may we all be heard
words are bells
let them ring!

Thom World Poet Austin, Texas, USA
Global Radical networker and activist for promoting the live Creative Arts,
at every possible opportunity, especially in his home-city, Austin, Texas, USA

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


ask you to edit your life
No one has the time to read this

your grand father's wars
will be bequeathed to your children's

GREAT fires of London
GREAT wars-
where is Russia in this?

my father,who art in ash
spare me your memories
my mother,still making more-

after midnight moon
sweetly sings to distant stars
just like you!

heard more snakes than seen
same with dreams

past does not end
gets filtered by endless presents

Children! Believe me!
Once there were type writers!

hard to build a fire
easier to share the heat

zoo rest homes
for animal impersonators

she dowses hearts
he collects heads

i left childhood
it followed

my love affair with flying
independent of aircraft

auto mechanic philosopher
spare parts wisdom

we are time short
that's why small talk!

even gold
ends up in bars.

these stolen terms
leased from dreams
to be forgotten

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Post postmodernists will argue
that there are no new forms nor themes
upon which to hang the novel's hat
when contemporary society has become mere show
and honesty is marketed in politics
Whether art can be the place for a human to show her face
is subject to continuing debate.Characters in soap operas
become people we know(or is that vice versa?
Poetry long ago dropped the mask at midnight
No one believes words.Movie scriots demand characters
that engage us (not as heroes)-more
as mundane SIDEWAYS dysfunctional mirrors
of a deeper existential confusion
that art may never seek to explicate nor erase.
Therapy continues-even when drug wars and jails fail
Airport novels gain more weight when paperback with gilded covers
Sales of Stephen King and crime novellas compete
with self-improvement fantasies-is the marketplace
the true parameter of meaning?Bad movies made from worse fiction
crowd our screens.The American Dream (historic)becomes a theme
for failed novelists to sell screenplays.The fact that media
has long become our mode as well as content makes for storyline
and journalism ,blog and text becomes the food of future hits
The more we watch,the more we get hypnotised
If the novel is the place for this debate,this becomes our infinite jest
If a poem fails,easy to replace.When TITANIC becomes a movie
it must next get re-released in 3D technology-to find new audience
It is the mode of storytelling has become the story.

ROOM 408 St.Davids(32nd Street)

Two angels smile around our good Doctor
whose eyes are closed until she hears our call
From the depths of Heavens she returns to us
(even Heaven has product recall)
"The angels will have to wait!"
We need you to be with us-a poetry reading
in a small ward,with the movie channel on(subtitles)
As Dr Marvin returns to us-her eye's curtains lift for us
She must eat(the food is fine(apart from rock carrots-
Angel#1 spoons jelly and chicken
Angel#2 feeds fresh fruit
as she waves in and out of presence
Dr Marvin Kimbrough is a living work of art-
those who hear her remember poems from her heart
to the heart of all human kind.She is parked
temporarily with us,for your pilgrimage
(She reached out and held my hand when words were not enough)
(The only word/world these angels know-is love...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

if we are under continuous assessment

surveyed and under constant surveillance
flash of cameras @every intersection
who watches the watchers?
Plato warned our minders may not be honest-
corrupt,self-serving,not subject to review
If we hand over our powers to others
who are they subject to?
If FREE SPEECH ZONES mean fines outside them
If "moderated"language means censorship
If Disney animals have no genitals
who stands up to figleaf Vatican?
If paedophile priests are simply transferred
If 77 refugees are killed near our borders
If Zeta gangs are ex-police ,armed with FBI weapons
who polices the police?
If Wall Street faces bail out business
with funds from our taxes
If they self-appeal as"too big to fail"
If only the poor and the drugged get jailed
who changes anything?If you disagree
where is your poetry?
If freedom sings,where are your songs?

if you accept an oil spill compensation settlement

You surrender all rights to sue BP PLC Corporation
Your settlement will be adjudicated with no appeal
a check will be cut if damage can be calculated
You may end up with millions(or nothing)
If your heart was affected by AVANDIA
you may be entitled to a settlement
class actions simply need you to link damage to drug intake
and claims will be settled on a contingency basis
If you suffered death or debilitation
You can sue Corporations(posthumously,via agents or delegates)
but not if they are bankrupt or in liquidation
when claims will only receive pennies on the dollar
and lawyers receive priority in carving up the carcase
If you feel the legal system is inertial,unfair
prejudiced against the poor,designed for lawyer classes to self-sustain
you may not be entitled to a remedy
We have the best law that money can buy!
If you disagree publically,we will sue you!
(you have to be rich to even try!)

if 33 Chilean buried miners can watch movies

let them not watch AVATAR
about the greed of mining corporations
destroying the environment for resources
that are antediluvian/polluting
Let them not know their company is bankrupt
and cannot afford to rescue them
private profits preclude human factors
publicity comes from media,and
cannot be controlled like the food they eat
which must be thin food(so they can fit
through a 36 inch rescue tunnel cut
through the very earth they were plundering to eat
turning coal into food for their table
Parameters of rescue are simple-
have all of Chile aware of the fate of their miners
unlike in Russia or China
where media is muzzled and miners die often
Activate the energies of awareness
so these living examples of dogged resistance
might be rescued by State resources
even when their own Corporation could not save them
from bad food,censored movies and the prospect
of death by landslide due to unsafe working conditions
Keep the rescue narrative positive
we do not need to know these conditions are horrendous
If we know,we might be forced to act
Act concerned,if you really cared
No human being would be mining coal anywhere


the beauty of dyslexia is Zen simplicity
the beauty of blindness is imagination
the beauty of deafness is interior monologues
the beauty of image is endless

If i am not a white swan-
are you a black cloud?

Children with mouths open for rain get flies
Elders wheeled into a corner &parked
DO NOT FALL!(there is no safety net)

met with beer and champagne girl
on a cell phone party text chat line
Love to be instant -but no time!

Dreams forget me.I return the favor.
Memories get lodged in my teeth.So i take them out.
I heard a song about time.Took me 3 minutes to forget
She knew all the people i knew.Biblically.Atheist me
My dentists requests return.My teeth are holy. Believe!
Taught to remember.Warned to forget.

Only this thin fish.Caught.Released
Silver in a gold stream.Exchange
Next not better(just what we have)
Never compare lovers!

Siberian Akhmatova.
Gulag America

Bought a second hand biography
about my life as a car.(Auto...

so i live mine loose leaf
Sometimes the pages get stuck together

The second is to obey.Follow the third.

Someone says they are me.They recite poetry
I listen to them each night.Perhaps they are right

I sit in the dark sipping soda
Anonymous as projectionist
It matters little/less.Images are exposed
We file out.

HAIR 1967-2010

It was an issue then and remains one now-
to be allowed long locks-flamboyant and luxurious!
The play was made into a film /songs sung by generations
who made HAIR an international anthem
And now these follicles are counted survivors
They stretch across bald domes and landing zones
Shaven Marine heads remain skinhead by design
Age defeats all youth in this-a Beatle moptop is a badge
as much as African weaves and Marley locks uncut
Samson brought down the hairdressers
Cuts are shaves,spikes punk archaeologies
Only the moon round pate resists partial coverings
Some cut their hair for cancer wigs
Some donate it for mattresses and pillows
Rapunzel used hers quite practically,and we
are still conflicted about use and rules
fashions and fickleness,shampoos,conditioners..
Hair today ,gone tomorrow
Q.Waiter-what's this hair doing in my soup?
A.Looks like the breast stroke,Sir


The guns gangs use are All American
sold via FBI agents or corrupt police
The drugs are largely like coyotes
(bound for work in America-illegals)
The bodies are ours-civilians
caught in the crossfire of politics
mass graves of journalists
We see the problem as "over there"
Bullets lodge in our Town Halls
Coyotes laugh at immigration laws
Bodies pile along our borders
The drug of power buys silence
Those are American bodies
American guns,American drugs
There is no border when it comes to life
Either we will live-or we will die
This is our problem.Drugs,guns,border wars-
how will we stay alive?


Everything is metaphor-there is no physical cloud
just data banks offshored.Lines awaiting 4G
better than soup kitchens of the technologically dispossessed.
(some people will never see plasma TV nor IMAX!)
In Palestine,the young use computers as resistance
As the youth of Iran use Facebook and heavy metal music
When we use torture,we use the oldest methods-
water,masks,deprivation of resources
yet we update these violators of perimeters
via data banks,biometrics,plastic handcuffs
Technology is like money-neutral
Apps can be porn or police
We cannot stop these adventures in inventiveness
(we are adepts at GPS and spy surveillance)
yet space junk in our seas and deserts
radioactive uranium leaks(not Wikileaks)
and primitive cave revenge reactiveness
still characterize our primal selves
We are animal -we hunt and kill ourselves
Our governments kill their own people
We accept capital punishment and suicide
We use old technology like cars and rockets
when ever-renewable sources flow,blow and shine
Are we human yet?Can we be?
or do we blame technology for our demise
when it was we.....

Radical Opacity

In our age of universal surveillance
it is wise to be anonymous-fame has been appropriated
by paparazzi and pornographers
Celebritology steals headlines ,self-promotion TV series
blogs and commentators fill hate radio flame throwers
4chan uncensors-engaged users post with wit and passion
All those Wikileaks have their mirror here
Official Secrets both personal and political
Big Brother would like to close down town
but the polis of thought does not wish to be policed
and the growth of free speech costs startups
1984 cedes to techno 2010-youth are wired
(enough to tune in-FACEBOOK opens up
500 million human pages listening
Neda in Iran,IDF blocking Gaza
soon there will be a possibility of free speech
(until giant China censors Tibet
and North Korea sets off another verbal missile)
Civil we are,with tech servants not masters
Why not consider the possibility
of possibilities beyond ours?


i am reminded of connected examples-
he who played violin all night long in that coffee shop
she who gave free massage with her holy hands
he who sat and dispensed herbal teas in a fire circle
the bakery with no price upon their bread
the free shop where exchange was the currency
money never changed hands-only goodwill
and trust between us that allowed hitchhikers
clear eyes and hands upon the wheel
of fate and fortune rolls through such/much
is made of distant thunder while rain falls
on local crops.Examples rise like fruit trees
organic vegetable gardens-the gardener invisible
Only abundance evidence of harvests
sown in these specific moments
seeded by your shining actions
when the moon comes out

10 raindrops and a storm is coming

Dark sky would be Rembrandt or Van Gogh
apart from this white hole attracting
every dreamer like these clouds surround
Heat is humid ,intense as fate
Things will tumble in the dryer light
Relief is percentage(small as belief
Sky is as ruthless as deep night
We are underneath like oil particles
divided into microscopic resistances
Streets of Teheran to Mogadishu
gangs of iron rule resist the rust
(we only occupy because we can and must)
What happens after is a disaster zone
Hurricanes,we fill plastic like dead homes
10 drops (count them)small as blood of children
pretend a change we have not seen nor heard
and word is silent,not in reverence
because the guns are being sold and loaded
and the body bags are for our only world.


Bombs go off in occupied territories
Withdrawal is not peace(ask your civilians(us!
Peace is required for culture(.Fascists =bad architecture!
Tilt when game says"trains run on time!"
Tea Parties Tipper Gore divorce Global Warnings
'It's still the economy,stupid!"Bucks stop here!
Printing poetry better than printing money
Poets can wail the white whale moon to sleep
Saxophone soul seduce waves into tidy tides
Sleep dream select visions for editing suites
Incept epiphanies for Standard Illuminations(EVERY body!
Value =exchange.Gift economy better than barter
Compassion better than passion.Preferable fantasies to Disney
Digital downloads,angelic uploaders.
(Don't be downwind of an upbeat culture!
Best &brightest stringing moons together
Clearing mental land mines.All is possible
Peace Corps.Berlin Airlift.Medicine Sans Frontiers.
Tree planting.Organic gardens.Wilderness areas
Even airports allow jokes about INsecurity.
Whisper with a smile until YOUTUBE Flashmob opera
Mexican waves start with one raising their arms in surrender
Soon we will no longer need borders...or Barnes&Noble
Interdependence .Autonomy.Freedom.Laughter!


on the way home,we start talking-
about pain and friends' suffering(cancer/death-
and what we can do-teardrop or ocean?
Can we re/verse fate /untie karmic injuries
relieve the pain and stress of ordinary existences?
Or are we mere palliatives/pawns in the hands of gods
who see suffering as necessary and purgative?
Filter all through god if ye will/i am for humans!
As far as we can love/lesson learned from Aesop's Fables
"Every kindness(no matter how small)has a home"
Welcoming in human compassion,preferring pleasure over pain
with a healthy joy that has no rational basis
We talked until the journey was complete
even though our lives and quests were not
This is the nature of questions-
sometimes they have no end...
(Thank you Deb!)

Exchange of energies.Compassionate economy.
Gift economy.Altruism.Volunteers.Kindnesses.
Goodwill.Affirmations.Alignment of life purpose
Open source coding.Copyright free poetry
Breath.Prana.Chi.Ka./this Holy Sacred Secular Moment
and this next one(arriving unannounced!


5am skies-high above-as close as astronauts in a Houston TV studio
or special effects Hollywood doco.
S/he old cold bone white China rock
addictive as poets/waves away-in a still morning sky
above/beyond-as if asking-
"will you REALLY fly?why no man on my moon?"
some see an old woman,others a rabbit
i see a full white dish slipping into morning blue suit
stars and planets keeping their distance
respectable as space is given
to those in most need!

Enter any coffee shop-
keyboard monastics silent celled aloneness
one to a table,solitary coffee beside
None will speak except to barista
to fill their hermetic cup over
May as well be clones! Hobbit homes here
they render art irrelevant.Squat with laptop
until more digital children displace these homeless
plugged in autobots.They are not us-we analogues
in a digital world.Replicants! Reality is virtual 2/4 them
3D Avatars,4G phones ,icons of a Post-Armageddon age-
all they need is a power line to be online
Connection is everything!


You are more than you know-
you exist on many dimensions-
the YOU you remember has gone
yet still exists for others
who visit you but do not stay
and even if they did,they must move on
because their YOU awaits them in another day
When you go,you leave a different YOU behind you
it is what we remember of you(which is always less-
as ash cannot reconstitute pre-fire
even with The Law Of Conservation Of Matter
You take a different form(we do not recognise you
I address this to the YOU you are right now
even though when we meet,we will have both changed
(which is why i change my name-you see
The you you met once is not me
and the you i address will not be you
and that is a blessed and sacred secular mystery
you understand clearly
as you change.

Monday, August 23, 2010


so i went in to the other room
where she was hearing angels
happy to be released/she
looked like a dreaming child
i did not know just what to do-
to call or let her glow
She had already gone from us
(Release is all i know)

All earth is Sacred
The building of churches on Holy Hills
as much a sacrilege as sacrifice
Blood spilled on Sacred Ground
means cleansing is required
Wise to clear the air before
erecting spires.

in alignment with truth
does not have to be rational
nor intuitive.Each counted footstep
each sacred breath /leads us to and away from
life and death.

Look in your eyes,O Goddess!
Look to your sword,Damocles-
We still war for love-
As below,so above.

how to avoid crusades and jihads

Be a poet!.Not a novelist-Salman Rushdie had a fatwa
which meant he needed bodyguards for years
Nor film maker-that Amsterdam documentor of Mohamed's life
ended up with a knife in his chest
and avoid being a woman-they still get stoned&disfigured
and men do not.If you are avoiding christians
their censorship and persecutions
be careful with your art!
(Remember piss christ and Robert Mapplethorpe!
Remember Tipper Gore and FCC fines
Remember all those fig leaves in Vatican hands
It seems that hate has become a family value
and commentators the new Pontius Pilates
if you wish to avoid burkhas-change sex!
Both religions are patriachal-both proscribe and regulate sex
Do not be a cartoonist!Bombs get thrown
when Mohamed's image is drawn
and humor is seen as irreverent
It does not matter if you are neither islamic nor christian
paedophile priests persist in judgment calls
and innocence is no defense.Separation of church and state
has not stopped subsidies of churches
bibles are still dropped in third world countries
and missionaries persist in destroying indigenous worship
Christian entertainers foisted on troops
prayer meetings (but not for pagans or atheists)
priests blessing war.All this is not yours
It is conflict imported from belief.
You do not need to believe a thing.
Just avoid christians,islamics,jehovah witnesses,seventh day adventists,baptists,born agains,fundamentalists-anyone who tries to censor your poems
then tell me how well you succeed!

if you need a god

there are plenty to choose from-
gods of wood and thunder,sea and storm
old gods-tricksters,pranksters-new gods(Bacchus,Dionysius-
gods who shapeshift ,change form and essence
so they never appear the same way twice
i do not have a god(there are so many
i get confused(which one is god of mercy?compassion?
where is a god of gentle humor?(the joke seems to be on us-
what with suicide religious bombers
and religious haters/it becomes hard to see a soft god under us
so i settle for softer human beings-
for the miracle of harmonies between us
kindness,goodwill,intelligent altruisms
actions that redeem-like when the truck in front of me
stopped abruptly to hand food and drink to a heated homeless
you know what you do,i do not need a god or a goddess
just kindness.truth,beauty,loving relationships-
all human skills-more than any one god could handle
more than any one book or film
your one life as example
it is enough.let gods watch..



His Ode to the Titanic better than the movies
His evocation of village life reminescent of...
Both his father and he were fiddlers
so his verse reveals the bones of strings and dances
via"the Devil's instrument".After Jude The Obscure,
he gave up novels -turned to his second love
became that poet quoted yet unread much
expect as past in History of Verse classes
He still dances jigs in village halls
only now it is Wassail for Sri Atmananda
December 19-you may recall Bucolics Anonymous
Fragments of which may resurrect his genius
December 4 for FESTIVE SEASONS
Texas Book Festival November may launch the Cd
so we may all hear the verbal music of our Thomas Hardy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


In art,marketing is everything!
Salvador signed blank sheets for his apprentices to fill in
Warhol made factory reproductions via his friends
Branding remains an issue for many framed and unframed
Their genius was to synthesis the zeitgeist of our magpie times-
to borrow tools and techniques from machine shops and art pasts
to bend clocks and christ images ,madonnas and celebrities at one
to make elitism for the rich to buy reflections of their best
Masturbatory images haunt Dali/even with Gala as Goddess
while Warhol depersonalized images into soup cans of similarities
Both lived pre-photoshop-in an age when computer art did not exist
their cut and paste montages were from an industrial era
Dali hearking back to Church and Renaissance styles
with surreal images of ants ,blank faces,dancers
among the portraits he entitled as was his wont
Brave both and bold but now historic only-point taken
Their styles assimilated into advertising.
They remind us of other ages-when markets demanded innovation
so these innovators prepared their easels and studios as stages
WE now pay for exhibitions,expecting no new Revelations


That man taming tigers for a living-he loves them!
with a thin whip and a stick ,has them growling at him
(to increase the effect of danger-like putting your head
in a lion's mouth,or going into the wild among bears
He also trains horses to prance in circles
and to rise on their hind legs and paw the air
without fear they might stampede beyond his commands
The tigers are enclosed in a circular cage-it is easily dismantled
and they pounce away down a dark shute back into cages
Children love both animals and the allure of wildness
while munching popcorn and sipping sugar juices
they are safe (at a distance)with the crews singing
"don't try this at home".Soon they will go back to their cage
With no whips nor sticks to train obedience
They will seek to find a job for pay
Maybe one or two might run away to the circus-
as clowns or stagehands or maybe magicians
Training is required on both sides of the stage
Even tigers and horses know which side is paid

LOVE (you are)

and love returns-a bird that sees in you her nest
roosts with joy and harmonies
healing and healed naturally
part of and connected to all
(nothing to do with chemicals)
days slice fast past
you are slow dark dream smiling
Light finds you open to change
as rain cedes to sun
pleasure and pain rotate
Open your eyes windows !
There are friends /allies/companions
awaiting connection
with every pulse of energy you are and have
all that you share compounds again
and sings another living moment in
Welcome home(within your skin
attuned and healing/natural as breathing
You sleep and dream and know
that you are loved like Light-and GLOW!


Leave the highway/freeway/toll roads/M1 ,A roads,-even B roads
seek out those spider vein worm lanes that inch through villages
Slow speed down to walking,take time back to watching
every day a Sunday.Wonders resurrect!Trees that bend over
and touch fingers of branches /shaking leaves like hands
Curl of a corner which blocks out all futures
leaving you suspended between high hedges
with existential trust that no tractor or truck trespasses
(for someone will have to back back into side lane
Happily traffic is as individual as deliveries-
for who seeks slowness in a world of coffee?
Who has the time to take time for time to be
parked by Glastonbury Tor/Chalice Well -
or deep in the curling greens of Dorset or Cornwall?
Where else can stone be seen older than signs that point
and standing stones and ruins older than all fences?
When can you go -just to stop-and to stay?
They who live by-in farmhouse,off layby,are used to the silence
Seasons creak treeslengths to seek cloud skies
Your life is longer when you seek the smaller Paradise..


alluvial prosaic waters shallow as a mining pan
swish round robin! swoosh new voices!
rise to the openness-unzip your art and
proceed as if making emotional Mapquest
These GOOGLE nights have psychic GPS!
We are guided by voices that sing in speech
Every tone and timbre,line of laughter
takes us beyond the lip of silence
into stuttering syllables of cadent freshness
Surprise me with your joy! By this your life extends!

Third World flooded ,starved and crying
Prisoners with no defense,walled and needy
All accused,censored,defamed and slandered
Half this world and many children
If their voices are heard and held in reverence
Change must come-and for the better!
(Thank you Richard Bowden)

to ring loud rituals.Held in hands
hungry for tintabulation.Vibrations shared
align us with waves of celebration
Silence waits for sound to cease
cat convincing our connecting
even the bells are sleeping
sound in skin/heartbeating

Sunday, August 15, 2010


The price of words is going UP!
(i have a parking meter by my desk-
this page is a taxi,and the rates are astronomical
To get to where i want to be,i use these words
They carry me and my emotions better than birds-
little white carrier pigeons upon this battlefield page
between the big guns of professional journalists
and the blogs of millions of amateurs
No one is denied access-but we are all ignored
Everyone who writes knows this loneliness-
between creation and the marketplace-mythical imaginary audience
One by one,we onion moods/distill essences
get down to the grit and spark of daily domestic doings
until all that is left is us/beneath layers of us
Clothes of emotions cat scattered on the floor
Our Muse gone/fish flapping out of water
yet still this hunger for the deep
for those diamond words that creep
out at midnight,and walk these lonely streets
They who sleep through dreams ignore
the MORE that whispers outside your door.

I have a pet poet.she writes all my works
I call it "play"because of consciousness
She costs me only food and shelter temporary
I hire her to write this poetry.You see-
my life is prose.I keep a locked diary/she
can best explicate what i mean/when i say
i do not write my dreams(i LIVE them!)
So when it comes to writing,I commission
someone else to document.Which gives me time
to multitask while you read this last line.


what happens is-i get contacted by-the families of recently deceased
their mother /brother/lover has recently moved on
and left behind a box of poetry.Usually close folk
are unaware of this intimate interest,and ask me(for my address
is clearly printed on everything i publish(-why it is
this interest was hidden.I do not say this world of war kills peace
I dare not mention the healing power of incantations like these
Nor do i connect the dots that link all words to love
I simply ask survivors to read what is left
Mostly they do not understand.
They return the books after examination(like Customs
and i have never been able to fully explicate
why love of life may not extend it.

we all this world we live within
some write to explicate.Their wordworks live with them
to be forgotten when they are gone.I am rich in dreams!
I have boxes of clouds,tempests ,smoke and mirrors.
It takes up space and time waits for me to finish this one.
There may not be time for any magnum opus.Still less for us
to edit into the marvelous.It is enough to cast this net into the deep
to bring in lines of stranger fish-of colors ,shapes and forms
both miniature and Leviathan.HERE BE DRAGONS!
and ,if i sleep,they curl within me
ready and awake to make prophecies like fire and ice
alternating currents to our battery powered lifetimes.


i keep a song bird for good luck
bars of the cage are gold/her notes are golden
she attracts Heaven.Angels wing in on the heads of pins
to hear trees crash in a forest.When i sleep,
she warbles lullabyes.When i wake-sunrises!
She connects me to a world of melodies
and i wake up with wings on.
It is hard to believe folk eat their birds-
they keep them close,then serve them
up for breakfast.My world is wide as wings
She is too thin to do other than sing
My little sparrow Piaf.

All our cats have chosen us-
they came (mysterious)
out of an unknown past
with dubious street heritage
rescued like Atlantis
In their eyes,they own us
Each one lived as ally /friend
until cat time ends.They knew
before we did-cats are like that
They attract.Then release
better than we can.

In a tree,singing each to each,and we
overhearing their sweet gossiping,eavesdropping
start to imitate their mimesis.Sky laughs with birdsong!
Ripples of sweet syrup notes forged counterfeit
as we follow form without content.High
in these trees are keys of melodies
that ask us to listen deep.If we connect,
just as you'd expect-we would be the birds
we so imitate.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Mahatma Ghandi slept between virgins(drank his own urine
Martin Luther King a serial adulterer
Buddha would not allow his wife to become Illumined
There were no vegetarian Native Americans
Both Kennedys slept with one Marilyn
Assassination is always random
Actions breed re-/and we
are used to St Augustine's lament-
"Lord ,make me perfect-but not yet!"
Harder for Saints to fit through the eye of a GOOGLE
St Paul would have been a Republican
Tea Parties precede Boston
The English wanted to hang Benjamin Franklin
That JETBLUE flight attendant who quit
has fame as instant as the pilot who landed in the Potomac
Forgotten in a TWITTER moment
Neda replays as innocent.Civilian deaths uncounted
7 Bahai jailed just for being peaceful Bahai
Universalism requires individual initiation
When you get to be President
half the country plots your ending
"by any means necessary"
God Bless Every Body!(says a fictional character)
Why was Tom Bombadeil edited out of those movies?


do not mix(like poetry and politics)
water wars are fought with the viscosity of petrol bombs
Terrorists of nature wage war with waste
damage to earth inevitable as Armageddon
Jobs in Hell for stokers of furnaces
Employment bedevils the argument
Can we live any longer off fossil fuel remainders?
Bicycle babies with titanium implants
cry for the SUVs sucking resources
Pedestrians puzzled by truck size/hit
upon zones where human beings have free speech
We are in this boat (earth)together-
Titanic debt ,Marie Celeste floating
Surface tensions wall us apart /our art
is blessing the waters-oil spills
Exxon Valdez Gulf between PR and profits
Pages fill with images censored/distracted
we forget we cannot drink oil/made of water
we cannot walk on fire/companies temporary
bound contractually to shareholders hungry
demand dinosaurs dance death decadence
as species become extinct as polar icecaps and bears
we walk,and cycle,slow down ,drink this in-
We are the waters we are blessing

geo-specific territorialities

are we all?is this specific?birds fly over borders
yet even are their migrations programmed?
(as giant whales beach away from submarines-
is there a pattern?a map of future deaths?
to avoid /or seek?to attract? are we magnetized
by GPS intensities?like dogs'"invisible fences"?
is our world a Skinner Box?everywhere Guantanamo?
if we unfence our eyes,do our feet follow?
are cages mere metaphors?voting addictive?
when we get OUT,how will we know?
who can we contact to discuss expatriatism?
are all experiences personal?is anything cumulative?
is this the end of history?-or variant strains?
underneath "world"-mere villages?what is common?
Apart from the air we recycle ,earth we bury toxic wastes within..
water we pollute and elements we transmute..
Can we change?do we want to?who are "we"anyway?
Are all questions rhetorical?do you care?
can BP get away with this?


we drift off,seek safe moorings
strings connect us to singing lands/thin connexions
sand bars when we ground/land in morning time
Nights stars dance constellations
Moon and planets jig and sway/our ancestors traced paths
as above,so below-following starlit maze
Sextant and compass lodged within
following celestial navigation/we sing
our Egyptian paths back home again
River floods in some,heats evaporate forest breath others
Random the dice of fallen icebergs
Movies time capsules remind us
what happened once is only ever
This live action replay of disasters is reminescent of...?
this thin boat night,these fat swollen river memories

Friday, August 13, 2010

if i forget to honor this moment

to praise the weather that Russia would want
and Yorkshire would cry for
this gift of breath and time to change
before storms intemperate anger
emotional mood swings
vote for tea parties over coffee culture
if my smile stops momentarily
while i puzzle this universe
over which we have less control
and pour into thin lines homeless soup
know there is light and goodness
kindness and goodwill-evident
through the mists of confusion and turmoil
if this hand extended is empty
it is only to hold you close and closer-
hugs and cuddles cure distress more
than pills and self medicated potions
worry is one cloud in a blue sky
fear is a coat you can take off in this heat
emotions move,as we do,and must(like sharks
we cruise in search of the marvelous
if i ever forget to be awake,shake me
with your smile ,and tell me again
just how lucky we are
(for JWAHIR DAWSON /Dr Marvin Kimbrough)


word soup nutritious with Muse riff serendipitous
(every heartbeat is a signal song-every pulse has chorus-
even when connections seem thin and vague and tenuous
stretch those memory muscles to when you were most marvelous
ReKINDLE the spark that leads you in to fires,and
open your i/pod into creative mind associations where
leaps of imaginative exercises riff with Golden Visions
What you see is what you make-ahead of you are Islands
wherein and within and on you can ponder solitude among
all who also pilgrimage to sound and image to weave a melody or three
and leap the silences between with scat notes of harmonies
You are jazz best when no safety net beneath-string impossible notes
in ascending chords to Heavens only glimpsed at yet
Fractal fragments of a momentary epiphany haunt you most when
you release all you know and take the A train to Z/land
Where you have never been before is where it is best to be
You are jazz.You are music.You are poetry.You are free!


Johnny Appleseed resurrects!
13yr old Jonathon Lee of Mississippi
is traveling to north Korea
to seek to plant a peace forest in the DMZ
(this area is apart from Israel the most militarized )
Jonathon was born in South Korea -
he flew in to Pyongyang via Beijing Wednesday night
He asks for fruit and chestnut trees to be planted in the DMZ
in a space safe for children to play-
replacing land mines and razor wire
with something approximating White House vegetable gardens
When he succeeds,I have a job for him-
in the Gaza Strip,planting olive trees
instead of concrete walls and surveillance cameras.

to the physical existence of pages to leaf through
Praise be to bookstores-independent and non-censoring
Praise be to Libraries-may their funding be restored
Praise be to Museums-to show the evolution of text
Praise be to independent schools-Montessori,Steiner etc
who cultivate individuality via content rather than assessment
Praise be to independent thinker s and publishers who enable us!
Praise be to home schooling ,unplugged from centralized curriculum
Praise be to intelligent altruism-that supports,volunteers and funds all these
Praise be to you for reading -and for reading this
Praise be to the existence of language and text
and speech and art and drama and performances
so we might celebrate something other than TVs AMERICAN IDOLS.


There is a man stands by the road in Waco
offering to pray with anyone who stops
Few do-but those who do
slow down,and think about it.
He is tired of walls and churches
says people are the point of prayer
and if he can add one glad moment
he will justify his being there.

We may never go to Sierra Leone
or to the Congo where blood diamonds grow
We may never have military deliver midnight packages
to our room after dinner,in the hope
that exposure to positive publicity
might secure some kind of release..
Bodies of conflict diamonds
are rarely as photographed as these.

Peter Finch in NETWORK
(as scripted by Paddy Chayefsky)
"I'm mad as hell and I just won't take it any more!"
Libertarian Tea Parties TAKE BACK TEXAS
conservative hate talk back radio commentators
fan the flames of popular resistances
until Pittsburgh women passengers inflame
a singular JETBLUE flight attendant
Now he is a hero-beer in hand,zipping down the rescue slide
Blogs praise him,newspapers semi-quote his claim to fame
Censorship prevents full exegesis of his farewell speech
Fiction to fact -modern novels?film scripts!


Storm knows me from poetry karaoke-
we used to laugh on the front porch each tuesday
presenting fresh mistakes given away as poetry and Muse
We were both young and brave
Cadillac came then,too,like a dolphin splashing through
the waves of evening crowds,thin with wide eyes
Now they two want to read-Storm asks me
for paper and pen which i provide
Yet it is Cadillac who strides up to the opened mike
loud and sexualized,directing her words
to those in the front lines.Brash,bright,brilliant-
the glare of her there animates all
with a FLASH of a smile and a glimpse of tattoos
she is gone before her last line lingers
"i stole these words and now i stole your time"
Storm waits until old words are safe upon lined page
she reads demurely,insecurely,aware of how long a time
has elapsed between innocence and experience
The world has made them bright jewelry
Birds of youth have eyes that know too much
They return to this space just to stay in touch
They leave-leaving in the air-a smile ..and a laugh!

Even wounds heal./Earth will not allow a hole
It will be filled in/built upon.Just like us
Even when emptied,we rebuild.Begin again,as if this never happened
Mosque,cathedral,sports center over homeless indigenous
We are not the earth we walk upon(though we could learn
that holes in hearts and wounds are best addressed directly
not leave an emptiness where past is derelict and present tense
It is the kiss of futures takes a risk
and builds a mosque in christian wall street bliss

i have been sleeping

and i am slow to wake.60's were 70s before i changed
consciousness allowed a capsule of affirmation to survive selfish 80s
computer 90s and confused 00s-now in 2010
residues of faerie dust still coat my eyes
with unshakable optimisms/align us
with stargates/crop circles/dolphins-
every smiling messenger of unfolding portents uni-versal
songs long ago predicted pre-text changes/prophecies
of Raptures and levitations/aliens/UFOs
do not need to be believed in(like poems
yet they resonate with a seed planted long ago-to glow
in alignment with ancestral frequencies/to seek
doors,windows,ways around,above,within,beneath
to be in this moment momentarily-
as well as past lives and futures simultaneously
to be both part and apart via art and hidden harmonies
to let happen rather than control anyone or anything
and in this zen,to find the refrigerator door open
eating peaches,plums,pomegranates,apples of wisdom
fruits of visions implanted long before awakening
while still dream sleep walking/breathing explain..i have been sleeping...

"the art of progress

is to preserve order amidst change
and allow change within order"(A N Whitehead)
before Light passes into recollection-
Praise to each day's reclamations-
Medicine Sans Frontiers,eyecare in Afghanistan
behead only those who behead others
their eye for an eye blind Gospel to the letter
Allow civilians peace and sanctuary as ancient
as cave,Cathedral and coven.Use troops to soak up floods
and fight only fires.Relief need be structural,so Life continues
Before extinction singular or compounded creates
more plastic oceans,tainted Gulfs,Chenobyls
May we seek Ever Renewable Energy sources-
air,wind,wave,water,sunlight-so seasons will sustain us
No more the need for cluster bombs or suicide bombers-
build Libraries of Silences(forests)-Lakes of Meditation(Lotus Lands)
Spaces for Gardens to Grow,so this Neutral Earth might heal
and all our Toxic Emotions(anger,fear,violence)might Surim (Purify
by release and transformation.If this be possible
May it begin.Let Light In,so we can learn again-
Wisdom of Ancients and Children /Elemental,Alchemical
Simple as Energized Affirmations,Attuned Samsara..

if you stop,you become an historical museum

frozen tableaux of significant moments
edited via memories imperfect/selective
according to the whimsy of emotional rearvisioning
impossible to replicate reflections/deflecting from this moment
shelter within as temporary as time tuned thoughts
which change according to the impossibility of truth
we being witnesses,judge,jury and executioners
Rashomon Effect meets The Usual Suspects
Selective data to support interpretations
Vantage point for self character assassination
What we send out to this world returns
flavored via the route it took /the road that burns
the flaming tree/the stone meadow/dry riverbed
fiery towns/flooded villages/loss of reminiscences
when recollection is a toll /a tax upon the living
and only stories can be told about those gone
by each of us with new lessons to write,project,listen and learn...

"when things in my business go horribly wrong
i would like your life-to sit under a tree
and read a book".I replied-"The book you must write
The tree must die for every page you lie.
The only ones who lay under trees these days are underground..."

Hideout.last of night.he has no words of his own
steps up to the open mike.lets loose a torrent of song
so strong we all felt weak.He could not speak
yet his pain became a bandage for the wounded
For all of us conflicted by the idea of Dallas in Austin.

Always shadows follow Light-to copy and to mutilate
75% as high as the original-reminiscent of SPINAL TAP
Now the Texas Hill Country copies Easter Island heads
and calls PAGAN all they dare not understand.

IF YOU WAIT,and watch,absorb ,respond
You will become more of what you emulate
Like firewood ,burn.Like trees,lumber.Like love,more...


It does not matter that the stage is postage stamp
She stamps her songs with truth in every line
How he left her(her son plays digital games)
How she asks to be loved(even when she is angry)
How a song can sing a soul to other rooms
where domestic contradictions bloom like weeds
She asks these questions in between
the serving of food and the laptop of distraction
Three songs define these moments,and
we have heard these words before/their meaning
as personal as her vigilant watching her son as he plays
Perhaps he is unaware of the volume-she sings
to warn him to watch and listen.Vigilance required
these outlaw days of heat and air conditioning
Afternoon changes clothes and steps into evening
WE must move-from active listening to congratulating
knowing no day will be the same as this one-
until the next comes to sing on sunday afternoon
with a poem or two between the lines
like a white dove over battlefields
heralding Noah's green Ararat
Columbus' already discovered El Dorado
her golden voice stamped coinage
exchanged for time and energy
every sunday dreaming afternooning
2401 east sixth(post Cafe Caffeine 2-4)in Pedernales Lofts!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

illusion aloneness

best dispensed with via company congruent/congenial
open as a mike/wherein we share our energies/there
can be one in every moment-imagine if our speech
could be feathers,wings,birds,levitation devices
to take higher what prose simply relates/why
all you say is a spell anyway-some incantation
that attracts and repels simultaneously
This is why this is an invitation not to resist-
to make a "we"where "i "seems weaker-
to add to the conversation that has no end nor beginning
As soon as you choose to relate,your fate is clear-
others await your contribution to the dialogue here
there is much to listen to and many ways to speak
and listening is an ocean-river to the sea/deep
Now we have shared islands energy and time
Bridges between us add melodies and rhyme
And (when lost)-there is still much to find
when we add to heart and soul our active laughing mind
Come out tonight-let us feel what we can find!


Yesterday, Abba said 'FEVERFEW'.
Hope you have a wonderful MA’AT Gateway of truth opening today. Be well, shalom. Be whole in pure intention. Yesterday, our heavenly Father was asking that people take FEVERFEW flower essence at the moment. Feverfew is for being adaptable to change.
Sun Essences state that the essence is for extreme and difficult situations and can help you to adapt quickly, encouraging the quality of flexible thinking. It brings out strength and tenacity when required. e.g. travelling, moving house, stressful work conditions.
He knows that some of the truth that we are sharing is hard for people to accept. He is asking you to be flexible and keep your minds and hearts open to new revelation that will challenge your beliefs. He is telling you that there are big moves afoot and it is a time for strength and tenacity in the situations that you face. He is asking you to be willing to adapt to new circumstances because he knows that everything will be made anew.
Feverfew is from the Sunflower family of plants and it blooms between July and October. That also links in with a vision received the other day of the spandrel with an Ace of Spades above it. The Ace of Spades is the equivalent to the Ace of Swords. His sword of truth with a crown upon it. The Ace of Swords also relate to the months of August, September, October.
The University of Maryland share some research with us on Feverfew as a medicinal herb. However, I prefer to work with flower essences.

"Migraine Headaches
Feverfew gained popularity in Great Britain in the 1980s as an alternative to conventional medications for migraine headaches. A survey of 270 migraine sufferers in Great Britain revealed that more than 70% of individuals felt substantially better after ingesting an average of 2 - 3 fresh feverfew leaves daily. Several controlled human trials have been conducted using feverfew for migraine prevention and treatment. Overall, these studies suggest that feverfew taken daily as dried leaf capsules may reduce the incidence of attacks in patients who experience long-term migraine headaches.
A clinical study used a combination of feverfew with Salix alba (white willow). White willow contains components similar to aspirin. The product was given twice daily for 12 weeks. The frequency of migraine attacks and the pain intensity and duration were significantly reduced in patients taking the combination.
Another study found that a carbon dioxide extract of feverfew decreased the frequency of migraine attacks from 4.76 per month to 1.9 per month. A 3 month study in 49 subjects found that a combination of feverfew with magnesium and vitamin B2 provided a 50% decrease in migraine attacks.
Some studies in humans have not been positive. Whether feverfew helps improve migraine pain depends on which feverfew supplement you take. Talk to your health care provider."
For more information about Feverfew please see this link from Maryland.

I can highly recommend flower essences from this company. I know the founders personally and know that they still make their flower essences by hand. They still gather the flowers in the area that Dr Bach did his research on Bach Remedies.
Love beyond measure



say it is you hate speech was directed to
and you are puzzled as to the why
or abuse-physical,sexual,emotional
exploitation of any or many kinds-
your only question-how to respond?
anger rises tidal waves-pride
you do not deserve this! Rise
to define the difference between action and re-
You may stop(consider your options
There are many.-to confront directly,
report to authority,seek third parties
expose the violation so it does not spread
meditate to understand other ways of moving through this
Avoidance only lasts so long-every song is heard
Words are here to use-form them into a petitioning
poem or song or story or blog
The point is to remove the thorn from your heart
To process hurt,pain,anger so it does not cause you harm
To dance with the moment until the next one comes along
and you can then choose to forgive and move on
Processes take lifetimes,some instantaneous
This is different for every one of us
To feel whole again,to assimilate and move on
requires attention to all the tools you have on hand
For it is in YOUR power to forgive.You are no victim
And once you forgive yourself for reacting-
you have moved on/via poem,story,art,song...

33 poets in this one night's life raft

we are seeking Rescue Remedies-
some sing to allow harmonies to arise
some bring in ancient gods and goddesses
to attest to the need for contemporaneity
One or two improvise/collaborate
The boat rocks with shakers in the night
waves of peaceful vibrations echo and flow
until remedies and panaceas (each with our name upon them
are embossed upon this specific evening
and all stars outside can wait
while human beamings attest to being human enough
to need to love each other in the trust
that by making waves,progress can be made
This is still tonight-each one took home
a piece of peace that collectively adds up
to more than a desire for future bliss
More already here in this moment specifically
We are that boat,these waves
these voices calling each to each
Tonight is proof of peace-we have revived
more than possibilities.We smile with relief
Now for the seas,oceans,Tsunamis,currents
This island earth hears-and responds
This is who we really are-
each of us together in this one night's life raft...

Saturday, August 7, 2010


is to completely surprised/by what changes /day for night
appointments made/broken/links thought secure/token
sudden and spontaneous shuddering/
lightning singing between cracks between
growling thunder and weeping dreams/
Wake up odd times/subterranean streams/
consciousness connecting/we are community
even when we /claim diplomatic immunity/see
only tip of submerging/know effects/seek causing
enter strange particle motion/sans definition
this is what makes for attraction/unknown
are the days we live within/angels dance on the head of
spin doctors win/media mediates medicates moderates
we both within and witnessing/sing! attunement everything
waves of new moments rise and fall
deep dream visions call
we are both one and all
we can do is flow
beyond all we know
into the new new


In these days of GPS and universal surveillance
are mere historical curiosities-museum scripts,antiquated,redundant
In these days of plastic oceans,Sargasso Seas and Marie Celestes
become analogies,prophecies,prescient
In these days of THE COVE,MOBY DICK shifts
from hunter to exterminated species-
altering both tone,moral and content
Fairy Tales Grimm transmute to Somali child soldiers
LIberian blood diamonds given to Naomi Campbell
Everyone knows about Killing Fields via APOCALYPSE NOW
Dalai Lama uses mass media,NEDA shot on YOUTUBE
Democracy censored via Saudi Arabian Blackberries
China censors GOOGLE EARTH and Internet
Digital cameras expose Guantanamo Bay/Abu Ghraib
and Wikileaks the deliberate killing of journalists
(it was a Lebanese journalist targeted by IDF last week)
Assassinations as state policy scripted via Tom Clancy
John Le Carre directs the(Russian) SPIES WHO COME IN FROM THE COLD-this time with 4G phones tapped/recorded digitally
Special effects have long been predicted and outstripped by JAMES BOND updates-and TITANIC does need to be re-issued in 3D
We still trust SALT more than SALT talks
and PEACE becomes as much historical as WOODSTOCK
Documentaries accrete pointing to ENRON,HALLIBURTON,BP
but we want PIXAR and WALT DISNEY
The magic is technology/as it knows but does not show
suggests but does not tell/of a CCCTV Brave New World -
1984 in 2010


In these days of GPS and universal surveillance
are mere historical curiosities-museum scripts,antiquated,redundant
In these days of plastic oceans,Sargasso Seas and Marie Celestes
become analogies,prophecies,prescient
In these days of THE COVE,MOBY DICK shifts
from hunter to exterminated species-
altering both tone,moral and content
Fairy Tales Grimm transmute to Somali child soldiers
LIberian blood diamonds given to Naomi Campbell
Everyone knows about Killing Fields via APOCALYPSE NOW
Dalai Lama uses mass media,NEDA shot on YOUTUBE
Democracy censored via Saudi Arabian Blackberries
China censors GOOGLE EARTH and Internet
Digital cameras expose Guantanamo Bay/Abu Ghraib
and Wikileaks the deliberate killing of journalists
(it was a Lebanese journalist targeted by IDF last week)
Assassinations as state policy scripted via Tom Clancy
John Le Carre directs the(Russian) SPIES WHO COME IN FROM THE COLD-this time with 4G phones tapped/recorded digitally
Special effects have long been predicted and outstripped by JAMES BOND updates-and TITANIC does need to be re-issued in 3D
We still trust SALT more than SALT talks
and PEACE becomes as much historical as WOODSTOCK
Documentaries accrete pointing to ENRON,HALLIBURTON,BP
but we want PIXAR and WALT DISNEY
The magic is technology/as it knows but does not show
suggests but does not tell/of a CCCTV Brave New World -
1984 in 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010


Colors define us/unite us/divide us/revive us-
take a program/process it /edit /fractals
imitate the mathematics of natural tones-
green shades of leaf and forest
blues of lake ,ocean,river,sky,sea
magenta ,pinks,purple sunsets
red volcanic Icelandic flumes,gray ash
black borders where no colors run
(no straight lines in nature-mimesis contains us
Yellow sunlight tints our skin
Brown earth walls /floor of caves
where first art was scrawled to hunt an image
in a ghost dance we are still shape-shifting
When new colors were invented,Van Gogh illuminated
Light bends in spectral spectra-Northern Lights to Marfa
UFOs spin colors in yantra skylines/crop circles weave us
into patterns Navaho/Hopi recognize.Message sticks passed
in rainbow alliances.Old as cave ,new as computer,color waits
We are made of it and reflect from black and white
into a spectral diversity that has both shade and light
Here is where bright mirrors magnify one sun-
moon waters wave in patient tidal patterns
What is seen within our visible spectrum
only leads to where all art came from...


Friday ritual Barton Creek Cinema-first release front row
(used to be TinselTown on Stassney until they turned generic
now the summer holidays have turned all intellect down
Nothing worth the viewing.Nothing worth the price of admission
The quality of scripting less worthy of radio than widescreen
Special effects just bombs and guns and frowns
THE OTHER GUYS,SALT,mere animated childrens entertainment
so the children bring their parents (with a killing on concessions!
I would rather spill my rhyme upon their limitations
than spend money and time proving how few films reward time
Dollar BLOCKBUSTER ,free HULU-choices present
yet is our true need for summer-distractive entertainments?
need substance before our eyes and ears can commit
to a filmed version of distraction sold as entertainment
Turn to the radio(community-feel the need
to meet the vacuum of our conversation
in this heat,it takes more than air conditioning
to fix emotional global warming

what did you take with you?

when i left,i took a part of you
it resides with me now/i chew
upon the fat of memories/gnaw bones of contention
digest what passes between us
mulch over what can be applied
compost detritus.I carry each winged word
every miniature smile/kindnesses/goodwill
the way you walk that extra mile
the possibility of transformation
which resides within this sheltered moment
(there is no other but what is now-even when so much remembering
evokes a cloud of unknowing responses..
I left but did not leave/at night,in dreams,repeat
to understand-and(even if i do not-
it seems enough to take what i could integrate
place it lovingly like a child between these lines
so it might grow and take both form and shape
and resemble what we both could relate to-
it is not what we take from moments
it is what we add to...

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Sunbaked Australia,rainy Yorkshire,heated Texas
She takes her mother's ashes to homeland Bolivian Andes
Oil seeps into corporate politico selfserving speeches
Bob Dylan,Crowded House and we love Madeleine Mercier@Vinnys
Temple poets align for a CAC of pinwheel peace Thursday
Gardens gulp our need for watering seeds daily
Bahai Center prepares for a night of peace poetry Saturday
while wars on borders inflame,erupt,kill us by degrees
Simultaneously,compounding,opposites in canoes
3D cartoons,4G telephones,2D unemployment stats
Information censored while Wikileaks cries out
Random goodwill lifts and levitates
Gifts of consciousness and time add to our shopping carts
Wheel ,birds,your names are invocations stolen
Your wings above this oilsoaked ocean
When you land,gravity claims a smaller part of you
While you sing each to each,we will imitate you
Spirit in flesh,floods ,famine,blight-all at once
in our lives/no separation /our flight /formation
our wings are growing/lines commingling
alchemical soup/elemental chanting
what attracts us to each other is
these times we lioe within..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Zebra is waiting as we set up the HIDEOUT mikes
She is sitting in state with a box labeled ZEBRA(she paid $7 for the box)-
and has mountains of stories she wants to share-
"Your aura is ENORMOUS!-she smiles
(we know each other from Austin streets,where
she has drawn and painted monkeys and zebras
sold them via ART FROM THE STREETS
She would like to exhibit @the hideout
compares her art to the current exhibition
Her stories stretch back to a Stevie Ray Vaughn 70's
(she ironed the rose shirt of Doug Sahm)
Her current adorer (Jason)-is quiet /respectful
She mimes"he is too soft for this world-
it is a crime someone like him is homeless"
(she has taken him under her wing-
she has $500 in her bra tonight.She commands him
to add to the tip jar.(this is before the poetry
and is an act of loving humanity-we
listen to each other.I know she must go soon
Her fate is the heat of these streets-mine is this room
She asks me to phone for a taxi-leaves with poetry/
IS poetry-her eyes have photographic memories
We will meet again,when she will tell you
all that i left out of this story...


Ancestral voices in village Renfairs
She has just returned from Rainbow Gathering
Loves with her eyes on Ruta Maya front porch
Connects with her tribes(leaps fish out of water
He still paints art on those pillars
only now he is known for the fact of his pasts
than any present smiling productivities
Smoke rises from the side porch
where guitars and dogs and children mix and mingle
in a mini-epic worthy of mini-series
Talk is the currency-catching up
Everyone has only themselves to trade
so the pleasure is brisk and immense
as open mikes initiate on the inner
the outside world is hearing its heroes
Once Upon a Time meets the jewelry seller
Stock tie dyed and piled,even when no one is buying
He knows what they are buying is him
Deals are made better than Boardrooms
Promises ,phone numbers,sales and songs
The Middle Ages resurrect every Tuesday night
on the outside of the in crowd watching out for one another
Who would ever trade their life for a poem?or a song?


Your life is a loaf of bread-
each night a slice to digest
She is a storyteller/did not think she would end up in poetry
But she was walking past the HIDEOUT window
Her Monday night needed some pizzazz-so she
dropped in /ended up a loaf of bread on stage
"I have perhaps 12 slices left in me"she said-
birth(birthdays),youth,first blood,first love,marriage,divorce
first room,first apartment,first house,second house.."
so what she will do is this.
First divest her past via garage sales and clothing swaps
Next ask her theatrical friends for a specific day and time
She will then box up her winged art(she has 80 wings-all colors
and ,on the actual day,go out and get her hair cut
Her friends will be at her new address-
they will make her new home in their image
They are her actors.They write the script
What turns up will be what turns out of them
This will be titled"A MOVING EXPERIENCE"
and is an act of trust and love of theater,friends,and life itself
"If i continue this gypsy lifestyle,i may need to divest my piano
After all,when you are dead,you can't take any of this with you...
I think i have at least 11 slices of ritual theater left in me.."
Then she left the reading,smiling,happy...


She only comes out at night-so meet nightly
Devise lines that will entice the moon out
String kite lines like electricity keys
to attract her luminosities-use poesie..
She is easily seduced by its monkey grip
Smiles -strew them like petals upon night waters
Ripples of laughter attract her-use light verse
You will notice waves -they are her tidal heart
She is in connection with stars-they blink
and pulse like sky disco systems
Some nights,she will be clouded with doubt
She will not come out.Arguments and debates
will not entice her-yet poets can still petition
She remembers that white one who came and stood and left
a flag stuck in her skin to show possession
She traps satellites and space junk democratically
She illuminates when we least expect(
though Almanacs predict her presence
and ,when found missing,blame some romantic fool
who sang her heart enough she left the skies
and entered in the eyes and laughter of lovers
This is where you will find her.Search skies vacancies
She lives in every line of loving lilting laughter
that ripples out from waves after we have turned away..

some things matter

between the shoah and the nakba
between pie and sausage roll
between Eliot and Pound
between Afghanistan and Iraq
we continue
between heat and relief
peace and police
scandal and surprise
find us here
all things continue
until they stop-this is true
for virtue and for not-
Buddha,Dalai Lama,Nelson Mandela
on the front lines
Find us down the baker's shop
debating pie -or sausage roll...

CCT for favelas
Internet time for Haiti
no burqas,no bullfights
Reconstruction or de-
Small still beautiful
Handmade,homemade villages
Art the way we live
Vote with your life-
You win!


in this heat,it is wise to hide
seek water where it falls,crawl under leaf
like melon,cucumber,squash,pumpkin
your vines may reach into the trees
these beans are slim as sunshine,green as weeds
last tomatoes shrink to pebble proportions
stray butterflies and bees add to the symphony of wasps
in this battled field for competing nourishment
August scorches all with solar indifference
we squeeze little strips and bulbs from the within
the root system that seeks its own survival
Metaphors wilt and sweat with the work in hand
What harvests come will soon be desert and
wise ones are those who seek the shade
Interrogatory heat questions every blade


This costume flesh you are wearing(suit of habits
Your choreography(unconscious movements
The script you write (or improvise-
these are real horses,carriages,people in audience
All are on stage all their lives-not just today,tonight
There is no intermission.You can change costumes and scripting
but familial patterns remain vestigial.Generations have trod
these boards of earth-recognize their mirror eyes
their bird migration patterns of behavior.We know
that change is constant and compounding-
that every show has an ending(and intervals
where nothing particularly happens
The exciting part is when your script is applied to action
Songs arise,unexpected events ,surprizes,adaptations
Communities are formed ,maintained,extended,relied upon
Villages of volunteers arise ,supporting expeditions
And here you are again-in this choosing moment-
ready to step on to the stage of a new day
learning your lines as you go along
trusting life will like your song...