may we all be heard
words are bells
let them ring!

Thom World Poet Austin, Texas, USA
Global Radical networker and activist for promoting the live Creative Arts,
at every possible opportunity, especially in his home-city, Austin, Texas, USA

Friday, January 13, 2012

"how we go on"

still traces of water /woods(pre-us
where old ghosts claim as their own
as Hopi chose bone rock desert home
we could not live there

track through wilderness to more of us
reinforce the core of us
village to town to city to metroplex
we do not wish to stay small

i ask the water-do you love chlorine/fluoride?
silly!added only because of us!
polluting apace,soon there will be no more space
for a junkmaking allegedly human race

selfish us will seek moon/Mars/planets
where we mythologize water pure/ancient
mirages ,moon walkers,even if Chinese
what will your space colonies pollute?

100% recycle me-dust to dust eternally
i am a creature of the city.

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