may we all be heard
words are bells
let them ring!

Thom World Poet Austin, Texas, USA
Global Radical networker and activist for promoting the live Creative Arts,
at every possible opportunity, especially in his home-city, Austin, Texas, USA

Sunday, September 12, 2010

'knowing don't die"

Run back to the womb if ye will-until
regression is therapy,past lives stories,memories a buffet
Rush forward quickly-so that speed diminishes distances
acceleration overwhelms objections,and energy replaces thought
Stay in this Island Moment-with a Moat of Moments surrounding
as if stasis was not paralysis,and photography not motion pictures
Embrace all three at once-split the proceeds
so that perspective can compare and contrast
ways of seeing with waves of being
Doppler surf the possible until it is not
Surge the impossible until it stops
Invade others' theories until one relents
Seek a homeland in this Island earth
Space Colonies can wait.Moon as a man,cat,woman
but(as yet)we are simply visitors.
Sub-orbital exhausts jet carbon footprints
and we must move like Ryanair
until the terms and conditions are clear
we will explore undersea beds for mining
icecaps for fresh water/everywhere as frontier
until we exhaust ourselves and all resources
Now we must ask-did we know?
that development killed us
that civilization meant cities
that wars sustained us?that colonies R us?
Knowing don't die.But we do...


i want my language back!
Malapropisms and neologisms via baby bush
date back to war cliches-
"plausible deniability""collateral damage"
"we have to burn the village to save the village"
Extend this to CIA"enhanced interrogation"(TRANSLATION=Torture)
soon our very speech becomes political cliches
Before you blame Sarah Palinisms for this mediated illiteracy
consider how long erors,distortions and gross exaggerations
have governed our public discourse
It matters when civilians get bombed
It matters when women and children get targeted
It matters when rationalization of casualties compounds damage
When police in New Orleans during Katrina shot innocents
and where themselves looting and marauding and predating
we need to clean our language "to serve and to protect"
When Presidents parse grammar as defense from sexual harassment
we need more than deconstruction of sin tax
When paedophile priests and Fundamentalist sinners
claim the Devil as defense(and yet accuse others of offense)
follow the money trail.Education has become incarceration
Food junk as bonds.Meaning as empty as Lady Ga-Ga.
Dare we stop being distracted by entertainment
long enough to fortify our esperanto vocabularies
so that we are all on the same KINDLE?
"Why can't we all just get along?"
"Don't tazer me,bro!"
"I did not have sex with that lady"

HERITAGE(what we leave behind us)

Strange that one of her readings was @Heritage House-
how few of us knew the full range of her talents
(how modest and humble she was among us-)
when her wit ,erudition and range of languages-
(French ,Swahili,all variants of ebonics,English)
could not keep us from recognizing this diamond in our midst
She was quite personal in every aspect of this
When hundreds gathered for her farewell
he eulogies combined started to reveal
how much she gave to each individual-
how every one was treasured uniquely.
This facility for nurturing/acknowledging
was seen and acted upon in her lifetime
yet only when she has gone do we finally see
her gifts for students,friends,family-
how each have been prepared for this-
to give of themselves via her experience
With her wit and wisdom ,we can grow
knowing that her smiling glow
remains within so many of us
who now must made do
without Dr Marvin Kimbrough.

"wars domestic and civil"

the child advocate explained our warzones-
how children had to be removed from violent homes
how domestic abuse was epidemic
how many end up in foster homes
and these often number two or three
how disruptive this is for a child's sense of safety
how funding relies upon support of the community
how we are on the lip of a catastrophe
as these specific children grow into adults
with no sense of personal safety and no boundaries
having been violated at a vulnerable age
We listened like a time delay
this is at the core of all-
when families crack and fall
the future will be none at all
Seeds poisoned through neglect/abuse
flower into toxic/poisonous
unless/until we recognize
these families are our own(children like wise
Child advocacy just a start
This Benefit requires art..
FOR THE ARTS OF PEACE (BELTON) held September 11,

ergonomics of peace on september 11

everyone contains opposites-within war,peace seekers
silent auctions(artists),songs /harmonies(songwriters
peace petitions(poets),pinwheels for peace,edible peace signs
volunteers,food,drinks,conversation,congenial company
not one trace of conflict nor of fear/a zone made clear
by expressed mutual intent/as if to show -all is possible
Begin here-with oneself.Breath and speech.Listening and silences
Next,reach to those who do not-not in a Messianic fervor
more a smile and seek to link.There is no agenda-there is only us-
underneath the bombs,still only us.This is a benefit
for all humankind is learning how to live together
We have nowhere else to go.We are learning as we go
Wars are waiting if we fail/to convince ourselves
that all is possible/and peace is civil discourse
I am not sure if this can happen more than once
in every moment.Butterflies and doves against hawks and eagles.
The odds have always been stacked against our mutual survival
Somehow we have made it to day.September 11.We reconvert it like the Internet
Reconnect to each other via creative arts .We listen (again/deep breathe
Such small steps away from violence /into common sense
Tomorrow is another attempt.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

each night(like illegal migrants)these dreams cross borders

some leave their bodies in the desert
most leave a trail of tears of grieving relatives
a dream said"GET UP! GO ACROSS BORDERS!"
so we went,despite coyotes,and police,killers and heat
we arrived in the cool of early morning
when the fences of opposition and the walls of criticism
could not take away our physical presence for deportation
Migrants we are-in all dimensions-
Roma,gypsies,aborigines-recognizing ancestral patterns
Others have trod these paths(these paths across deserts
They too have arrived in tiny Bethlehems
where huge walls still separate
and olive trees are bulldozed down
Walls divide villages(and villagers)
When we wake,we see ourselves in towns
small numbers breeding future generations
Soon we may be majority/with laws in our hands
will we make more walls?or infrastructure bridges?
when dreams impel new waves of refugees to cross borders?
despite police and heat,coyotes and killers
Every dream crosses borders in the cool of the night
dies like a body in a desert

car to grapher

blank face if(always-the first!
second hand dewdrops disappearing like moon shadows
stars extinguish themselves (like Lindsay Lohan
Original is not our Age-explorers GOOGLE
when when censored in China,India,Tibet,Korea,Sudan,Somalia
Seems we live on a data flow (on a NEED TO KNOW basis-
this is FOR YOUR EYES ONLY-spy analogies persist
when when the Cold War heats up at border controls
bombs,torpedoes,snipers,landmines-all need to be cleared
for the Maps of Future are in our hand -Lady Di would have liked not to die
pregnant as she was with Dodi's child/and I seek more moments
to share is all we need-enough exists-this sweet bliss(happiness-
sold,diluted,amusement parks itself on our planet and asks us
if we have arrived yet.We reply"but these maps are blank!"
Reply comes-"This is a second hand day in an Age of Experience1
Time to Make New Maps to speak the Spells of Change
otherwise the Past will Resurrect and Replay Scenarios-
conflict,war,headlines,heat-all of these you have seen.In your dreams-seeds!
WAKE UP! Today the maps are in your hands.Plan! (spontaneously..
Harvests await.Golden Grains.


away from the altars of oil greed monies
banks men in suits takeovers currency
in some ghetto 1984 Winston
on some organic Animal Farm Darkness @Noon
In some Catch 22,Yossarian laughs(again
They will make movies of madness and monies
for monies dictate both fashion and flavor
Today it will be IMperfect (gaptoothed models)
tomorrow albino
We are more than audience.This more than script
Time reclaims itself.Demands civil disobedience
Scrawled graffitti Banksy becomes Museums Hirst
while Christo sacrifices crucifixations /worse scenarios
await if we let them dictate IMagination.QUICK!
brown fox!Jump over the lazy rabbit!In the Museum of Computers
we live offline,off the grid,out of it,invisible slackers

"Caterpillar cannot understand butterfly logic"

from wing height,all is below-
unless and until a higher example broadens horizons/spectra
so we can see in this darkness(more than before
Snake does not need a ladder
cannot leap like salmon up stream and waterfall
Each habitat specific(hole,cave,nest or refuge)
Only fences limit perambulations
Each mirrors reflections of others(collecting stories
until cumulatively we unlock both cage and key
deciphering Codes of Hammurabi,Philosopher's Stone-
avalanches of illuminations,peregrinations,perambulations-
meditations Marcus Aurelius to Augustine
information overloading technology/until data
becomes less than experience-we personify this
speak of Monarchs and do not mean Empires
temporary as time tuned turnings
Wings that sing in leaps of love lift off
Butterflies born upon the wings of time-sing on!
You affect Amazons!


for more time,even if this is not the end
for comfort(ditto-
i notice they treat people with respect in hospice
why can't this be all of us?
Gold cinemas,with aircraft seating
Aircraft with broken seats
SUVs still running over bicycles and pedestrians
In Oxford and Cambridge and Amsterdam
bicycles have priority(this makes sense to me-
meanwhile economic constriction
while the only value money has is in circulation
Philosopher's Solution-Apply (Orally)While Dreaming
ALL IS POSSIBLE!(despite professional New Age Therapies
Blogs burst with criticism-we need less poison,more Remedies
Applying Rescue Remedy to banks and Corporations has prolonged them
Spirit needs to be shared with every individual and their Prosperity Mechanisms
We are all breathing.Living.Dreaming.Wishing for better,being best we can be
Now when will our best wishes spill out into the Real World
so we can leave poetry>?

observe and report

how in the morning,they shift furniture out into the street
at night,it goes back into the shop
how cars are licensed a year ahead
even if they do not last
how plans are made,even when broken
how seasons and love and elements have laws,too
how while you watch,you are part of this
how distance shrinks with the personal
how all you have seen repeats in themes
how all you have felt seems unique (but is not
how all you say uses the very same words
how little actually matters when it comes to what really matters
how we surf days without knowing the why or wherefore
how separation is irrational(yet common
how union is sometimes partial
how even in the building,a shadow
how a birds wing is shelter
how clouds grumble
why trees sing with the wind
and the only earth(always beneath us-
yet humble as dirt/simply waits
we are coming!.we are here-
to observe and report

observe and report

how in the morning,they shift furniture out into the street
at night,it goes back into the shop
how cars are licensed a year ahead
even if they do not last
how plans are made,even when broken
how seasons and love and elements have laws,too
how while you watch,you are part of this
how distance shrinks with the personal
how all you have seen repeats in themes
how all you have felt seems unique (but is not
how all you say uses the very same words
how little actually matters when it comes to what really matters
how we surf days without knowing the why or wherefore
how separation is irrational(yet common
how union is sometimes partial
how even in the building,a shadow
how a birds wing is shelter
how clouds grumble
why trees sing with the wind
and the only earth(always beneath us-
yet humble as dirt/simply waits
we are coming!.we are here-
to observe and report


Shapeshifting creatures resort to disguise
blend in with the prevailing landscapes
Armies copy them in camouflage
shadows merge anonymous
Shake off these bitter moments(embrace the new!
Nothing will do as we want it to
Three score years and ten (parking metered
Even before,we grow thin scimitar moon and disappear
Crowds shuffle with their own wave dynamics
"Swim like a fish in the water
and do not get caught!"(HO CHI MINH

LET 1000 FLOWERS BLOOM!(Mao Tse Tung)
So Stalin and Mao slaughtered their own people
One was dull political prose,the other nature poet
Both ended up with the same results
Was that bad poetry? or poor poet?
Do not blame the flowers for the weeds
What poetry from a gun barrel proceeds.

fought alongside to liberate Cuba
Che died in the struggle,Fidel lives on
slowly handing power over to his brother at arms
Journalists and poets languish in prison
Is this the price of a (censored ) Revolution?

Pity the poor poet when politics thrive
Palin/Beck/Gingrich demagogues
True poem argues for you to live-
is banished by the tyrants politics

One from Rome
Chile another
Banished from homeland
like a lover.


we were talking about her
because we can no longer talk with her
and i asked "what happens after?"
her honest reply"i do not know"made me smile
for i do not know,and this resonates deeply
Things we see-death,decay,endings,
are as true as our senses allow
(no one returns to tell us the how,why nor where
and stories,myths and legends fill our brows
We seem embedded in time/relationships
shared like RASHOMON(each of us a different witness
each seeing a different INCEPTION(a TROY of emotions
Dig deeper,facts and science reveal exceptions-
those who came back from the dead.those who saw Lights and angels
long tunnels and heard voices when they seemed totally unconscious
and each of these experiences singular ,individual,unique
No one rule governs all-which is why we should talk
about death,and endings,beginnings and memories
for we hold all living in our hearts and minds
and every one of us is lodged in time.(Memento mori.)


regretted what has happened to his village
He knew all the musicians(once).Played country(not western!
with children,grandchildren,great-a dynasty extending
But he has tears for Austin's loss of integrity-
nobody knows anybody.He is confused by traffic
hates hate,wishes we could all just"get along"
His song is almost finished-he wears a cap
and rides a white pickup.He knows he is a vanishing species
Of course,you may see a conservative redneck
awash with sentimental nostalgia/yet is he
reminiscent of times this city denies-the old,poor,working class
who live from hand to mouth and built these houses
roof by roof,pipe by pipe-before machines and migration patterns
changed all that.He looks back.All his past has passed-
as we will.One day we will be old-a story told
voice to ear,sotto voce,whispered like a legend
of a newer Austin,lost in time and change and traffic
Gone like memory-never to come back


Rain comes in,washes down Siberian tigers,black panthers
flowing with the wildness of no limitations,crashing branches,cars
entangling humans with expressed inner conflicts-fear -or release?
Brave self-selecting evolutionaries choose to share aloneness in company
True recluses recuse /excuse themselves from even trying
We are constantly in metaphor-wind,weather,river,rain-
all rise to flood our Gates of Perception
until Pakistan despairs and obeys Quran Taliban
Goodbye,women and children!Hello,patriachy!(again!)
Evolution thwarted by armed guards at the doors of Freedom
each husband a jailer,each father a killer
each mother as wrong as in China
Hello,democracy!Instead of bombing with Bibles
and burning Old Testaments-how about exemplifying freedom?
Freedom for women is not pornography
Freedom to gamble is not a State enterprise
Freedom to speak is not a Free Speech Zone
Freedom of Religion also allows Wiccans,gays,atheists,agnostics,poets
(sometimes all in one)Where is our freedom?
This is our Dreaming Season.


They will all be color coded,with ID tags in laminates
ipods ,MP3s are optional-but all shall have universal access to TV
Surveillance shall be universal,monitoring from baby in crib
to student in school,to worker in office-
cameras shall track and record biometrics
so each shall have an individualized program of distraction
and all shall be tracked and traced from cradle to grave(and beyond
Their ashes will be monitored for signs of dis-ease
so no new outbreaks of smallpox or plague might resurrect
Now that forests exist only digitally in movies and Museums
we focus upon re-creation over wrecked creations
Clones of fave extinct animals will amuse in petting zoos
and no one will know all food is Frankenstein
Seed corporations who pioneered seedless grapes and watermelons,
fertilizer corporations who created non-germinating seeds
will enforce the New China policy of one child families
"From each according to their abilities
to each according to their needs "shall become
"Just do what you are told by the Corporation-
and you just might get along!"
All deviance is punishable .All statements may be monitored for content
No child shall be left behind as an individual
Just follow the Yellow Brick Road
This is the Best Of All Possible Worlds!


After WW1,in Germany ,defeat,reparations,poverty,hyperinflation-
an artistic Renaissance full of grit and Cabaret,Opera and Drama
introduced surrealism into our world vocabulary.
This times are sharp as those-with arts funding cut
literacy low,schools and libraries closing-
a strange new mutant life form emerges
based upon techno-advances in phones
and Internet and networking knowledge
Bands on MYSPACE burst forth on YOUTUBE
with viral videos passed round the world instant as command
Hackers and slackers and open source coders
play with the links between phones and TV
Opera in markets,dances in train stations
all broadcast worldwide for free.This changes everything!
Our vocabulary extends into robots,clones,replicants
Our hit movies feature Terminators,2012,Armageddon
Our special effects can make dream states visible
and cartoons become the new Esperanto of the digital age
This Renaissance has you among it.It cannot be denied
Volunteerism,individuality-uncensored and unedited
raw footage via phone cameras place us on front lines-
as Neda is shot in Iran,as BP gushes oil in our Gulf
This is art!More than advertising.Primal as mural/tagging/graffitti.
We are the co-creators of frontier metaphors.
Global village fools with no borders.Create your age as you live within it
Instant is no longer quick enough-you better sing!


Nothing but this body(all of it
and this voice (that comes from the depths of it
No shaker,no drum,no guitar,no costume
Just this wailing/ululating prayer rising smoke into fire Heavens
You plant your two feet solid as two trees
deep into the earth you bend with hidden breeze
Open up and let more worlds wind through you
You are your voice!This song is you!
There are those who embrace
the elements of opera distance
Still more are moviolas(small,intimate
hand held,miniature universes
Dervish winds blow right through you
Ride them as in AVATAR-wings surround you
as this banshee wail touches centuries
Make us aware again of our primal origins
Harmony our destination.Between Now and Zen
only this thin knife wind voice slicing through all walls
to shout down Babylon,Jericho,Jerusalem,China,Scotland
Whole worlds tremble when you shake shiver release
Everything changes suits.You are undercover
Spring mechanisms click and align .Your voice chimes change
Bells ring in villages,proclaiming liberation!
All because you stood upon this stage-and sang it in!


i do not want to cruise(nor snooze
though travel is exciting-yet to be in a cage
in the air or on sea is a prospect uninviting
Do not want to go to Russia,nor China,nor India where
the lessons of poverty ,crime and corruption are everywhere
Do not want to watch TV,sports,gamble -nor drink,nor drug
nor eat overmuch(just less and more often
Do not want to substitute consumption for celebration
Too late to suffer at outdoor rock concerts
where decibels and crowds and mud make worse
what is already a delicate public situation
Do not want to go techno-whether by gadget nor Muse-
to be human takes lifetimes,and this one must not be abused
Do not want to waste one second-on alternatives that are not
nor confuse who i am with what i have got
Nor live in past,nor rely upon futures(stock)
Now is enough.To flow and be soft.Smile and laugh
To be alive is just the start...


(as if we have a choice-coming on the tail
of yet another hurricane.Floods somewhere mean
rain here.Barrels fill to overflowing/streets
are blocked with mini-dams from clogged detritus
We are under the waters.From here-only skies
When clouds pass,sun will return
but not with that blistering summer burn
We turn interior/stay indoors.Watch through WINDOWS
how this world transforms.Where once
was cracked earth humid heat
Now trees are shaking on every street.
They ,foo,need fundamental changes-their roots seek
sustenance (as we do-turning away from what was dry
and welcoming a world of water-not as in Pakistan
more like Austin.

Monday, September 6, 2010

on the public sharing of grief

i did not gnash my teeth(nor rent my garments
nor make a public demonstration of private sorrow
in fact,i did not know who to share with
so this ended up in a poem.Ends come first-
how well we do depends upon what happens before
Beginnings we have little choice in-we make do
through childhood,adolescence,adulthood
with a limited repertoire of responses
that define us as individual(just like every body else
Endings are personal.We share them like intimacies-
first ,the family we were born into
Next,the friends we choose.Circles ripple out-
who knows depends upon who you want to know-
like a koan or some parable.Mystery only comes
when we edit and elide emotions.All reactions random.
Meditate upon transience until you are
Scream in rage until redfaced apoplexy passes
Reach out(as i reach out to you now-
to seek to understand why some pass faster than others
When you know,perhaps it will be time to go
While we are here-we share.If you know,do tell me
why death is so unfair.
(departed 1am Labor Day September 6,2010)


It is a holiday-so water went on strike
fire flared up(the heat,the summer,holidays!
air got cloudy and smoky(but no rain
earth decided to evict us(again-
earthquakes,floods,famine all resurrected
They had WORK to do!Clearing us out and off this planet
was a fulltime job for all the elements
and there was to be no slacking off!
Sales were bait in huge stores-so customers gathered
Those not at the JAWS beaches
flocked to buy poverty bargains
as Mammon went belly up in this recession
Workers were revered as threatened species
Governments dissolved into casual gridlocked anarchy
No body could agree.They declared an amnesty
Now every day is a holiday for the unpaid
Even Nature volunteers to clear BP from our shorelines
resisting foreign domination/occupation
as always been a holiday past time!


Well,he was homeless-he had nowhere else to go
BP was drilling in his ocean,so poetry was the flow
I also brought a rainforest-seems they are chopped and cleared
to make room for more condominiums like you see outside here
I brought a gray wolf(she was about to be shot
like moose by Sarah Palin.Glenn Beck suggested
i bring free speech as an issue here(but she is already here!
so i invited some dolphins from Japan
(where they are slaughtered in the Cove)
gorillas from the Congo(ditto)-and a rhinoceros and tiger
almost extinct because of their aphrodisiacal qualities
I know it may get a little crowded-but habitat is like that
When Noah comes around there may not be 2 of every species left
Dodos and dragons and dinosaurs extinct
butterflies dying daily-and do not ask about the bees!
Humans are next-we are turning digital(virtual
Soon it will be hard to find a REAL book at all!
Techno robots "develop"land for profit
without regard for habitat of indigenous
Displaced refugees from Pakistan to Somalia,Haiti to Sudan
Maybe we need a Human Zoo to show our evolutionary origins
A Museum of Humanity-revealing all we have killed in history
That is why poetry readings are becoming somewhat packed
every body wants to live together(no escaping that)
but we are all displaced species from our native habitat

let it come as a surprise

i know you plan and then we watch
as plans turn like snow to slush-
projection of the will seems less
than flowing with spontaneous

habits are a two edged sword-
Braveheart ?or Damocles?
when what happens next seems best
when framed as a surprise

to know seems less than flowing with
alignment with the marvelous
to let all happiness manifest
according to its whims at best

this can become a way to live-
to follow as the flowers grow
according to inner seasons
and to know less-just to flow

is all there really is
our wills are less than
what happens next
and it is marvelous!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

'editing is the art form of our age"

i will cut and paste around warzones
(all those crippled young,coming home-
i will not focus upon weakness nor limitation
(it is bravery and example are our modes
i have cobbled together a composite identikit
of provisional perfection and how to be it
with parts of cartoon fictions and homily sermons
affirmations and pastiche heroines
each of whom had faults to keep them truly human
If you see yourself in this mirror(that is no accident
i send poems petitions out to those i admire most
Your listening is a pearl in shell that shines in depths
few divers choose to seek or to release
So dive deep to find your inner hidden treasures
We are only what is not found nor bound by measure
All that has happened before is as example
We are what signal we align to-our frequency random
Lock in to brightest examples-hold them close
what adds to each of us is song and chorus
The art of life must make do with WHAT IS
until fantasy is unleashed into forms of WHAT MIGHT BE!
(until Ctrl /C and Ctrl V!...

while we are still here

there is a world shortage-
of time,and i take this personally
people want me to add punctuation to my life sentence
(i may not have time to edit experience-
much less to polish rocks for crystal competitions)
i eschew forgetfulness(it makes for repetition(repetition
This diamond life seems made of flying carpets woven
from random fragments of dreaming material
characters as metaphors,morals as drawn
by those who value lines over content
We may be significant-all in context
Dinosaurs had their age ,too
now bones in museums for which we pay entrance
Those lines you remember most-the ones that last
there is no guarantee of posthumous posterity/just this
Hold it like a child.Ask it to serve.If it reveals Light
plug it in!May this moment beam stronger than before
Aware of all connections between and among
so we may never have to trust to silence to confirm
our presence-random,positive,passing,gone...

Saturday, September 4, 2010


i love this city-even when she was just a town
i loved her as she grew-with strapping roads
and spreading services
i liked it when she annexed territories-
her extra-territorial jurisdictions thrilled me!
i love her secrets,mysteries,complexities
i love the way you grumble about gridlock
without changing to adapt your patterns
i love the way heat is trapped
in every violation of feng shui
i even love your parking meters
(metaphors for time shared relationships)
i love your little lanes and alleyways
your caravans and trailer parks
i like to watch as real estate goes boom then bust
in cyclic patterns unpredictable
i like the way you ape others-
copying the worst of their fickle fashions
adding your local flavor(dispossessing poor and homeless
and making shelters into armed camps
i like your homeless Buddhist beggars
their friendliness and honesty
i like your cyclists /pedestrians
your parks/gardens/libraries
i like the way you appropriate public space
and make private property
i like the way you value yourself so highly
how you feel you embody history
i prefer you to the illusory "country"
(myth of nature and of distance)
where people carp and quarrel
yet never leave.I will never leave you ,city
you are my one true love-community
has always gathered in you(always will
until the end of all stories and civilizations
we will never be parted
never parted will we be.
we are history.

water falls asleep on the sand

no one will wake her until tides return
your artist (unframed) seeks a perfect sunrise
(we only have this one to re-tale-
the rest on lay away..
my camera is tired of click and snap relationships
she wants to see what will develop
she would like to be chemical free
buys choices as alternatives
Querulous and Inquisitive are asking
who makes colors?(especially new ones!
Pointing out titanium skyclouds and magenta oilslicks
as their mutating reflections
Finding missing keys fills lifetimes-
the locks we rape are Popes and Drydens
When there is more parking space,i will park more
Until Zen,i will join these tides of public opinion
float in and out of gravity,sing to lost stars at twilight

death is for the living

Those gone have only us to remember them
They become someone else(something else-
pictures,memories,reminiscences-we carry them
twice-once as we knew them(alive
second as they are now(ours.Yes,we own them
as a photograph owns an image
as an icon own a god.As an altar owns a ritual
As a bank owns gold-fleetingly.Momentary these wings
as we will be forgotten(we forget this!-and build
above the graves of past-another Troy!September 11!
Mock Stonehenges,Pyramids in Las Vegas,
monuments to memories we own because we possess
Release them,and like birds they will fly
Let go of those in process.We do not own them
They are on a solitary path /whether towards Light(or away
By turning our head towards contemplation
we may lease mysteries for moments
meditate upon transcience,freeze frame experience
replay significance,come to temporary conclusions
Which are different for each of us-same for all-
life is a gift we share with those coming in and going
A railway platform where we await revelation
(sometimes late in coming).It may take whole lives
to recognize why.Meanwhile tides flow at moon rates
we calibrate clocks.Forget pulse.As temporary.
Here is where you came in-you,living,remembering
those who have passed and are passing-and those just coming in
Just like the tides.Remember?


Pink girl with a blond guitar
crowd of digital friends with cameras
Secrets open only to the young and blond
Closed to those old men who understand only loss/rejection
who sing a solo off key note-authentic! (counterfeit)

Demosthenes as Cicero as Lincoln as Hitler as Churchill
as Kennedy as MLK as Malcolm X as Blair as Obama as Beck as Palin

Naughty Monkeys.Via Spiga.Michael Antonio.Nine West.
Cynthia Vincent.Chinese Laundry.See be Chloe.Joe's Jeans
Very Volatile.Dolce Vita.Rachel Zoe.Jessica Simpson.

it is not death (more incapacities
our little deaths define us(defy us!-
age,and loss,decay,Alzheimers
gaps between intention and act
absorbing on some level yet incapable of response
all this blaring trumpet media-moments lost
trained to eat fast and forget.another little death
when names and dates and people's faces merge
like films at a Film Festival-or all night movie channels
borders between what we see /imagine fall
(we are not quite sure if we are fully here at all)
inside,every prisoner becomes a wall
to get out may be a key.the lock is inside
turn the other (laterally)-just to see
if attitude changes anything-or if we are dying by degrees
this being our third.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Each day you distill the milk of human kindness
pour it on the white page via black ink
print whole chapters of the passing parade
develop images of those you see
Adventures aplenty!You sail in to each day
with sail tilted to catch the wind
Stories catch you like rainwater barrels
drink them in!They compass guide you
beyond the walls of solitary confinements-
Sing!with the splash of companionship
that whets your appetites for more!
You have always been open to new life!
Songs ,poems,love,adventures-all fill your nights
with stimulation worthy of your Muse
Now is always new for you
that is why this chapter includes you
among your book of lovers-that is where you start
and often where we all end up
in a cliff hanger,perched on a sharp moment
never knowing what will happen next...

it is said you like to listen

so we read to you as you are dreaming
fish.boat.river.walk.tree.line.sun.bird.your eyes close
inside you are seeing all these choose to internalize
We are on the outside of your cinema while you screen
scenes from your life in which we are bit players
It is said that what we love we make
You made so many happier that they take time
to give it back to you.This your truth-
even now,as you prepare to leave
your angels by your bedside feed your dreams
They seed rhythm ,love and trust into those parts
we cannot see.We hear what you hear-
we do not know what show is being screened
on the inner world of your dreams.We
watch you close and closer now-as you leave
we see parts of our wings fly with you
These dreams are true.What you hear and see within you
Outside,there may be Dairy Queens and chocolate icecream
Inside is always a golden green -glowing with that light
that only you can see.It is said you smile as we read this
To you,we are outside.With you,a shared dream
It is said that they who listen make new worlds
You are busy building bridges between
in golds and bright angelic winged greens

like striped bass erupting from Lake Travis

like carp flapping in a drought dry waterhole
like 33 Chilean miners land locked linked
like oil in the gulf never found
like 3D Titanic forgetfulness
(it was the iceberg that won-remember?
Yet icebergs are splitting off from floes everywhere
meltdown and nowhere to go
like wars of withdrawal and regression
like forgetfulness and repetition
like linus and unix and open source coding
like co-ops and co-operation
like space travel close to earth
like re-enactments and reincarnation
like English Channeling
will there be oxygen enough for overpopulations?
or too many cars to create an oil crisis?
industries evolve like coal to wind
or die like steam and trains
when we speak,have we enough oxygen to debate?
or is this seasonal(papering over the deficits in reasoning
so we can list endangered species as well as becoming one
and like frog in heated water in a frying pan
lose consciousness as we are losing oxygen

ONE OF MY LIVES(is a movie unreeling spool by spool)

Squares are @fault Straight lines are guilty
The provisional Republic resigns tomorrow

the one before this(hesitant
One after(ambivalent
one between us(authoritative
one under us(they who went before
One that is not yet one(nascent,birthing
This one we share(end)

WITHDRAWAL is only time
over distance

DEATH resists definition.Differs for everyone
Unique .Anonymous.Even headlines rust

ARRIVING! Fresh flower bouquets /banquets between us
DEPARTING..forthcoming edited silences

BECAUSE my father drank oceans
I eat continents.

How the eloquence of dirt
cedes to mining companies
How rocks resist politics
yet fall for avalanches
How water is apolitical
yet farmers war for more
How skies are neutral
as air forces dogfight
How a tree is a vote
for your self

(of course we will tie up the stringed back)
Cold?You will feel everything! Now lay back upon this bed
Surrender all your powers to the staff.Trust us!(say the already dead...

NARCISSUS SEES end of my world(not THE
Every time i forget(more than me

SHADOWS BEFORE/they fall/downstairs/weigh no more
If Light and Sound are locate?

I RENTED THIS ISLAND(moment)(Sanctuary-
for no land bridge connects me to your past
I ask for futures.

SO MANY CARS(all second hand)
One day a first

It was not MY hotel
It was(for a night!).She was not MINE
She was-for a night.

His light let her dark
Now every second hand illumination
is only comparison companion

In this Circus-9 Indian elephants
Women would ride behind their ears
(like riding waves of mermaids)
Men would lead with sticks to prod
(Elephants remember every one)

where strangers affectionate share circular songs
between the rectangles and oblongs

AS WE AGE,we age together.No clock can last as long as pulse
Hearts batteries flatten till we are/One fine line.One line.Fine.One.


wherein we cease targeted assassinations,seek peace in Palestine
negotiate with Iran and North Korea,withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan
and focus upon healing our broken social infrastructures and torn cities
Deal with the frequent hurricanes,potholed roads ,
inadequate health services,poor education
rather than militarily invading anyone we designate"terrorist"
Yet when aid workers are slaughtered and civilians bombed
Somalia devolves into criminal clans,and pirates invade our ships
perhaps a different model is required.Results are everything-
China trades with terror regimes and claims Tibet
We trade with her despite Tiennamen Square
When innocent Bahai are imprisoned in Iran
we have neither bargaining power nor military strength
Little Libya laughs at us after Lockerbie
and Big China will not cease her sweatshops nor slave labor
What are we to do in a dissenting world?
Exporting democracy has resulted in boondoggle cowboy contractors
violating even elementary rules of engagement
Our goodwill has been spent on weapons.
Our armies are tired and conflicted.Our streets homeless ,dispirited,unemployed.
Rome had an Empire,too.It fell.Bread and circuses .Colosseums.
Perhaps we need an entertainment PAY PER VIEW model of diplomacy
wherein and whereby we sell cable rights to Town hall debates
upon the most effective models for Democracy 101 in 2010


Saudi Arabian authorities will not allow public poetry gatherings
It is censored before seen in public media
Palestinian poets have been assassinated by MOSSAD
and history is littered with the corpses of truth tellers
singers like Victor Jara in Chile
whose hands that played guitar were cut off by the junta
Poetry in North Korea and Cuba is a risky pleasure
Jails in Cuba still full of those who speak truth to power
Dictatorships hate competition
and poetry demands attention from body,heart,soul and mind
Ho Chi Minh was a fine poet
but would not tolerate poet dissidents
Same with Mao-good poet -but ruthless
President Carter remains a mediocre poet-
his best poetry still HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
and those Romantics who bled for love
will not survive these dictatorial days we find
where prosaic hate replaces poetic petition
and gentleness is eaten by the dogs of war
Poets of Iraq! Poets of Afghanistan!Poets of Iran!
History calls your voices to rise from civilian corpses
to sing of freedom in a time of occupation
When will we listen?The blood of poets means less
than the poem songs they are carrying...across borders.

What do we do with these things?

COLLECTIBLES(or-what remains?
Each of us accrue in our brief lifetime-
collecting comics,stamps,books,records,
experiences,stories,love and life!
Almost all must be left behind
Someone else distributes largesse via wills
Disperses goodwill to friends and relatives
Disposes of detritus ,dispenses with our Empires
We are but ash and bone-photographs( without footprints)
Always some thing remains-a garden,library
some hand made creation held by others
because meaning is a communicable ease
and we are all inter-related.In graves-pottery ,food,spears
On walls,stories of imagined afterlives.
Dig deep and you will find what survives
does not carry immortality-only the story
projecting myth as fact so posthumous others might continue
We have done this since before recorded time
We will done this until all of us are gone
Even now,movies(which cannot be screened post-Armageddon
reflect upon life post-Armageddon(BOOK OF ELI,ARMAGEDDON,2012)
Strange to know that all our current techno -genius
cannot be transmitted to those electricity less
Our life as short as battery life
Our books unwritten final chapters

if these are the last

may they be gentle.Each moment stolen
has a bread fresh baked freshness/sweet
the song that soothes the child/lullabye farewells
as we boat river float away.To leave is always/ever
Hard to stay/farewells and departures/wave fond goodbye
Stacks of photographs to be returned before your eyes close
This belongs to you,too!It was found at the scene of your departure
when you left behind you parts of us(attached like strings to kites
Higher you may be-we are grounded creatures/envy flight and freedom
and the friendship time has with eternities.Above you now(and within
you sing internally-release the hands that hold you close
let go into an unknown sea,and launch the ship of your soul
into these calm deep tears.Smiles ,too,as we remember you
when you were wild and free among us.We are what we remember mostly
it is what you shared with us-wit,wisdom,joy,happiness
Please take them with our love in return
Your life=our lesson to learn.


her surprise at being alive
stumbled across a GREAT MYSTERY
filled in the clay jar/put the genie back in the bottle
refreshed her computer
and pretended this never happened

farmer i know(old,drought heart
dried up waterhole,contemplates
clarity or clouds?

junk bird grackles
junk trees =arizona ash/crepe myrtle
junk mail spam
and tomorrow's trash empties again

your wife died
so you left her voice
that welcomes others
to remember her.(two

points of pilgrimage=work,
pain,ritual,death,rebirth,waking up
to endless recycling

companion animals pose no threat
to we who are one

the smell of bakeries
sells houses like lemons

used to sit in the waters
on a beach made for one-
solitary non-confinement

elders lived in caves
until we internalized them

Anonymous ,in the Cafe
cup of silence in his eyes
watches Windows(signs of life

word falls like arrow short of target
yet you know and understand
you read body language
Translate me.

Myth meets ignorance @GOOGLE
"Haven't we met before?Wikipedia?"

Coal has gone(apart from Fourth World
Forests,too.Now we make wood stories
to burn emptiness

Defer death.Time payments.Delay spiritual bankruptcy
until the Sheriff places a lien on your lying.

Aloneness slices us apart(earphones,ipod,PC,laptop
This today's text .Instant mess/aging

came in half way through.Missed birth/re-
now have to figure what the storyline means

strive for separation/emulation.

it is the nature of..
learning this (lifetimes)
even Nature changes..

music used to soothe(now sedates
familiar as programing/easy non-listening

comparisons essential-shopping (for experiences
we compare stained souls and laundered funds

husbands bend /buckle./ weights
they slim stick figure age
as stacks of firewood upon their grave.

long living women reminesce
about counted ringed husbands

the faces they slap on(archaeology
reveal more via layers

gods have different stories.
we should know
we wrote them!

the good news

as days go(they glow faster
every moment a diamond(reflections
epiphanies compound interest
awakening domestically
to the feral fact of animal origins
Claws,and hooves,nail and bite
snap tight caged dreams each night
unfolding origami insights
threading beads for blankets
wampum matters less than fishing
for the slow thoughts that hide in deep waters
Others remind you of you-
how beyond each new worlds await discovery
Blank eyes and maps held in our hands
stitched together by family and friends
and you do not need to count
the moments between now and zen
It is enough to live within/without the need to need
Anything is better than Nothing
Nothing has no hold upon you
Everything Beams !(in its own Light
totally interdependent upon you..