may we all be heard
words are bells
let them ring!

Thom World Poet Austin, Texas, USA
Global Radical networker and activist for promoting the live Creative Arts,
at every possible opportunity, especially in his home-city, Austin, Texas, USA

Monday, April 9, 2012

selective memories

words go to war before boots on the ground
Argentina so close to tiny Malvinas-
few folk with more sheep than hope

Empires Historic vs Geography
Who owns littoral?Who owns sea?
Carbon footprints yomp across inhospitable terrain
to "recapture"freedom for a British name

Exocets,Sheffield,aluminium burning
Dumb bombs and malfunctioning weapons
1200 young conscripts on the General Belgrano
died for no reason in the Exclusion Zone

Reagan/Thatcher-alliance geriatric
American Intelligence/British weapons
Troops flown half way round the world
for ungrateful sheep herders

It could have gone either way
Malvinas could be Argentine today
Folly persists when Empires play
with human lives for no real gain

Generals send the young to graves
Empires always kill their slaves.

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