may we all be heard
words are bells
let them ring!

Thom World Poet Austin, Texas, USA
Global Radical networker and activist for promoting the live Creative Arts,
at every possible opportunity, especially in his home-city, Austin, Texas, USA

Saturday, December 31, 2011

on the last day of 2011

i walked outside in to the sun
accepted the gift of pink skin
sat in my garden where green tentatives
curled leaves towards the same golden
watched my feral cat run crazed with catnip
then sleep in the same sunshine shadows
as night drew near,to our local Tea Rooms
where poetry and music cleared the Year
into the New


once there was no need for sacred sites(everywhere was sacred
water was seen as holy intrinsically/not just for its usefulness/healing qualities
earth seen as alive/living/responsive to seeds /producing harvests
air as precious as breath itself/combined with fire for warmth
some even made gods of metal(thor)and wood(elves/devas/piskies/brownies)
Those were magical/mythical times-respect and reverence sang through all folk
elements were seen as powers unto themselves,to be approached in supplication
Folk would pilgrimage to Holy Mountains,Springs,Wells
when word of healing qualities could be found.Songs,poems,fables,legends of praise
were formed and forged and passed down generations,changing in the telling
Epic sagas of mighty Quests-for purity of consciousness meant alignment
with the simple/natural.That dream left.We cannot remember water without fluoride added
nor woods without houses within,nor mighty mountains not mined.Those who Quest
are those who are called .They find stripped Stonehenge,wilted Wells,dry Springs.
Earth is angry at our anger -our domination /possession
Waves rise in Tsunami powers/earth quakes with rage @atomic underground tests
We have all seen whales leave their only ocean/beached by sonar submarines
Signs appear in the landscape and the sky.We ignore them.Until we are Holy again
whatever we touch will only be us-polluted,tired,defiled.Time to be Sacred.

when you leave

you leave that door behind you
whether you can return
is another adventure
grass always seems greener
over the fence
sun shines brighter
in another's eyes
most doors are plastic/elastic
not shattered glass
swinging doors
not like HIGH NOON
life,like an open door
swings both ways


Nobody predicted the Arab Spring-nor its many repercussions
Nobody predicted the OCCUPY movement-nor its universal longevity
"Democracies"are increasingly being defined militarily instead of economically
as recessions and depression mentalities follow offshored jobs
Military dictatorships still defend themselves via force
Alliances still militate against independent sovereign entities
Whole economies fall and rise again overnight
and "bail-out"now becomes less of a metaphor
New factors include emergent social media-
the use(less)role of GOOGLE,YOUTUBE and TWITTER
to connect with ,empower and communicate processes of change
It did not work in Syria ,China ,Russia nor Iran
It did assist in Egypt,Libya,Algeria and Morocco
and no body can tell us why change is so selective.
Poets of the past are replaced by hiphop verbal insurgents
Poets @OCCUPY sing their alignment with ADBUSTERS
Poems on placards ,tweets,Facebook,blogs and websites
become instant slogans for an unfinished work
Whether it will be called'democacy"or "demogogery"
is unknown.Read the writing on the wall?or yr txt messages..

go and read a book

better still-write your own-
a song,a line,a poem
that will define you for a New
and leave the Olde(as you need to

Release is a better cell
than imprisonment in ritual

Connection to another comes
as naturally as breathing
(Remember to breathe-deeply,often,well-
the alternative is ..

As for others-they will,too
create as they would want to
That is their world-and you
need do only what you desire to

Between us-bridges,time,shared experiences
Before us-others(just like afterwards
Right now your eyes dance over my pages
Soon you will leave -to be distracted by another

Your new lover!

meet the magician!

with a spell- SHAZAM!
she can change your life
(a word in the right place
at the right time works wonders!

and if you like IMAGE
picture this-Lady Ga-Ga impersonators
on every street corner
begging for (cosmetic)changes

if you like METAPHOR-
think of war as an audition
for the children of the future
that will never be born

if you like SIMILE
like,me,man as on FACEBOOK
as much as you love to compare
shall i compare thee to a blog?

if you like NARRATIVE
let me tell you the story
of a reader who became
exactly what they read

if you like HAIKU
(just like the Japanese do-
this one is for you!


TSA has just announced a TOTAL BAN on all travel
After confiscating cupcakes and physically assaulting children and elderly
hassling and harassing those with artificial limbs and colostomy bags
TSA joined with FEMA to send all tourists(potential terrorists)to internment camps.
Homeless,elderly,and dissidents get PRIORITY BOARDING
(waterboarding),FREE TORTURE,no catering and are charged for their length of stay
Masochists were delighted with the news that physical conditions would be THIRD WORLD
that government documentation would be required to vote
and even if you did your new Diablo Voting Machines would destroy your choice
Censorship of the Internet,universal surveillance and cameras on every corner
welcomed in the New Year Of Suspicion.Wars will resume as soon as we find an enemy
that will not defeat us.Travel can then be fully resumed-but only for conscripted soldiers.

what if

you are living the future you write
as each new day draws from your keyboard
the script of each night's adventures?

even if only known when written
or intuited
or improvised
would that not ruin
the surprise?

what we do best/worst

is inhabit present moments-these islands of perception and attention
which stray like cats from their original direction(inner
into distractive processes(take your eye OFF the ball
Magicians know selective attention aids deception
Media recognizes the power of hypnotism
We all feel the sleight of hand that warps data
until gossip,slander,arguments and personal wars are waged
and every body loses.Re-versing this process takes time,effort,energies
It is easier to look back with regrets and forward to forthcoming silences
There is a path not taken.Take it!

Every initiation makes a victim.We have all been scammed
Rape,burglary,fraud,fakery,quackery=human beings
Which is why Charles Dickens is still read
Scripts of the new have the same soap opera cast
People only read when crime is mentioned
A life of virtue seems a bore.Why you are invisible...

i do not watch TV (it watches me

in supermarkets and garages
cameras always ready
not to record the poetry
more possible malfeasance
so it is with "reality"
they show only bad behavior-
Mob Wives and Gossip Shows
until we turn to HBO
or MTV -and realize
they are all the same-
vacuums of machines
robotic scripts or improvised
these are not The Days Of Our Lives
more examples of what NOT to watch
if we wish to stay human
So i click OFF
and talk to you


We come equipped with a tool box-
and it means more than rational(processes
Employing both thinking and feeling AND imagineering
allows us to adapt @a faster rate post-Tsunami than before
FEMA allegedly exists to deal with future predicted events
as yet not showing on our radar.So it is with home economics
We shop in patterns,casting nets upon experiences,comparing them-
all the while projecting predictive pattern recognitions
to feel more comfortable in a mutable world.GATED COMMUNITIES
express this desire to minimize crime via privitising police and security
comes from seeing patrols in uniform regularly.We may be visually biased
yet a sense of smell saves us from fires as much as sight of smoke.
Humans use programs more than we admit.We are creatures of habit
and get washed up on beaches when the equivalent of sonar submarines
disrupts our economies. Wars can be predicted -yet solutions may not be employed
This is the politics of perception.I vote against habit!But my vote is informal...

HOBO CAMP CIRCLE December 28,2011

By the rail tracks in South Austin
Just down from Twin Oaks Library and THRICE Cafe
among the PRIVATE PROPERTY signs and stacked canoes
hobos sing their Great Expression
Jimmie Rodgers of the Great Depression was a brakeman
whose yodeling cheerfulness kept the blues @bay
until other songs and singers became Woody Guthries of their day
Every singular original singer-songwriter is a warm fire on a cool star night
hollering when that Union Pacific rattles and horns its way along freight tracks
that carry no passengers,not even hitch hiking hobos
Train travel is AMTRAK and slow.It used to be
chased by railroad detectives ,beaten by local police
a hobos life is now a legendary one,in this Endless Recession
we find no new songs for.So train songs are tracked,sung to..
every voice/ becomes attuned-an instrument of personal freedom
A promise to the cool night winter that human warmth survives,thrives
and will keep alive both Snake Island and Hobo Camp
as long as there is a song upon the wind that we are singing...


Butterflies for her Butterfly Bar
OCCUPY for her alliance with Brook-
a stream of consciousness that flows
parallel and deep with her path
as colorful as LED hoops
and ringing tambourines
49 cycles round one sun
still her faerie wings are strong
and smiles define all possible Natural Magic charms
Soon she will leave her party home
to make habitation with her faun
Love has always been her home
She is both leaving
and returning!

one degree of separation

we know each other far too well
to ever pretend perfection-here we are-
tired,worn,weary optimists-in a dysfunctional whirl
where logic and rationality has long evaporated
and all we have are soap opera reality show characters
acting out simplistic scenarios with no clues
as to their origins or destinations
Wisdom is wanting.Elders are dying.People are crying
for solutions to be found.Singers of the 60's are now 60
and their grand children ask them questions they can not answer
Why volunteer for wars?Why endless wars?Who is next?
Is war a distraction from peace?Who sets the agenda?
Those in power are younger than we are.
We dare not blame our reflection.They are enacting our cliches
When we wake up-it will be with them
There is no one left to blame.We are all in this together
And we must OCCUPY our space and time
with 99% of those who may not agree
with anything we say or do.

free will

we know it best
by its reverse-
when we are caged
beneath the will of others

Revolutions begin
when a line is crossed
and we will not stand for tyrannies

whether it be male,female,animal ,vegetable or children
the domination of one over others-domestic,national or inter-
is dictatorship short and simple.Folk rise up
when their human rights are trampled-
when they cannot speak freely,nor assemble
There are many tyrannies and so few freedoms
we recognize each and every one of them.
Bills of Rights and Constitutions,Magna Cartas and United Nations
all list (but cannot enforce)civilization.

For we are defined best by our best behavior-
when we respect indigenous,Nature,women,children and each other
Freedom is not a difficult concept to define
to live it is much harder.It means we must live
equally well-with ourselves and each other...

on my last night in Dorking

my friends took me Sainsbury shopping
for bits of England to bring home
to share with those who love

we went into a novelty shop
a quiet purchase was made
we went home to celebrate
and ate and ate and ate

out came a paper bag with holes
out came a fire to fuel it
hot air made this paper kite rise
into the air above us

we watched as distance kept aflight
our candle in the wind of night
until stars and airplane blinking lights
eclipsed our tiny hopes

for a long time-rising (high,higher
above us in to Light
our hopes still rise in this New Year
small candles in dark nights

another false god?

Certainty is dangerous in changing times
Those secret CIA torture cells in Libya closed down
but the bribing of Egypt continues
Palestine is still only history and a word
is only worth as much as Yuan or Euro
Plans are afoot-here are mine- listen deeply to what you are REALLY saying offer an alternative poem practice and advocate free verse create new structures within oxymora and litotes seek,find,affirm,support people(and ideas) of joy
so "freedom"might fit within these parameters
or become another long distance OCCUPYING Arab Spring/Austin Autumn Palestine.


and only Al-Jazeera reports upon this!
Mass media does not wish people's media to succeed
as it will replace their TV marketing/change newspapers into Tweets
and allow blogs access to classified data(as in Wikileaks
Censorship is now as transparent as the CIA
with secret bases in Europe/and torture centers in the Third World
Every where is the front line now that lines have been drawn
and headlines are only one part of the body corporate!



FREE WILL(is never free

it is an investment in your future-to believe
that by this exercise,one will expunge all tyrannies
emerge out of the egg of complacencies
in to a new state of semi-autonomy-
one that substitutes for real freedom
until that White Knight comes charging in
demanding CHANGE! and NOW!

Real Change takes time.Incremental and cyclic as tides/
moons/seasons.Weary of winters,we Spring into green insistence
Age in Autumn,Fall in to Fog Forgetfulness.Lead from Within
There is no one to follow.Just a Meal For One(MRE!)
From here to Here,and back again takes years.Do it now!
Free will is all we have to defeat those dogs of indifference that dogear our dusty daze
and leave us spinning in cynicism and ennui
with only one heart,one pulse,one planet,one love
to make a change (starts here
Use your Freedom!Serve well!Free your Will!(y)


The Prince &The Pauper
Boudu Saved From Drowning
like Groundhog Day
sometimes you just
cannot mistake
films scripts
or novels
for "real" life
(especially REALITY shows!


Long before the Catholic Church revered remains of Saints
and preserved various parts of their anatomies
(some allegedly in perfect states of preservation)
Egyptians were cheating death via mummification

Pyramids were not burial chambers-they were initiation sites
The Egyptian Book Of The Dead is actually The Book of Going Forth In Light
We half-remember WHY folk have sought immortality via art or life
Portraits of Dorian Grey remind us of our plight

When Gadaffi was shot,his body was paraded for 9 days
When Osama was shot,his body was hastily buried at sea
Graves have long been pilgrimage points for saints and sinners
Pierre La Chaise for Oscar Wilde,Edith Piaf,Guy De Maupassant and the Lizard King

Jesus rolled away the stone and created a sensation
All religion hinges upon his Resurrection
If a lie,there goes all belief systems
Trust no corpus delicti remains for Vatican inspection

Decapitation still a Mexican drug cartel tradition
Hung,drawn and quartering an English one
Marie Antoinette lost her head in a French Revolution
The head of Emperors,Queens and Kings still on every coin

so it matters where Cromwell's head finds its final resting space
and desecration of the dead awaits a test with DNA

Inspired by an interview with Jonathan Fitzgibbons, author of Cromwell's Head.


ever since "reality"shows
became our media fantasies
common folk have been enriched
by watching idiots on TV

distance gives us the impression
that we are smarter than them
but who is paying for watching
in time,money,attention?

O J Simpson,Paris Hilton
endless parades of dull Kardashians
rake in millions just by attracting
bottom feeders and media mansions

Give me Lady Ga-Ga
She makes her Little Monsters into stars!

Friday, December 30, 2011

counting the dead

you cry @our losses-Amy,Elizabeth,Steve,Deb-
all those civilians who died for liberty-
and the bruising of emergent OCCUPYING democracy

i would rather list the living-
those whose Light still beams a welcome
to any traveler who walks these highways
needs support,and pilgrim love and affirmations

so leaning in to a New Year
i send my gratitudes to you who
make a New World birthing
within the ashes of the Olde

every act of kindness heals us
every welcome adds a harbor
every simple sharing frees us
into a community that loves

once more in to these cycles/seasons
our road still calling/while we are living-

furry ,feral,free!

All my cats are rescued.
All my cats have rescued me
Each with their will,their foibles,fur and follies
each with a hunger-to be free.I was seen
as a soft touch,who would not demand much
just feed ,fix,frolic -and release!Kittens @play
become cats today-the world is a street
Every cat an alleyway.Farms are fine for ferals
Cities make for mangy wilds.Cats breed promiscuously
that is why Humane Societies,Emancipet
cut and clip and keep in check the boom in wild cats
that threatens every bird and feather.Whether we can be
free is a challenge for society.When will there be a TSA for cats?
A CIA for terrorist cats?,an FBI for criminal cats,?or APD for hep cats?
What cat cares for politics?Depression Logic this-a feed,a friendly face
a place to be (or many)-feral,furry and free!Cool jazz cats make the party!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Twilight Zone/last few gatherings 2011
Looking backwards as the TV pundits review-
Arab Springs,Austin Autumns,OCCUPY and Iraq withdrawal
Celebrities choke like Presidential candidates
News is not-just repeats on every channels
Ennui creeps in with wishes for a NEW year
what we have is second hand projections of old format products
Steve Jobs gone.Ophra left.Seasons for departures
Friends left us and their bodies at the very same time
We grieve our losses.Perhaps the New might...
Unknown calls.We respond.While we are fully present
we have this Gift of Time-and Energies.Rear vision mirrors
might tell you where you have been-only forward thinking
tells you where you might just be exactly right now!

The "is"of "IS!"

"What is -is"-and this
applies to all and every and each
We need what we most give-beam
when our batteries weaken
Freak ,flicker,fake out
when the glowing gets tough
soft centered chocolates sweetest-
hard candy a drug of addiction

Our Grand Father Depression
Our father Post-War Baby Boom
Our sibling 60's/our living through
Reaganomics/Nerd Computerism
Gadget Children and Virtual 3D life
with plastic glasses and earphones attached
(we are the children of the corn
fed ethanol hybrid cars

now age.Grey hairs.Recycled loves
Trails of blood .Sacrifice.Learning
not earning.Books in the fire.Texting machines
"Just give me a fax(facts)machine!"

i dream headlines
in a new ear.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Breakfast in bed for 200,000!"(WAVY GRAVY,WOODSTOCK with the Hog Farm

Seva Foundation is partnering with Tom's Eyewear
For every pair of shades sold
the company will pay for one eyesight operation
in the developing world."People ask me
why i do this stuff.I am in it for the buzz.!
It gets me a high that is not available in the pharmaceutical department"
Wavy Gravy has been doing this for years,using musical friends
to do benefits for those with glaucoma
Wavy started off as a poet,then comedian,then clown
He is also an active artist and altruist
and remains an optimist and possibilitarian
as we lurch in to 2012-the 1960's smile on
(with or without shades! LOOK OUT!


Whether you are grand mother wisdom
white haired warrior ,or simple elder
age brings wrinkles and crinkles and slowness
as well as depth and experience.Those breasts have done their job!
Let them be!New tasks less physical require your attention.See!
how young flowers bend their ears in your direction?
They would like to know a safe ,secure direction
The skills you learned can be imparted to them-
slowly,over time,as you yourself are learning/to be slow and wise and deep
to let sleep in -and dreams-visions that will give you new directions
This is earth calling to the elements within you
Water gives you fluidity,earth solidity,fire intensity,air philosophy and poetry
You examine a changed world and seek to find yourself within
This is where you are -wise woman wisdom
In another beginning

why are you alive?

Recently,i spent extended conversations with two elders-
one of 90 cycles ,the other almost 92. I was reminded of D H Lawrence's poem
about the two ways to grow aged-one to be a canker on the eye of apple of life,
the other to bask in the sunlight of joy-and to shine!
Age is a ladder to the sun-we get blinded easily
so it is good to meet guides who are further up the ladder
who have clues in their demeanor,smiles and generosity of spirit
One was a shadowy,selfish man-hard of hearing and of heart
whose BAH! HUMBUG! could be heard in every word he uttered
The other was an elegant conversationalist-pleased to be engaged
and willing to listen,absorb,and adapt -without any need to pontificate
Humility of that order is rare -and a pleasure to enjoy!
Much in our world is in process/little is finished artwork.
Community,democracy,,participation occupy our consciousness
and we need every salient singer to share more than National Anthems.
When i reach an aged wine year,i will rather be open to divergence
willing to listen more than i speak,able to comprehend and articulate
what every cycle round one sun has taught me.Until Zen-smiles and witnessing...
(paths of elders)

Monday, December 26, 2011


When NEW hits our small town-i am Zen
Awaiting the birth of wonder-
when Whole Foods opened,i was there
and Central Market-even SPROUTS with its false promises
(I keep waiting for TRADER JOE's-but -o no!
now the closing of wonders-end of venues
Liberty Lunch -gone.EMOs moved-no poetry @HIDEOUT
6th street unsafe even for surveillance cameras
APD overpaid and unprofessional-shooting people
Two APD vehicles for every one driving offense.
Valet parking-no spots for us.Curfews.Sports.Violence
Overpaid sports coaches,underpaid academics.
I await the rebirth of wonder-when MACC opened,i was there
same when THRICE replaced Cafe Caffeine
and FULL ENGLISH CAFE became a mini-England
When AIPF blooms again-i will be there
You will be there,too!And we will share the lines
(these-and 10,000 others-that wind behind every fresh attempt @Paradise!


Rumors of a White Buffalo
Stars lead astrologers to Bethlehem
Dreams mean they take another way home
Portents ,auguries,signs,wonders
lead us out of our only home/to take our skin and bones
to the very source of wonder-whether it be rock(Uluru)or Spring(Chalice Well-
or some person of repute performing miracles-or even earth itself-
a river,lake or spring-it can be anything of Higher Energies that sings
itself to us-even Seasons-Autumn's tree shedding of leaves
Winters stick branch nakedness-Spring's green insistence
We are attuned to Crop Circles,starsigns,divinations
Our intuition impels a Hobbit journey.We will come home
We will not be the same.Ever.Again.


Each of us have curative powers/so when
strange events test our loving/it is less our limits
than new solutions we are seeking

Burglars anonymous violate all innocence
Breaking in and entering where they should not go
Mapping their pathologies less important than healing
the hurt they cause by violating boundaries they do not own

Gentle and the innocent often doubt themselves more often
than those who predate upon those trusting few
All the alarms in this world are for honest folk
Criminals violate with impunity/they do not care for you
All our love and healing needs to go to restoring balance
Reinstating confidence where broken doors and windows
leave fear the only gift /all stolen too

I have been burgled.My friends also
We do not consent to this mode of breaking trust
Restoration of objects stolen is only the beginning

MIDNIGHT SERVICE (Christmas Day 2011)

Minister(female)orated(in between sweet choral Christmas carols-
"we are not here for new insights or visions.
nothing i say will be either new nor astonishing to you
in fact-many of us are here for reassurance
that the same verses will be shared
the same songs sung.that we will sing SILENT NIGHT
with dimmed lights.that the choir will lead us in gentle harmonies
in a ceremony that we have all attended many times over
that tonight will continue a Christmas tradition
that will continue before and after any one of us here tonight"
Everyone sang.smiled.shared peace.then left the white church
into gray cold drizzle morning/candle light inside each and all and every
humming their fave carols under harmonic breath
extending life one midnight morning step
into reassurance.

where you place your seeds

is where the harvest rises.
without trust in process and cycles
we are all on islands
bitterness is poison/dark and cankered
cynicism is dogrot/toxic and limiting
to grow is to grow old
to live means more than survive
every diamond moment shines
while we are here alive
and whether we need Light to see by
we can still dance in the darkness
between the flowers and the bullets-


Friends phone(they know i am at home alone
invite me to their home in Dripping Springs
I pilgrim to the countryside/through darkness
to the light of welcome on their sweet front porch.
Beans,squash,walnuts-a feast of healthy vegetables
a table set for those who would respond
Desserts of pies ,coffee,chocolates
pile happiness digestible as life
We migrate to the octagon/where shamanic drumming
adds an architecture to this evening's sweet surprise
Tonight is Christmas -we are the only Open Mike
and even we are hesitant to trespass.Yet poems from a jester
Muses a la Ennius-a New Renaissance is in order
THRICE will rejoin us soon this Wednesday night
And March will be a combination-Celtic/Parnassus -see!
we align our energies to increase the delight
A feast of sharing-food,poems,smiles,drumming
to be re-enacted Wednesday night South Mary bound
We will be free before this year leaves/even if we
have to dance in company-planning our spontaneity!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


STAPLES.seeking CLEARANCE items to gift poets
(On a poets income(zero)-gifts are essential-
i seek to use my STAPLES REWARDS-
but cannot access my account.Gio offers to help-
we try every computer trick,to no avail.I say-
"When do they release you from work for play?"
He smiles"Early shift today-i leave @1pm-
i want to go down and take some food
and blankets to the homeless."He smiles again.
Soon he will leave work and serve in another capacity
i buy poet gifts sans REWARDS-admiring his gifting processes
Weather is cold,slick,wet,dark,cloudy and gray
He carries Light post -STAPLES.Heading your way

it is @ this time

friends become lifesavers-family displaces
streets hollow bells ring Salvation Armies
Cold and dark and ill /alone
bright cartoons distract from documentary facts(hide that!
fake cheerleaders compete for dictators
malaise even in shopping season
those on the lip of leaving start stuttering
burgled beauty,beaten artists/careless poets
FEDEX and UPS toss parcels over fences
while they close our only Post office down
The good news is-this has nothing to do
as we have much to do-and a right to do it will be
when we realize our energies
are what changes our economies

interview with the economy

he is complaining of flu-cannot take time off
no lunch hours-if he leaves-no job
bosses get golden parachutes-he gets
adult diaper if a teacher(cannot leave the classroom
time management /time audits/sacks/layoffs/cutbacks
austerity imposed not by Stoics (more hidden Bacchanalians-
1% versus the 99% on the streets/OCCUPYING issues
too late for Unions? crushed by union of government /police
FEMA camps ready for dissenters/homeless
Harder to find a conspiracy(that is not true!
suffering from fits and starts/1 in 2 called "poor"
because he WANTS to function(but he has been offshored
his usefulness as an analogy is no more
and a New Year brings only more /of the same

Thursday, December 22, 2011


half our world in darkness when in light
half our world is sleeping /dreams each night
half our husband is de facto wife
half our tongue is true(and half is lie

we are all connected in our birth
to all that has ever (even often)occurred
even after death,we continue being
part of the Great Chain Of Dreaming

(there is no need to believe a thing-
we dream our worm way in to each apple day
come through each Labyrinth with an oil change
(Water is our Dream-neither will ever stay

Earth long before and after us
We are an antidote to Narcissus
All inside Each,macro-micro cosmic chasms
Fall in to time in order to Rise Once More(AWAKEN!

It does not matter what we think we are
It matters how we feel and act and heart
is as much a path as mind and head
is only one part of the Body Corporate

our feet,our legs-each aspect of our beaming
fits together in this puzzled seeming
Confusion only comes when Dreaming
is forgotten in the rush to ...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

this world is all we know

i know of none before
nor any others any have returned from
to bring good news or glad tidings
waves of time have washed /have washed
and still bare bone and sorry flesh
We carve each other's turnkey hearts
and serve them(generous!
Healing not spontaneous-
takes breath and time and love and will
slow as snail,deep as shark
we are either healed or we will kill
This golden paradox-the hollow bell
that rings and sings a Siren's song
Reefs remain-ships get grounded
Be careful where you set your sails
Each mariner's art a compass direction
We seek less than human perfection
yet if we survive inspection
Kali may thrive-in healing countryside

A response to Mary Krenek's poem 'It is no less', which refers to Kali

new news

once attuned,twice distracted
now when all is taken-attracted
to the prospect of free expressions
dance with those who brung ye

worlds outside -exploding,burning
whirls inside-living,smiling
this is a key to unlocking
inner must rule over out

little we have control over
less when we itemize/discover
all those strange plans of others
who watch TV instead of each other

this little pocket handkerchief space
wherein we make some garden place
restore aspects of our human race
putting smiles back on our only face

here is where we are and stay
until a better world allows us to play!


There is a god who hides in winter
You see him in your dark night of the soul
There is a goddess of the night(Nut/Nuit)
who bends the Egyptian sky with stars
There is a goddess for despair and death
has grim reapers on black overtime
Gods of war (Mars,Jove)and pain(Kali,Shakti)
more for learning and adventure like Odysseus
By now you see all gods and goddesses as extensions
of the common consciousness projected from we
who weave gods into our daily doings,
to make a star chart from random light
and when stars fall,we make an icarus or lucifer
and when they rise?


Community of minds via lines on pages
trotting black footprints all over virgin thoughts
Reinforced via meatspace conversations
compounded via Internet emails and live broadcasts(open mikes?
Presence is on many levels-reinforced via friendships/affiliations
positive and outreaching/medicinal and healing-yet never enough
to forestall inevitable mortality.Before the end,devour more black lines
defining Larkin,Dreiser,Amis,McEwan,Ackroyd,Chesterton,Browning-
a few still living/most skeleton thin bones upon another restitched page
Sodality means community-a meeting of minds as rich as individual communalities
Worlds within ,above,beyond walls where wisdom is a well
to be tapped via listening,reading,laughing,linking,sharing,talking,writing
Most of all via will-the desire to connect(F R Leavis-ONLY CONNECT!)
The will to make this happen.Life always gives you one more chance
But you have to snatch it like a stolen thought.

The Intellectual and Politics

C P Snow posited The Two Cultures 60 years ago
Academic detachment is a failed concept
Brits recruited spies from Oxford and Cambridge
Poets,politicians and priests all seek degrees
of understanding.The question is-who serves?and how?
Newt creature touts his books,his academic clout
State Department has boffins researching policies
Intellectuals are used in think-tanks and PR agencies
Yet Reagan and Carter had to invoke "folkiness"to win votes
and the standard of current debate is slanderous and defamatory
Intellectuals in Europe understand the necessity of dealing with issues-
Vaclav Havel made Frank Zappa his Minister of Culture..
Euro debates have been hijacked by economic rationalists
yet the question of sovereignty has been raised in Greece and Spain by poets
Poets in Tunisia,Mexico and Egypt add their voices to the public conversation-
and sometimes occupy office for a time.More occupy OCCUPY!
"By any means necessary"-"democracy is coming -to America"(Field Commander Cohen)


Thinking of Pisa.Desiring solidarity.Thought of Unions.
Something in common.What do men have?Angles/addictions/attitudes.
But always an angle.Some are fisherfolk.Dangling propositions
More are sales people-ditto.Most of us are incomplete
without another to extend us.Test tubes don't cut it.
Broken glass cuts.The unkindest cut of all is our lopsidedness.
Angular TITANIC,sinking under the gravity of icebergs
Men make things.Men break things.Affirming this Zen
half creatures who are grumpy and unfulfilled
whose Grand Plans are delusional,whose best impulses go haywire
and whose future is as uncertain as their shaded and shady pasts
To join-all you have to do is make mistakes,Start now!
You will pay subscriptions in parking fines and traffic tickets
Warrants are optional.Jail terms not mandatory
Deferred adjudication a preference.Delay,defer,deny-
become one in the League of Lopsided Gentlemen
and rationalize your whole life away!

to grow old is to lose

sense by sense(islands-waters rising
a sense of panic in a besieged city
eyes grow dim(even with glasses
you can not hear what they are saying

it is as if you are a hostage in your own city skin
ransom note asks for time(and you have none left
distance between people,and remembering
gaps between both people and events

it does not take long to be old
some children (before their time
some "adults"take all their lives
and are gone before they can remember

it is the process that corrupts-
everything you see,hear,know,feel,touch
age is a tyrant that rules by force
dictates all procedures

and when you realize you have no choice
age and time conspire-to steal your voice

Monday, December 19, 2011

for the children of famous parents

"a misfit, a dreamer, a sinner, a castaway, a wayward child, a hobgoblin, a flibbertigibbet, a waif, a weird, a pariah, a prodigal, a picturesque ruin, a sensitive plant, an exquisite machine with insufficient steam, the oddest of God’s creatures....(describing Hartley Coleridge-son of STC)
for musicians it is easy-the Lennons and Dylans and Marleys of this world welcome musical progeny willingly-as independent creators
for writers such as the Coleridges and the Amises -the shadow of the father often eclipses the son
eldest sons invoke Greek mythos /pathos in discerning between sources of Light and Learning
Vices are shared as much as verses-"the sins of the father..."
Leonard Cohen's son plays guitar-and plays the songs of his father
Jacob Dylan, Sean and Julian Lennon-write their own material
Whether we be photocopies of familiars or original creators
relies less upon heritage-more environmental assistance
What do the children of Freud,Jung and Joseph Campbell have in common?
Only famous fathers,and the impossibility of surpassing them

Dictators die /democracy arises?

Old world tyrants end their lives
naturally,or via rope or execution squad
when people realize how power works
and use it to fee folk from torture,death camps,summary executions
Gaddafi and Kim Jung 11 both had familial successors-
kept warring with each other as every body wants power
but for them it is power over others and not within
The idea that one person can control all others is false
and relies upon blind faith,military power, and obedience.Once=the Sun King.Others=God King
Separation of powers is just the beginning.Open up those labor/death camps!
and free every one.Tunisia,Libya,Egypt,Algeria are just the beginning
"Democracy is coming!-to America"(Leonard Cohen)


Yule@VORTEX.Opening circle has begun as i enter-
but i am attracted to a fire sullenly smoking
inside a pit,and one thin man attending it.
We know each other-Ken does NATIVE AMERICAN programs on KOOP
as well as the GREEN SHOW-and has provided truthful broadcasting
for more than decades.But he is leaving radio-going to the country.
We chat while he feeds the flames-the wood he brought is wet
and takes a long time smoking.Those years we were engaged
in peace play and stage never allowed such a space for sharing.
By accident,i learn him.He tears a Houston phone directory
to make the logs get warm,then hot enough to ignite.
We talk and listen while he feeds the fire.Warmth of shared times
bring smiles.Word from the play inside says the smoke is getting inside.
All his art will be ashes in time-but now that it is flaming ,red and hot
They shovel sand to stifle its air and life
He leaves.We hug.Stories are life-and fire is..

last night,i was in a village hall

it was our ninth WASSAIL!-all
folk paid as a benefit for the children of Darfur
Musicians played,singers sang(together-there
was dancing ,carols and goodwill.Pre-pagan
as intrinsic bliss sounds-joy and laughter abounded
Lights of every color were seen and sung-
without any need for a belief system!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


we follow Light as if it were a leader
blind splash in dark nights-watch us watching!
Telescope eyes stretched to Heavens
we WANT to believe(like those astrologers
in a New Bethlehem(born in a stable relationship

But a meteor is just a flaming rock
Like so many asteroids flashing through dark space
It is not angry-it simply burns up
Like so many brief candle lit lives
that will not make this night

Spare me the Praise of Nature
Distance is a Bad Romance
If you looked @Lady Ga-Ga close up-
pimples,bad teeth,attitude
with a meteoric rise ahead.....


Comes with the Territory.You break it-you buy it!
There goes the neighborhood.We have a good Neighborhood(Watch!
Once we invaded their territories-we made the laws then!
Empires are neighborhoods extended within time duration.
All is temporary as power.Circles and councils diffuse control
Dictators,Kings,Armies concentrate.The future is all of us(or none
The past is tinpot territories-same earth,different titles over time.
7 Cities of Troy-Rome was not built in a day.Graveyard Earth Plot?
or Garden Community?Extend the territory of All.Sting purchased rainforests
to leave them pristine.We buy back land to protect Yellow Tailed Warblers habitat.
Where is there a home for Polar Bears?-on Coke cans?Extinct species call to us-
dodo,dragon,dinosaur-they wish to resurrect,but they have no space amongst us
Their territories like those of Genghis Khan,Napoleon,Alexander the Great
are cautionary Fables to entrance us -tales of Giants Among Ants
There is no room in the Ark for two of every creature.That was a rumor.Check your memo.
Territories change.We change.Maps change.We must change. Faster.

escape plans

Magic.Fox tails.Houdini-tell me the one who got away
The Invisible Man.Jesus with a child via Mary Magdalene.
Krishna with his Gopis.Blue Gods and Green jungle Goddesses.
Tell me of their powers over skyscrapers(King Kong
Giants that were felled by little Davids.Epics and sagas of triumph
where Odysseus succeeds and Jason brings home the Golden Fleece
Repeat for me our tribal pasts as future victories-assured in the annals
and extolled by all who were wise in history,myths,legends-tall tales
believed by all children,adolescents,adults.Oracular spectaculars.
Ring the bells for joy endemic-that we might be worthy of our ancestors
and extend their purvey via bravery and bright actions.
There is a path to the New Waterfall-it speaks like auguries in riddles
and reveals Olde Truths in New Garments.This is such a Tale
that children will Quake with Laughter,and Split Their Sides
when told They Are Gods,and all futures will rely upon their wisdom
If they do not get away,they will be cage in school and work forever
If they do,you will never hear this story again.


Time was when time was long(and stories were sagas-
memorized,improvised,extended and extensive Director's Cuts-
Iliads,Odysseys,Paradise Lost,Regained,Lost Again(no TV mini-series-
more Pilgrim's Progress-broadsheet ballads extended and extensive
Often sung or declaimed in a rough and ragged air to the tune of streets
in every indigenous tongue,dialect,style and manner.We
were tribes,then,and our telling of epics(Upanishads,Ramayana)
were the long stories of giants among men and women,and gods among them
We had time to talk(demotic)and to listen(entranced
Magickal declamation,reclamation,demagoguery as democracy
Speakers on soapboxes exhorting mobs to instant action(after they heard long long speeches
sermons from spruikers who knew their verbal craft-and flew into the wind
of articulate opposition.Less a Golden Age-more an Earth Age,personal as insults
Satire and irony via fables and fairy tales ruled..People in circles ,assemblies,churches,ritual
allowed long cadences to fill Sunday silences.Rural,pastoral,bucolics.
Silences inherited from great-grandfathers,before and after wars that buried speeches.
Ballads,poems,songcycles were long then,many remembered and built upon
like the Maori House Of The People,with renovations,elisions,extensions and elaborations
but a common floor plan dependent upon recognition of common(folk)values.
When cities came,they stole silence/made speech bullet points.Telegrams.Morse Code.
MAYDAY for long.Synopses,Cliff Notes,summaries,talking points,punctuation.
We cannot go back.Long is gone.As in life,the question now-is endings...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Dichter und Denker"(poets and thinkers)

Plato would not have them in his Republic.
They get banished from Rome,Russia,Chile,
become seeds of revolt in Tunisia,Egypt,Algeria
and were banned from the Bush White House
for sprouting "peace"in war times.Adaptation is all-
Kurosawa's THRONE OF BLOOD (Macbeth)
RICHARD111 in a Fascist UK state
Baz Luhrmann's ROMEO &JULIET" LA gang war style
MACBETH as a biker play,HAMLET in corporate New York
Decontextualisation updates via setting and character-
clarifying our times via oracular visions-
Rome becomes Washington,Sparta =Afghanistan
Coriolanus becomes Che Guevara
Persian Empire warring on Athens and Sparta
like our drones in Pakistan,Iraq,Iran.
"Silent weaving of the spirit"a la Hegel
allows us to see our tragedy(even as we are still enacting it)
Contemporary may be a repeat-there are themes and deja vu
Rome was not burned in a day(unless via Cecil B De Mille)
Brutus will still come to bury our Caesar-not to praise our Coriolanus..


with good intentions"My Catholic childhood Jesuit warns me
aware and wary of the gulf between intention and act
All the promised butterflies =cabbage moths!
All the teardrops=precious crystal!
Every thing we ever thought was wrong is right
and vice versa and virtue worser
than any strait jacket morality enforced or re-
imposed upon each Community Of One
"Hell is other people"(Jean-Paul Sartre)
"Heaven is in your mind"(Pop slop lyrics-
And here we are(in between)oscillating like computer codes
All zeros and ones.Never alone.


Community of minds via lines on pages
trotting black footprints all over virgin thoughts
Reinforced via meatspace conversations
compounded via Internet emails and live broadcasts(open mikes?
Presence is on many levels-reinforced via friendships/affiliations
positive and outreaching/medicinal and healing-yet never enough
to forestall inevitable mortality.Before the end,devour more black lines
defining Larkin,Dreiser,Amis,McEwan,Ackroyd,Chesterton,Browning-
a few still living/most skeleton thin bones upon another restitched page
Sodality means community-a meeting of minds as rich as individual communalities
Worlds within ,above,beyond walls where wisdom is a well
to be tapped via listening,reading,laughing,linking,sharing,talking,writing
Most of all via will-the desire to connect(F R Leavis-ONLY CONNECT!)
The will to make this happen.Life always gives you one more chance
But you have to snatch it like a stolen thought.

Re: Imagine This

philosophy implies choices
Bukowski's last poems were all love poems
to his wife,his Apple Mac and the transient nature
of all lives in one
He was no Transcendentalist-yet he loved the
DELETE button,praising it poetically
in many (deleted) poems

(Response to a poem by Po Wit)

Friday, December 16, 2011

FACEBOOK is not a friend

i met an Egyptian healer ,who shared
his people were ignorant of their ancestor's skills-
in the days of Classical Egypt,one had to run from Thebes to Karnak
lay in a sarcophagus for three days..If your KA returned,
and if you were physically,emotionally ,spiritually fit
you might then become a Pharaoh.They digested(and eliminated) rags to cleanse their colons
and demanded high standards of accountability from their rulers
Did we ever have standards?By forgetting indigenous habitation and values
(purloining selectively from the Iroquois Federation),we started at Year Zero.
By denying the culture we came from in the Revolutionary Wars
and fighting split families in our Civil War-we remain @war.
Our "leaders"are freebooters and Trump pirates,jackals of trade and commerce
No virtue in a takeover or a shutdown,nor in mere ownership of things
Virtue in alignment with truth is power.The rest is Nero.


Evolution is an egoic speciesist theory-
have rats evolved?or sharks?crocodiles?
why so species specific?What makes this species "human"?
Is"humanity"a gene or a behavior learned?Environmental or heredity?
Horrors of wars,tortures,cruelties and crimes might deny our status
and separate us from those creations that (wisely)ritualize aggression
We have most certainly changed-from smallpox and polio (vaccinations)to mustard gas to sarin
From siege to blast walls,drones to IEDs-we adapt.
GOOGLE and FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE extend our purvey
in a rented world,they give us parking space.(We want valet!-
so intelligence agencies have a sharper GOOGLE
and FACEBOOK is open to law enforcement agencies
Is this why the heads of the NKVD(Andropov/Putin)became leaders?
Why the head of the CIA(Bush#1)became President?
Information is power-editing is proof
Truth is redacted.Public Relations a sop.Mop up the bodies-
we are still cavemen,with spear warheads and sex films projected on our walls
FIRE! means more than Donald Trump.Wikileaks has been censored.
You live your life on a "NEED TO KNOW"basis.But -do you really want to?


Tried NEEDINESS(it did not fit)
so i tried ANGER(burned me up)
ENVY kept comparing suits
and i was losing me/so ,determined
to find a right fit,i just breathed(easy
Now the polo neck and the turtle neck no longer complain
about my stiff neck/ redneck nature
and i do not have to practice wearing my moods out!


When one walks naked in a street
others get jealous
When one decides for oneself how to be
Others get nervous
because they can not
because they will not
because if they did-they could not deal
with the horrors of witch burning,Crusades and jihads

Once ,on a Scottish beach,my friend showed me
where they used to burn witches 200 years ago
How many cigars does it take
to smoke 200 years away?


Started with Ma and Pop corner store
where everything was on sale(at high prices)
and stock was often mildewed,rusty,out of date
Next -a shiny new supermarket opened up...
Novelty Value! CHEAPER PRICES!(bought in bulk!
Ma &Pa sold up and moved on-new stores moved in
competing for a market that wanted cheap and fresh and new
You see the disappointment once the loss leaders were tossed
and prices rose with no competition
Stores bought out other stores,then closed them down
City prices soon despaired our town
soon even Big Block Bargains will shut down

I was there @the opening-free bags of SPROUTS groceries
Samples as generous as the opening of Central Market and Whole Foods
I knew the Manager by first name(it was on his label)
and shopped Wednesdays for DOUBLE COUPONS
When they took over Sun Harvest,i regretted the loss of a friendly small store
(i had always wanted TRADER JOES to move in from San Diego)
One store had to go.30% off-so i go back to SPROUTS
50% off-i buy more out of nostalgia.Last Day! 75% off-vultures empty shelves
till only high dollar items resist easy purchase.Empty now-gone like ALBERTSONS
Ma and Pa replaced by organic co-ops replaced by Corporate Franchise Management
Start small.Stay smaller.You can always be TOO SMALL TO FAIL!

dematerialising in the material world

Artists love art-from daub on walls to Chinese cabinets
Life as art-play it smilingly /as we spin round globes within
and in that ballroom Memory/One day you were born
(every day you are born -again!-and every millimoment
films Africa,Texas,Australia,Barcelona,Poland unreeling
Yorkshire ,Huddersfield,Bradford as station stops
Poetry,art,activism,workshops-and now-caring for lots
whose life is at the edge of dropping off(you rescue remedy them)
Healer,smiler,writer,publisher,artist-all these labels
cannot limit your love-which smiles over miles and lives on
when others fade ,flicker ,fall-you dance tall as stairs in your hall
of your only home-this one loving Earth-with fire from birth and rebirths
and warmth of one thousand suns beaming ferociously


Writers' Sanctuaries are Sacred Points of Pilgrimage-
Shakespeare &Co example for City Lights
in times when books were doorways /portals to other worlds
and writers were regarded as outlaws and saints
Patrons are rare,so poets themselves
become Springs for Inspiration
and their journeys often included homes of other writers
I went to Joyce's Tower in Dublin,Dicken's House in London
W B Yeats tower in Connemara-much like the Beats
went to the graves of their predecessors-and we to their bones
to seek the consolation that comes from fellow travelers-
a conversation transcending time,space ,income and limits.
I found the tomb of warrior Bard Ossian in Northern Ireland-
he was buried on the top of a high hill-with a 360 degree posthumous view
of magnificent Ireland.Others were buried near to their poet-
much as we draw near to those who inspire us-
by word,deed,book,poem,song or life
Shakespeare &Company includes every one of us!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

"occhio di straniero,occhio di sparviero"(metron vs apeiron)

Who rules?Goldman Sachs or OCCUPY?
Dictators cling to the loyalty of their armed forces
while elected representatives are displaced via economic pressure groups
Euro power dissolves under bankrupt governments
Printing currency makes more Weimer Republics
This time is different-those dictators in the wings are think-tanks
with corporate backing and foreign hands in glove puppetry
Why do we bribe both Egypt and Israel?Outsource prisoners to Libya?
Our hands on the cut checks/our interests in their oils.
Iraq may be free of our armies,but not our private security contractors
Green Zone continues as a bulwark for our interests
Democracy has been monetized and corporatized-to buy the Presidency
takes more than millions-it takes use of social media and pressure group politics
Tea Partiers and Christian Fundamentalists fund anti-campaigns for their candidates
Lawyers for both sides cannot see their own image reflecting
We are all in this together-yet the agenda is set by ....


Production is down as income decreases
Rap is still UP(along with hip-hop)
HALLMARK has outsourced a lot of occasional verse to China
(Confucian greeting cards are confusing consumers)
Text poems are popular with the ipod people
who also love the brevity of haiku.Cowboy poetry
and iambic pentameter for country music folk
Weddings,birthdays and funeral demands supply our main market
Some folk are withdrawing from public sharings(to save costs)
They are refusing to die,live in de facto relationships and have no children.
Notice how newspaper funeral notices are so prosaic?
Folk no longer write letters-so the epistolary movement is historic
Email has replaced the Post Office-so no poems are mailed.
Earphones and laptops mean silence in coffee shops
Conversation long replaced by cell phones.
No body reads anymore.It is a wonder you made it so far
We have decided to close down this poem-
cutbacks have dictated layoffs of verbs,nouns and participles
and who can afford punctuation after e e cummings?


started young-dreamed my way out of school first,then work
years of cloud dreams of flying-out and about ,above and winging
my way across starsplashed Heavens/through skies where birds
were always beneath and stars just beyond oxygen and night.
Morning always ground me down like coffee,cupped my wings
i would wait like a rabbit for afternoon(siesta)-when waves of heat
would lift my glider up in to the thermals of flying dirigible thoughts
One thread was all it took to connect me .I belonged to the skies.
Sometimes,someone would notice.STAR CHILD! they might laugh
I would be startled dove,flapping in herds-out of my body and above myself.
I would look down at me and then-SNAP!-here i am again,telling my story
Wings imaginary yet powerfilled as balloons,with capacity to defy gravity
and to rise above buildings in time.I am still flying..

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Theories are projections asserted until proof
Evidence changes under different circumstances
ex post facto is not res ipsa loquitur
Rigor requires adaptation
All findings are provisional
Hypotheses are fragile and tentative
Black Swan Theory is based on fact
But it can change(just like the weather
or this last line...


i deal in a redundant art form(poetry
with redundant formats(cassette,video,email)
to invisible people
who respond in a human manner
(love,positivity,joyful outreach)
so unlike the ipod inflicted /afflicted media young
whose earphones prohibit conversation
These respondees realize that conversation
means dialogue/and response =responsibility
We do not need to agree-at least we
are sharing and listening each to each
and that is sweet/no matter the weather outside
It is inside that counts-in the hidden altars of the heart
on the public altars of our redundant arts

to get by in this world

to have an eye in this world
watching the door in a motel
that cleans out old stories every high noon checkout
and fills up the shampoos and soap slivers
that clean (for a time)the bodies
of knowledge that snored to HBO
living their own twisted sheet reality show.

John Jeremiah Sullivan,living in 2010
phones John Fahey from 1930 in a welfare motel
Two stories(only one of them a contemporary storyteller)

Milan Kundera/episodic as soap opera
imaginary as Fernando Pessoa
Rolling with Roland Bathes as the New Essayists

Here is where that elephant novel went to graveyard
Tusks torn out for bone ivory essays
Blogs are the bastard children of weblogs and sites
Flash fiction strikes.Forms follow the fallow fields of data
and The Present Moment becomes more than MTV
Image becomes Reality .Write About It!

bigger than us

we have only been here a short time.dinosaurs left before us
Ice Ages ,poles reversed-all this pre-us
we will only be here a short time(three score years and 10
so when we ask Akashic Records what has become of us
a litany of wars and sorrows follows
we do not yet know why we are here-or how
stories of gods and daemons haunt us in dark nights
horror movies screened in multiplex minds
we do not know what will happen next
despite industries of psychics,soothsayers,astrologers
Earth Changes despite our weather forecasts-
we can predict partially ahead-to plot the radar
of our journeying.Astrologers towards New Bethlehem
Always guided by the stars...


Conjure all sadnesses,softness bruised,denied
all hurts needing healing
all cruelties to those dreaming
all hard to those soft,rough to the cloth
those who attune and align
Speakspell all gentle ones
Release those tear ducts!
So waters of salt
might move in to the Light!
Let them evaporate high
into sky of new clouds
to rise and to fly high above
Once released,we all learn and teach
Healing of self is pure love
Let all teardrops in time
rise above!

long shots

i do not buy tickets in Lotteries
and watch as others discard their losses-
stoners begging rides

cigarette butts outside my store
last of (self-appointed )outlaws
i like to watch from a long distance
i am in for the long haul

some leave,grieve,conceive fantasies of fatalism
some play pretend-in their eyes,they are the victim
some play games ,quite unaware/someone is always watching
some leave before the game has even been opened

i will be around for a long time
i eat stories,emotions,responses,rhymes
digest what is palatable and nutritious
leave the rest for bottom feeders

it does not matter what opinion says
what happens often has no script
and if we are improvising this
what happens next is obvious...

under the counter culture

where the black economy thrives
where cash is king and receipts are air
nothing is written but consequences are there
a payday loan @high interest may be seen as a bridging loan
to cover temporary lack of liquidity
Micro-credit for investment often more successful
because it encourages production rather than subsidizing consumption
Controls will always be sought by governments
Underground economies will always supply an Underworld
Those with bad credit,no assets,reliant upon low income
take a high risk with high interest personal loans.Sometimes this works
Sometimes a body in the river needs a pauper's funeral

Spirit Dance

Only This Empire Body-power
ends @fingertips/even Zen
body a conscientious objector
These prisoner senses blindfolded notes
censored and redacted
They sing to executioners
defying bullet points
WHAT WE NO is less than YES!
(Affirm in Breath!)Continuous as Creation-
we are accomplices,accessories.Death
is only when we stop.And let those hunters
with their blinds,feed us Christmas corn.


they ride the weak /make weaker/unsane
Recall cars with defective parts
Economists with defective arts
Corporate welfare pigs in trough
Ex-politician lobbyists
Every one with vested interests
Keep this boondoggling increasing!


i have my father's blue and Irish eyes
his smile and his temper
like some kraken that erupts intermittently
i never know when he will visit

i have my mother's sense of humor
her smile and her generosity
when folk attempt to spin me stories
i tell them about my family

my sisters say i remind them
of uncle bernie when procrastinating
i do delay decisions until
i can be sure of them

i can be fiery father
or working mother
i am not another
where i come from is not where i stay

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"meaning is use"

Everything is context.Words sans sentences are labels.
Sentences quoted out of context abandoned beached whales.
Kant's CRITIQUE OF PURE REASON reminds us we are human,
and all philosophies must adapt to what we do,or become lonely and unread.
Meaning changes .Time changes.Fashions change.Grammar changes.Beliefs change.
Scientific evidence applies where the object of investigation does not change.This is rare.
I saw a Powerpoint of Austin 1932,and felt the slowness,dust and black and white context .
2011 requires a valet parking highrise mind.The object of attention has dramatically changed
Like Dr Suzuki applying Buddhist mantras to water,and noticing molecular changes
Emotions change,yet as seen as capable of taxonomy.I distrust them-
not because of their mutable nature-more as they are poor (untrustworthy)witnesses
Jealousy,envy,fear and hate color and filter events to our detriment.
All words used to describe them filter as well.Subjective geese do not honk upon command.
Humans do not live well inside cages-grammatical,metaphorical,philosophical or "real"
"I think"does not connote"therefore i feel"


i was a bartender in three pubs
in this railhead town (last stop before Birdsville
the proverbial Black Stump was never far away
and the stories stay with me-
the dingo trapper who drank so much
his stomach shrank and he could not eat
more than an inch of steak @Christmas
that cheerful aboriginal who drowned in the creek
at the very edge of town
the cemetery where we used to walk on saturday nights
(the liveliest spot was this dead spot)
and the train coming once a week to break the monotony
and take someone else away from Quilpie
When i went back-the folk i knew had died/or moved along
Nothing lasts as long as silence-not poem,not song...

Monday, December 12, 2011

if we do not know

we can posit.Silence before (and after)us
Within our tiny range of hearing(beneath the capacity of dogs)-
we attune to harmonies and cacophonies,signal and static
Some seek to extend our listening skills
by Stockhausen,Cage,Stravinsky collage/montage
by stressing spaces and silences,rather than chords and notes
Art outside frames-on walls,in lives(embedded)
yet are we most comfortable with familiars-
with concerts(live)we attend together
such as Handel's MESSIAH with its huge choruses
and battalions of singers trumpeting belief
It is as if the British Empire rose up together
and sang patriotic tunes to their God and King
No doubt,hesitation nor limit (apart from budget considerations)
Here is where the human voice becomes birdsong
and birds en massed as butterflies of colored sounds
and we all RISE as one(as that King once did)
and re-enact a ritual as old as Empires-

"What is important is what you do next"

Whether or not Herbert Marcuse
authenticated OCCUPY posthumously
or whether his "right to resistance"
is countermanded by OCCUPY's hippy peacefulness
is looking through the wrong end of a telescope
Actions come first,rationalization and philosophy later
Analysis is fine in rarefied Boardrooms-
synthesis marries demonstrations and sit-ins
with projected violence towards them
and divorces theory from practice.
Unwise to adapt 1960s thinking to 2011 actions-
Color Revolutions,Arab Springs,Nuclear Winter
may have had a genesis in post -war re-org. of nation states
yet it is the present economic order that invites activism
Workers ally with OCCUPY-but ADBUSTERS initiated it
Students applied their social media skills,but homeless displaced them
This is a work in progress,immune to prediction.
Marx posited Revolution would happen in Germany
and was as surprised as Lenin that Russia should provide a lead.
Dictators' purges are stark warning for led Revolutions
Where we are is new-"we are building the car as we drive"
And the most important skill is not philosophy-it is to stay alive!

"Rage,rage,against the dying of the light!"

Anger is not enough.Fury even less
La Rabbia is all that ignites and incites action
Pasolini vs Leifi Reichenstahl
Prendiamoci la cittia vs Jefferson Airplane
"Take this city"vs "We built this city(on rock n roll")
RECLAIM THE STREETS a feminist cry against rape
Mobs are not crowds.Iran,Syria,Egypt,Yemen=works in progress
Somali's armed gangs (and their opposition)
OCCUPY's peaceful intentions against aggressive police forces.
That which burns Buddhists and immolates Tunisia
Last stop where anger gets off and control releases
Rage is a trigger against injustice,a demonstration against murdered civilians
Pakistan enraged by 24 dead soldiers.Iran inflamed via spy drones
Rage red burns into cold cool steel white revenge
Heat of protests against irrational violence
Names of the disappeared-bang pots and pans in the streets
Names of the military murderers-petitioning justice
Names of those undercover infiltrators from Waco to Osama
Rage is required if your eyes are on fire
Napalm child naked in a Banksy mural
Tagging ,graffiti art,splashed bold wall statements
Mild child,milk maiden,forget your troubles and get down
Bullets are flying through windows and walls .Keep your head down
No point in wasting good bottled up Molotov cocktail rage-yes?

"i am crying to the mirror"

(Response to a poem of that title by Mary Krenek)

all that arises like rocks and reefs
when dreams become real
reflection slows me down
tears bring out my smiles

there is reason for affection
is the softer path through roses
thorns of criticism shred petals
buds and blossoms know

so i cry in to my mirror
to see the smiles under
emerge as winter sunshine
when cold and rain have gone.

all is possible

this love affair with life-
it is possible to walk,run,cycle.laugh
rely upon,affirm,support,encourage,
build,make,do,be,breathe and continue
one can do this unconditionally-
it does not require permission of anybody
to be happy,healthy,hale and hearty
to be attuned to moon and stars and thin sunlight
all of this world is one-
one moon,one earth,one sun
so when you seek binary code
as if another will be a lover
start with your good self
begin the dance!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


POSSESSION OF WEAPONS,abusive practices
Making art means creativity/exposes one definitely
to obsession with expression infinitely
and Zen,when,you are caught redhanded
claim ARTISTIC PRIVILEGE-you may have stolen ideas
pilfered products,shoplifted whole categories/ART is no guarantee of virtue
Writers,bohemians,cling in ghettos o crime n grime
Having a NAME is no guarantee of FAME
CELEBRITY SEEKERS soak papparrazi attention spans
crime and culture both mean sex ,man
Smokin de herb is against de law
Snoop Dogg Dogg made out of it a career
Daub a little paint"ART FROM THE STREETS"
Keith Haring hanging around with Basquiat
CHRISTO seeks permits for wrapping his world
Rappers swear censorship is personal
Piss on the ALAMO if you are a rock star
Rules are provisional if you are a millionaire
One law for the rich,another for the poor
and crime is not and never will be culture

i am getting used to it

the truth that each moment is unique
and every person precious
that we may never repeat
even when this seems desired
that choice is always within limits
and others set parameters
that mortality can be delayed
but not indefinitely demurred
that the speakspelling of truth
does not make it true
that description is not contents
and other's have opinions,too
that a litany of lies
makes a good politician
that we are all politicians
seeking votes from friends
and even all bald statements
were hairy propositions to begin.


"That's not a knife-THAT is a knife!"(Crocodile Dundee-
and we are big-United States big with only 6 states and 2 Territories to share plunder
And before we were digging the ground beneath our feet
we were riding on the sheep's back.CRIKEY ,Mate!Is this a TOURIST LED RECOVERY or wot?
People used to be convicted and transported here,then bribed(Ten Pound Passage)
finally a restrictive immigration policy that allows in millionaires
but detains refugees.We have no capital punishment,and limit gun use.
We are loyal to allies,and help them with bases and troops-
but only waste a controlled amount on military failures(Vietnam,Iraq,Afghanistan)
We have experienced massacres(Queen Street,Hoddle Street,Tasmania,Bali bombings)
We have yet to come to terms with indigenous.We have always been racist.
We have a GREAT sense of humor!Our films are first rate.Our authors too.
Our ballet,opera ,symphonies world standard.Our Festivals ?more than a few!
Cocksure?yes-and feminist ,too!For the small number of Australians,
sometimes we include New Zealanders,too!Of course we love our sports folk-
football a religion(used to be horse racing)Cricket an institution
We love our Royal Family touring,and gossip about their children
We know who we are-and we know who we are not
We have been invaded by Japanese,Americans and were founded by Brits.
We have many nationalities,but ask they speak Aussie first.
And we dig the dirt and spread it on celebrities via excellent journalists!
Check your facts!We are Aussies-proud of it.And this borrowed land is dreaming
in 300 lost languages

"the true value of words"

"There is only sounds-and silences"
what we can not(do not)say threatens us
we grow smaller via distances
when brave and spruiking,crowing birdsong morning
bright and breezy,bubbling with enthusiasms
milk and quicksand later,bitter,disappointed
projected expectations shattered like a glass ceiling
In your cup of hemlock home,wormwood and root
Bitterness broods,withdraws like a hesitant army of journalists
in a war zone knowing too many atrocities.Silence fills Arlington
Bodies cannot murmur when they are buried (like rumors,like gossip)
they surface not via Wikileaks nor Youtube-
more by desire's osmotic wish to know(not "need to know"status-
we are more complete when all the picture is restored(Michelangelo-
that Sistine Chapel is still deteriorating,Yemen,Liberia,Somalian pirates
and Syria still censoring truth via government controlled outlets.
Before us-indigenous.Perhaps they listened to their grandmother wisdom
Perhaps they listened to women and children,fools ,poets,madmen
Perhaps this song was filtered from the wind,or from the fracked fractured waters
I do not know.I know only it is better to sing than to shout
and in each song a facet of a diamond truth reveals itself

Saturday, December 10, 2011

once,never twice

"i am selling this house
and moving to Georgetown-
this place is too big and i am too old
i need to move soon.Someone came,made me an offer
i sold right away. i have to move all this stuff out today.
Those roses i planted myself.My son @16 -he made those shelves.
After the Air Force,worked all his life for IBM-laid off after 29 years.
Did not know what a resume was!Thank you for taking this-
i would have had to take them to hazardous disposals otherwise.
(Three dollars later,rich in stories,i leave with cleaning fluids
to scour the season anew.Smiling,at home,entranced ,i return..

"That lawnmower is $150
The washer and dryer $300 each -i can take them with me"
(One bite only of the apple of life
Fall from Paradise-


no safety net when you are fallen
"give me your tired,poor,hungry ,weak"
I will make a New Depression
Repossessed from their homes
Dispossessed from their only lands
Cycles and seasons of predatory banks
means this happens time again
OCCUPY restores some homes
one teardrop in an ocean when
cracked,broken society
Does anyone remember World War One?
Does anyone remember Great Depression?
Our tiny times continuance when
Repetition Repetition Repetition


to Alexandria

where Light is an outlaw
and love must hide under blankets inside
dare not be exposed to white Winter
where snowed in emotions and iced over feelings
must hide under clothing/till Seasons will ride
in to Green of Resurgence and Gold of Spring life
Seeds of our Smiling will emerge in Green Time
Old Father Winter will die in the Spring
Stick Figure Branches will Bloom and will Blossom
All Will Be Garden in every Green Land
Deep is our Dreaming,dark as December
Light will return when Old Sol reawakens
All that is dormant,deep under blankets
All that is loving will laugh once again!

it is not the other


they are mirrors
a mirror to a mirror
echoes infinities
depths inside you
resonate in the ballroom
of your being/DNA dances
atomically/particle consciousness
calls all to sway/tidal
to one moon's embrace/waves away

to move is to live

either towards or away
like magnetic poles
we spin on a rock through space
spin with atoms inside
move through hours and days
define our little life lines
we are kinetic-energies
are us-we who grow in movements
know our orbits
by the trace of skin through space
auras cling-we sing our way
through daily labyrinths
know the sound signal from hollow echos
guide and follow pilgrim paths
to waterfalls in space
dancing our life
as art

SAVE OUR SPRINGS(paid in cake)

WHAT BRIDGET SHEA (future Mayor of Austin)said=
"We need a new paradigm for political involvement .
Alienation of people from their elected representatives is dangerous.
We need to find a new way to involve every body..."

"In 1995,there was an ethnomusicologist who won a Grammy .
He went into the rainforest of Papua and recorded the sounds .
The rain was off the beat...
"I was trained as a professional swimmer,
and spent many hours in silence"

Band played and Bill Oliver sang.Susan Bright was remembered.
Occupy Austin was mentioned."We are Occupying houses now-
if they are repossessed at auction-we bid and return them to homeless folk"
Weaving harmonies among smiling folk/Mercury Hall levitated
The moon smiled.

Friday, December 9, 2011

distances between us(measured in emotions

take fear(that distancing mechanism
that shrinks us from our natural heights
and makes us smaller in black nights
and withdraws us from another's touch
because of what has happened(much
can never be expanded upon/when
silence is a fearful song/and embraces fail when
touch is anathema to them
Hold and huddle,cuddle and cure
reassurance /energies pure/more
can be bridged with smiles than
fear of being burned again

and love(that outlaw)whose domain
trespasses upon spaces sovereign
reduces distance faster than
rockets falling like stars to ground

there are distancing mechanisms-
they are akin to poisons in the system
Sometimes you can measure them
by the way they kill all that they touch
'or reduce it to less than much

this is why emotional territories
explore distances quite personally


Keep getting sales calls (automated)
And politicians and pressure groups
would not mind the attention-but they are robots
like when i call to say our phone is not working-
"This call will be monitored for quality assurance"
then get transferred to India(outsourced)
No human hands at all-just a program
Like when a gas leak is detected
so they instal a SMART METER
no more gas meter readers/so we will all
either become robots or serve them.
People start to talk in cliches
predictable as supermarkets.
Workforce shrinks like plastic in a frying pan
and who can talk to a robot?Diebold jiggles voting machines
Hackers spam and slackers program
Iran Stuxnet info wars/Wikileaks in legal wars
Information currency-this poem redacted as you can see
what needs to be shared cannot be
Even robots write poetry!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


You could spend your whole life paranoid
Conspiracy Theories everywhere!(He tells me in Sun Harvest
now assimilated into SPROUTS where he samples-
"and there are entities who slip in to your aura
when you are angry or depressed or out of harmony-
they just slide right in there and occupy..."
I think of depressed friends,suicidal moodswings
and wonder if they are harboring emotional vampires sucking @their vital juices
Then i remember how aware they are,how rational is grief and anger is only one trigger
They know what is happening.Whether possessed or no-they know
So open the question to those who blame entities for dark emotions
when even religions admit Light is a Stranger in the Dark Night of Each Soul
and we are entities ourselves,even if possessed by thoughts like these
when winter comes,and brings in talk of reptilians
when all we really need-is more Vitamin K sunshine!


For the first time,all fiction is fact
All real virtual.All history repeats.
Visual records exist as far back as cave art
Today is a mashup-a remix of GREATEST HITS
Lady Ga-Ga represents Madonna so we no longer need her
Michael Jackson impersonators mean we no longer need him
same with Elvis,Beatles,Bowie,Marilyn-all legends repeat /recycle
best through mimesis.We recognize noir style in films-culture and style
sold via gloss and faux leaders.Spielberg reminescences 1940s serials.
Haircuts retro-punk to longhair 60s.Bald as Kojak /Yul Brynner.
We assimilate world cinema until Color Revolutions merge into Arab Springs.
They suggest and allude to previous folk revolts but use social media
so TWITTER and FACEBOOK and GOOGLE and YOUTUBE add false spontaneity
to an instantly identifiable locale-from Tahir Square to Tiennamen Square
is just a digital Photoshop.Kids know.They play virtual war games by hand
but would not be able to defend themselves.Dean had virtual support.
Republican nominees flip policies like popularity.Romney will win
because he is Reagan.Gingrich Clinton.Everything connotes someone else.
Another blonde bombshell will displace Lady Whatshername-we will forget
We will be reminded of mythos and meaning generically.Individuality as commodity
Everything a brand name.Monetize.Plaigarise.Ripoff.Buy brand names and forget
there is actually a person,not a product beneath the sweatshop labels...

look again

two days ago was rain
cold then ice this morn
each day a chapter of a book
that will never be written
Memory fails.Stories chatter
People reach out and are hugged
Warmth is what we emit when
we remember sunlight and kindnesses-
that we are all miniature flowers
in this world garden.Even if weed emotions
threaten to choke our growth.Each moment of sun
adds to the one before and after is an afterthought
Right now you are perfect.Remember this moment.

quite human dimensions

and a foot meant the Kings foot
and a hand was measurement for horses
proportions of body parts have long been
ways to express relationship
a wave of farewell
an eye fill of tears
semaphor/visual metaphor-
for impending distances


I asked that i be allowed to live forever
(i have been allowed to live!-
and some days seem like forever...
I asked to love without knowing
(I do not know-and probably never will
I asked to link lovingly universally
And the Goddess sent me Poetry
She fills up my days and nights and life
and gives me questions when i ask for answers
She also shares Secrets (with Every Body-
they all have access to her(which is what i want
Inside every body is an answered question-
a prayer that has no words as yet
but is asked and answered in every interaction
Every moment=epiphanies!Every evening=new dreams!
All my prayers answered(if only i could understand

Where are you going in 2012?

i am going here
i have wanted to be here for a long time
by the time i got here
it had moved on
other folk notice this as well-
that being here is over rated
for the time we get there
here will have changed

you can not

love too much(just too little
enlarge too much(beware belittle
share too much(greed,Mammon
care too much(need ,oceans

explore too much(more,awaiting
sing too much(neighbors,complaining
Dance too much(movement,beaming
dream too much(more,awaiting

be alive more than your skin will allow
be of truth if obfuscation is a cloud
be in harmony with all gold and broken ones
love every moment-as if it were the only one!

second hand soup

on a third hand street
work is rare as joy
Christmas .Bleak.
Chickens are invited
to the feast.Desserts are held
beyond their reach.
Pecking and squabbling
they do not see(guillotine
Quarreling /gossiping
divided village scene
Each to her warm bed
where she may dream
of better and brighter
sunlit scenes.

wilde word wings(never enough

does a bird sing too often?
does grass grow too fast?
are babies annoying?
why do we not laugh?

are we enough for the challenge?
will we make it through?
how can i know when
i cannot hear you?

are you there?are you calling?
are you birdsong at dawning?
as long as wordwings are flying
worlds wrap in warmth

signals define us
frequencies sing us
into alignment

"i yam wot eye yam!"(sez Popeye

i am affected via you
i am reflected via you
i am reacting via you
i am responsive via you

Tea for two,and two for tea
We means more than I you see
Worlds may spin
like angels on a pin

Auras grow ,smiles flow
We go beyond all we know
when exposed to radioactive knowledge
We can not glow back to childhood

All the pretty horses
dancing in a row
They are YOU (you know
They are all you know

When you leave islands
via peninsulas
You rejoin the main land
That is where we are

You help me get through
You show how to be true
Your wisdom in a song
Helps me to sing along...

if air is free

why oxygen machines?
if we need air(love)to breathe
why car exhaustion?chemtrails?wars?
if all we have is this thin veil
wrapped around a blue water rock
with heat @the heart core
how dare we?"Freedom "for birds,trees,
leaves,earth,fire,water.Elemental,my dear Watson!
What IS lives longer (and despite us
FREEDOM is a brand name(copyright)
Wake to walls and seek wings
Start with art of dreams.
Daub those walls with doors
Then walk through.You are

Dragon skin and fire scorch

to all who lose respect /primal creatures resurrect
when nature is violated.Cycles of seasons still define us
Defy weather if ye will-it will kill! Ice ages emotions
Poles reverse reactions!Gravity must change!Levity remains
a stranger!Chill freeze gives way to sunshine/sun to rain
We are change.Watch as dams break under river strain.
Walls fall when prisoners range.No bird loves cage.
Primal this rage! Stages of colors-warn to red.Warm to fire!
Scorch dragon tongue criticism .Whole villages lost
The cost of ignoring forests was fire
Learn before you burn.We live in Nature.We (human trees)burn!

and the point of evolution

is to evolve past points of pain
without regression to reptilian Machiavellianism
and to walk those steps of a dance so light
levitation is just the beginning
Each moment has futuring- resonance ripples
Lotus in Lake.Excalibur slips out of stone in to water
The Lady of the Lake is you.

addition over sub/traction

add this-zero to one zen back again
code basis maths computers building
where begin?zero or one?eye say
we start @zero and become One
then devolve back to zero.Zen


Listening is as well-well,then -listen...
as the sounds of OCCUPY! ring round one world
in every language ,challenging dictatorships
This is not the Paris Commune of 1871
This is not The French (guillotine) Revolution
This is not the Russian Revolution of 1905 nor 1918
where one million people died of starvation
nor is it Year One for Kampuchea
nor Mao's Long March where thousands died
This is not the 1968 street riots
where clashes with police became a rite and ritual
This is a peaceful occupation of public spaces
challenging elitism in every continent
with evolving critiques,and (so far)no casualties
This is a continuous worldwide demonstration
involving 100% volunteers ,representing those 99%
who otherwise find no voice ,nor choice
in corporatism/privitization and offshored employment prospects
This is a new mode,sponsored by ADBUSTERS
yet even they say it is time to move on from physical occupation
to guerrilla theater -to OCCUPY EVERYWHERE!


Fox in the fable pretends to be a sheep
Wolf disguises as a grandmother
Each bleat their innocence ,while preparing to devour
Rock stars wolves among sheep("Little lamb-who made thee?"

I knew a serial seducer who used
words to hypnotize and betray
His modus operandi -to claim
his victims as willing accomplices

Blame those harassed /character assassinate
Projection always made one look bigger
A song is petition unto the Good
(Too often the good are ignored)

Electra Glide in Blue-"I will do for you
what others did for me when i needed(Nothing!
"I would not rely upon my good nature-
I haven't got one!"Shark goes on,meat in his ocean

Even if sheep unite,teeth are sharp and claws are real
Unions crack against lockouts,prisoners against abuse
A general strike loses one good day's wages
Every body forgets tomorrow

It is not the meek will inherit this earth
It is the cleaners who mop up after the party


Wary as criminals when released
They nibble ,chew,digest-wary,watchful
Something in their genes tells them
We are rifle eyes and shotgun blinds

Even doe ,feminine,thin,shadow stillness
when any sound could spook them
Turn them kinetic cartoons
from still life painted sculptures

We both know our roles-to us
they are venison ,disturbers of lawns
Blinds set up for ritual assassination
Guns loaded for the loading of a truck

Before death via bullet or road crash
Beauty resurrects.We both stop,stare.

treebirds,each to each

signal mornings in-even before light
kookaburra's laughing jackass
split the coconut morn with laughter
All day long-gossiping songs!
Rippling trees branches,lifting wings above
to shape shadow sunlight with slow flaps
Alighting in some billabong-a song of water
meets a sky of wings

emotional seasons

loving Spring most -but Fall more
Autumn in England,where trees cry leaves
Winter in Australia(which is not winter at all-
Spring in Austin,where poetry blooms
each night,with emotions that rise

to spread oil of kindness on Lotus reflections
across the Lake of eyes/i love most
variety of unpredictabilities
wherever one may be
@the time

i despise winter in england
where fog ,cold and ice
snow one's life in to survival mode

Summer in Australia /same as heat in Texas
drives tourists away with its sweaty insistence
Wherever we are may be good enough
but how do you cope with emotions?


the salt of Summer water becomes lakes
the pepper of leaves becomes Fall
the white of age becomes Winter
why should i worry at all?

the truth is/ rain

is a stranger in a drought
must be welcomed /open art
to see/ if change is good
All is neutral-ice will melt
We will pass like shadows
This last line will be forgotten

improvising sorrow

remember you are acting
and your character facade
allows a costume change
and masks are moods that pass
Script in your hands?Blank page!
You are as free as you wish to be
Other characters look to you to lead
to refresh their memory as to their lines
in this your melodrama.Buckets of tears
for the matinee,crocodile tears for the main show
You are always on the front line-now-out you go!

speaking of depression

a friend was so sad she spoke of suicide
i was grateful she confided
red alarms when folk go silent
and will not speak their dark cloud moods
i listened to her and wrote poems
some as short as this one
until she started writing her own
and did not need the structure of another
sometimes,we are hearing aids
sometimes walking frames
a hand ,and eyes,an ear lent for a time
cuts down the rope that hangs us up
suspended in silence,swinging in dark
a little light ,a candle,a start
to add to life via art.


those counted bodies wet and cold are not sleeping
homeless,dispossessed,peaceful-yet in a state of change
that counts each day as an extension of practice
each night another meeting.Observation now creates theses
upon these harbingers of hermeneutics,even as their practices are changing
MIKE CHECK! and horizontal decision making are parallel structures
This conversation is ongoing-it varies from academic distance
by those bodies arrested for trespass,who are now banned from returning
Each city varies in the mode of issues and priorities accorded
Some have teach-ins ,others outreach demonstrations.
Syllogisms do not feed minions-donations are shared equally
yet still within health and hygiene regulations.This is a work in progress
Some cities have resorted to brute force-which validates O peacefulness
Some have evicted campers,more imposed regulations
O is a public experiment in living democracy
It is as frail as the weakest links-assaults and rapes occur
Arguments resolved via agreed upon procedures.
Philosophy demands putting one's mind to an assigned task
The task of occupation is transformation.Way beyond logic,equations and syllogisms
In the heart of the core of each city,a new group is demanding equality
Will this 1% represent all 99%?or are too few taking on the too many mighty?


1.According to Paolo Virno and Tony Negri-we are all in a "Social Factory"
2.According to Tiziana Terranova-We all slave in "Digital Sharecropping"
3.According to Eva Illovz-Digital Data supplies only "Cold Intimacies"
4.According to Jaron Lanier-"You Are Not A Gadget /subject to "Lords Of The Cloud"
5.According to Pierre Bourdieu-"We have transferred our habitus"
6.According to Andrew Keen-Web 2.0 promotes "The Cult Of The Amateur"
7.According to Clay Shirky-"Techno-Utopians may remain optimists"
8.According to Anthony Giddens-Our Ontological Security is now virtualized
9.According to Nicholas Carr-we are still in "The Shallows"
10.According to Facebook-6 billion of us are in a hive mind,sharing digital propinquity
According to me,Facebook is an option-one among many-soon to be outpaced by New Tech Order Web.4
or was that just "The Cloud"talking?

silence and stars

in the heat=shimmering waves
mirages,images melting,merging
in the night-stars!million of them!
lit dewdrops suspended in dark heavens
strung lights from ages long left
reminders of another time scale
where planes are dots and passing
satellites a passing nuisance
Outside our "four score years and ten"
Silence sits and waits for us to pass
She is busy watching stars


I asked that i be allowed to live forever
(i have been allowed to live!-
and some days seem like forever...
I asked to love without knowing
(I do not know-and probably never will
I asked to link lovingly universally
And the Goddess sent me Poetry
She fills up my days and nights and life
and gives me questions when i ask for answers
She also shares Secrets (with Every Body-
they all have access to her(which is what i want
Inside every body is an answered question-
a prayer that has no words as yet
but is asked and answered in every interaction
Every moment=epiphanies!Every evening=new dreams!
All my prayers answered(if only i could understand


through which we slip
in to each other
some times stuck for a while
black holes
dark holes
mouth holes for kisses
eye holes for looking
ear holes for hearing
skin holes for
more than before
dive in!
this spring
defeats all winters!

you are never alone

you are never alone
even when alone
someone is always watching
linked by past ,present or continuous
links you may deny or admit
illusion of islands on this one earth
six degrees of separation among billions
no degrees of separation at all


we are seasons -ages define /defy us
we sleep though centuries /wake up slowly
each epiphany obvious to others/daylight
disturbs us when we can deep dream
work demands we adhere to another's calendar
if we were bird(nesting,resting
animal(burrow,hidden away
even sea creatures go dark in depths
slip shadows when seasons hunt them
Recovery takes lifetimes/lifelines thrown
to rescue remedy us when shallowness
drowns us inappropriately-we actually need dreams
to get through each counted clock.Rhythms sustain us.
Tick of scratch time,tock of old patterns
We swing between the moods of reaching out
and withdrawing within ourselves.Nautilus shells,
oceans within us.