathers for a wake
More than distraction-
focusing upon digestion
allows butterflies to sit
and emotions to glow both hot and distant
There is NO EXIT from this earth
(we will all be compost for the worms)
Yet voluntary departures mean
we share the grief as food for thought
 moving meditation(loss-
is always for the living...

excess baggage -here,clear!
what happens independent of emotion
malice extra.lazy actor.cinema verite.(yawn!
Hit yourself!Save me the time and energy!
False gods every where-demanding obesience
Fear,worry,regret makes us smaller
In the larger world,they do not exist-
ask animals as they leap without limit
There is simply WHAT IS
All the rest is sugar coating saccharine -not even stevia!
What happens next unknown to all of us..
Extend your emotional repertoire!
Imagine your alternatives!

why journalists are the new storytellers

Norman Mailer invented "faction"(the mixing of fact and fiction
and in ANCIENT EVENINGS took us back to Ancient Egypt
He also slipped time zones easily-putting the "fabula"back in to "fabulous!"
His biography of MARILYN required leaps of imagination
Journalism demands veracity and authentic sources
Fact checks make for fat checks-Wikileaks over Wikipedia
Julian Assange over John Pilger
which exposed malfeasance on a governmental scale
Yet even Boston Slam Brown fictionalized articles
to keep her circulation going round
Suits for libel and slander do not stop the NATIONAL ENQUIRER
and the NEWS OF THE WORLD is less news-more world stories
with paparrazi pix and bold huge headlines
the fate of celebrities relies upon these exposes
from Liz Smith to Kitty Kelley-the reporter becomes the headline
as journalism becomes the Nation's image building story telling
from opera to soap opera to Ophra-the dumbing down is real
Facts less important than what people feel
Never trust a headline that promises revelations!
Last time the end of the world was predicted ended in frustration!

"it is sometimes enough to walk"

each step away from and also towards
each heart beat stirring furnaces of blood pump
awarding body with a pulse of thought
"Feelings come first-words follow after"
I let my feet dictate the scope and stretch of laughter
All else is secondary to perambulation
There is only movement.There is only motion.
Exercise is devotion.

Pot luck(again!)-in comes Albert
Zen Bob laughs beside him
Byron (Kocen),Joe Murphey,-
it's getting rowdy!Laughter!
They do not know they are not here!
They leave,quieter now
Knowledge is disaster.

"50 years!"(she shares-
"I have 50 years of memories!
Every obselete format ,every mistake,every human error
from the landing on the Moon
to those stringed assassinations
My life is full of files-
I may have to delete some-just to fit more in!"

i was in a forest once

it was not silent-
does anyone remember deep forests?

i was a waterfall
until your emotional drought

clouds cover
like a kiss with no promise

deep sleep
when the seas come in waves

early morning
catching dewdrops!

after midnight
when zen dreams

after rain-frogs!
bliss singing!

snakes seek water
because they are

my guilty cat-
bird feathers!

night's stowaway-
boat of dreams!

a herd of watermelon-
how can you cut just one?