may we all be heard
words are bells
let them ring!

Thom World Poet Austin, Texas, USA
Global Radical networker and activist for promoting the live Creative Arts,
at every possible opportunity, especially in his home-city, Austin, Texas, USA

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


winter cold/chill blue skies
yet still this land is thirsty /dry
no rain falling from the skies
no new ideas-i wonder why?

we can't afford Afghanistan
we can't afford Iraq
we sent warriors overseas
the war came fighting back

PTSD in a National Park
dead/off the beaten track
but he took an innocent's life before
he terminated himself

Israel saber rattling Iran
North Korea starvation
We cannot afford two ground wars
We cannot afford even one more

There is a poverty of ideas
War simply kills civilians
When can we vote for peace and prosperity
Rain liquidity to balance equations?

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